There is a creature with two legs, bright eyes, a smile that says 'I'm ready for the day' and a walk that says 'I'm happy to be what I am' walking down your street. It's eyes are full of passion and the aura feels like hope. There is a certain beauty in the creature and when it walks away you forget about it. Because it only leaves to be replaced by many more of his kind. And soon it becomes boring. It's nothing new, that's what you think. But the scene changes and you find yourself in your room. You're looking straight at a creature, one that oddly looks a lot like the ones you saw leave. But still somehow it's different. The creature has eyes that seem empty, the void in them is painful and the lips don't curl into a smile. The face is a frown and there are creases on the forehead. The creature is same as the ones that left before, it's just tired and empty. You think it's ugly and good for nothing, you are about to tell it that to it's face when it says the same thing about you at the Same time and that is when you realize with all horror that you are staring into the mirror.
What were the two creatures? Well they are both humans. But why do they seem so different? It's the way we look at them. The brightness in one's eyes and the emptiness in the others are a matter of situation. The eyes that look empty too have passion, it's just buried under the pain. But that is all what being human is about. We humans are all warriors; one way or the other. We all have hopes and dreams and we all have demons. None are smaller or bigger than the other but they are all challenging and we all are fighters. We lose, most of the time from our demons but as a human they still don't define us. What defines a human is the way he or she makes an impact on the world, doesn't matter if it's their world or the entire world. What defines us the way we fight our demons, what defines us is the rare light that lights up in our eyes when we find hope. What defines us is our character, not our life. The situation a human is put in is merely a background, and also the way a human acts around it is mostly a mask. What really matters is how we act when we are alone. The thoughts that end up in our heads, the feelings we experience and the little things that make us cry or smile even when we don't want to matter. These things make the base of us as humans
Also human is another word for imperfection, we come across as imperfect and there is something wrong with each of us. But the imperfections makes us humans, because imperfection is believable and it is beautiful. It is magical, it enchants you how a sculpture of bone and flesh with faults can be so amazing. It is simply the purest form of magic. It is where there are no mistakes, because even the faults are beautiful. We are made up of them and learning to love them is key to learning the magic. I like to believe that humans have invisible wings that are powerful, more powerful than any weapon in the world, those wings come alive at a certain point at it is up to us to use them. They can take us places where we want to be. They are the support of our wildest dreams and if we're lucky enough we discover them when the time is right.
Also feelings play a huge role in being a human. If you can control the way you feel about something then they are not the strongest kind of feelings. As a human feelings are our biggest weakness and they come unintentionally. It is not an option not to have them and that is why we humans are tired creatures. We have stabs and wounds that we can't control getting in our heart and stitching them up is also not in our hands. We aren't in control of the pain we feel, or the happiness. We are only in control of the choices we make, feelings not falling under the category of the word 'CHOICE'
Humans are tired creatures that do not have a control over what they feel. We are usually not okay and we usually lose. But we have wings, we have power and sooner or later; WE ARE GOING TO FLY.