How Grandma Got Her Wrinkles

By Shadowgate


The following story is one I wrote back in 12'Th grade. Our teacher had us read "How the Camel Got His Hump" and then write a just-so story similar. That was back in 1997.

AN/ What you will read now is nothing like the original version. I can't remember that far back and never kept a copy.


11 year old Timothy Cotter was sitting at the breakfast table. He took a big gulp of his milk and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

His dad Trent was sitting beside him and he asked "dad how did grandma get so many wrinkles on her face?"

Trent said "well there are a number of reasons. One she's old. Two she did not want your mother and I to get married. Three she has put a lot of stress on herself."

Timothy asked "why does grandma put a lot of stress on herself?"

Trent answered "well she's always angry. She get mad when she sees my face. She gets mad when she can't watch soap operas all day long. She gets mad when your mom tells her every year that she will not divorce me."

Timothy said "oh well aside from being mad because she thinks you weren't good enough to marry her daughter what else does she get mad about?"

Trent answered "well she gets mad about the fact she's old and wrinkled and horrid."

Trent started laughing.

All of the sudden an angry old woman stormed in the kitchen and said "I'm mad because you married my daughter."

Then she whacks Trent over the head with a frying pan.