"What? But Yutra, you know I can't hit hard, I need someone to help me out! You have powers too!"

"Hetra, do you know what you're asking of me? If I do as you say, I'll need to keep an alter ego and what happens if someone finds out?"

"I know, but please, I can't stand another day on the battlefield with that new villain out there! Wouldn't you feel guilty if I, your best friend, was taken out? My only powers are flying and creating illusions! I know its dangerous, but still, we can at least help other people! If you find it too hard, both of us will quit. So please?"

"...I hope you know I wasn't listening."

"But, Yutraaaaa!"

"Fine! Just once!"

"You're the best!" Hetra hugged her best friend. Both of them were currently sitting in Yutra's room. Hetra, better known as Hexa the illusionist, was not able to do the superhero work alone, but luckily for her, her best friend had recently discovered her powers, and found out about Hetra's power as well as alter ego soon after. Yutra shook her head in exasperation. "I'm going out for a walk, you coming?" Yutra asked as she got out of her chair and started walking out of her room.

"Yup! Wait for me!" Hetra chirped behind her.

Hetra was better known as a social butterfly, but for some reason, she got along with Yutra especially well. As for Yutra, she would rather spend her spare time designing a prototype or burying herself in books.

Both of them slowly walked down the stairs and out of Yutra's two-storey terrace house, chatting and laughing.

"Hey girls!"

Yutra immediately stiffened and muttered to her friend. "Ignore him and just keep walking."

Hetra grinned and shook her head. "Oh, don't be like that Yutra, he's a nice guy."

"Yeah, Yutra, hear that, even your best friend sides with me." Came the answer with an accompanying annoying smirk.

Yutra gritted her teeth and turned to face her next-door neighbour.

"What do you want, Arosian?"

"A simple greeting would have sufficed." He said, pouting.

"Fine, hi, happy?"

"Tch tch, how kind you are." Arosian replied sarcastically. She gave a withering stare to Arosian and looked at him. He sported tousled dark brown hair and a pair of piercing green eyes that contained a mischievous gleam. He was notorious for being one of the so-called 'good-looking' guys that had most girls swooning after him. But not Hetra or Yutra. Mainly because Hetra had a model-like appearance that most girls would kill to have, and had many boys chasing after her. Yutra rarely showed any interest in guys, to the extent that Hetra once accused her of liking girls, an accusation that she had scoffed at.

"We were just walking to the park for a stroll, want to come along?" Hetra asked Arosian.

Yutra looked at her best friends with wide eyes and mouthed the words 'traitor'.

Hetra rolled her eyes and bumped Yutra's shoulder.

"Sure, thanks for the offer." Arosian shot Yutra a smirk and proceeded to vault over the fence separating his house from the street.

"Have I ever told you I hate your guts, Aros?"

Arosian grinned. "Yes, and it probably doesn't help that you punch them really hard. That, and you're probably the only girl who hates me and still calls me Aros."

"Would you rather I called you Ian instead? Arosian is a mouthful." Came the immediate retort.

"Oh cut it out, you two!" How about we admire the flowers and listen to the birds sing instead of bickering like a couple?" Hetra cut in.

There was an awkward silence as both Yutra and Arosian stared at Hetra.

"Erm, Hetra, well-" Arosian began, but Yutra cut him to it.

"Hetra, one, those types of flowers are grown in my backyard. Two, the birds chirping sound more like screeching. Three, we are not bickering like a couple."

Hetra scrunched up her face and proceeded to stalk off, leaving Arosian and Yutra staring at her retreating back.

"Well… Wasn't that a bit harsh?" Arosian raked his hand through his hair as he asked.

"She's my best friend, besides, we'll see her up ahead sitting on a bench licking an ice-cream trying to recover her dignity" Yutra explained matter-of-factly.

Arosian smiled and shook his head. There was something about her manner that was endearing to him.

Both of them continued to stroll on slowly, momentarily enjoying the silence between them. Strangely, it was Yutra who first broke the peaceful moment.

"Do you want to get some ice-cream? After all, Hetra is probably eating it right now, so I don't see why we shouldn't be." Yutra asked. Arosian nodded. He still had no idea how she could be so nice to him sometimes and plain mean other times, but he knew not to spoil the moment now and risk a punch in the gut.

He watched as Yutra licked her vanilla ice-cream.

"Sweet tooth?" He asked.

"Took you that long to realise?" Yutra quickly shot back.

"Aren't you afraid of gaining weight?" He couldn't resist teasing her.

"You're lucky I think that wasting food is a sin, or else I'd have punched you by now. Seriously, it's like you never learn. Do my punches even hurt you, or are you just pretending?" She was frowning now.

He gave her a smirk and shrugged. Truthfully, her punches were hard most of the time. He was just lucky he had great endurance for pain, it barely hurt him, but he was sure that if he were normal, it would've hurt a great deal. But she couldn't know that for two reasons. One was that she would immediately recognise for who he was if he'd told her. The other was that she would add more power to her punches, making sure that it would really hurt for him, never mind the damage her knuckles took. He'd seen her chip away at a concrete wall while her hands were sore and bleeding. As for the first, he just couldn't risk it.

"Hey Yutra! Wake up! It's time!" Hetra shook her friend by the shoulders to wake her up.

"Time for what?" Yutra muttered groggily.

"Hero time, duh, don't tell me you forgot. And just in case, I told my parents that I would be out from morning to night."

"What? But its 6am…" Yutra protested groggily.

"What can I say? Hero work starts early." Hetra smiled.

"Fine. Get out and let me change." Yutra ordered.

"I still can't believe you're only wearing a hoodie and jeans." Hetra complained.

"Hey, I prefer comfy to revealing." Yutra replied, glancing at her friend's purple skin-tight shirt and violet leggings.

"But you didn't even bother to cover your face! What happens if someone rips your hood back? You'll be known throughout the world!"

"Hetra, look at me, even if someone strikes a hit on me, they can't possibly see through this light." Yutra explained. She was right, the wisps of light floating around her practically covered her like a blanket.

"Fine, but remember, don't talk unless you know how to disguise your voice, and make sure your voice and fighting style doesn't cause the other party to recognise you. Also, make sure to call me Hexa." Hetra informed Yutra, who just nodded.

Meanwhile, Shard surveyed his surroundings. It looked like it was going to be another success after all. He expected Hexa to jump on him as she often patrolled this area but could be handled easily. But he didn't account for the assistant that she had brought along.

So when he heard voices around the corner, he paused for a second. It looked like Hexa had brought someone along. Doesn't matter, it would not affect him that much.

Hexa paused when she saw the figure clad in a black cape and hood. Yutra glanced up and saw that he wore a white domino mask. She briefly heard Hexa hiss, "Shard" in her ear. Shard was apparently the new villain in town. Super strength, from what Yutra could remember.

Shard looked at Hexa and her companion. He would take out Hexa first then her companion. The stranger was covered by wisps of light, a light manipulator perhaps? Hexa wasn't much of an opponent, but her illusions were however, bothersome to deal with. He was lucky this was an open place, had this been more building-congested place, he probably would crash into one of the buildings from her illusions.

Shard didn't hesitate any longer, he attacked. However, instead of hitting Hexa, her companion, 'Lights', he called him or her, blocked his attack, and swiped at him, causing him to lose his balance and stumble slightly, before landing in a tiger-like crouch and looking warily at him. It looked like he was facing a skilled combatant today. But to take out Hexa with Lights blocking him, he would have to use… Oh well. He reached out with his mind and felt around for someone nearby. Sure, he could take control of Hexa or Lights, but that would take quite a bit of time, something that he couldn't afford with Lights around. A tingle informed him that there was one nearby and focused on giving him strict orders to attack Hexa, and to useany means to take her down. With that task completed, he focused his full attention on Lights. Lights was still crouched down, waiting for him to make a move. He charged forward, preparing to throw a punch in Light's direction, but was met with thin air. It took him a few moments before he realised that Lights had jumped away. 'Lights isn't an opponent to be taken lightly, I see.' He muttered to himself.

Yutra stood in a battle stance. From what she could see, a random person on the street was now trying to attack Hetra. It seems like he possessed the power of mind-control. She would have to keep her mind under lock and key, and make sure that her defenses were impenetrable.

Shard feinted to the left, then lashed out to the right, and dealt a blow to his target. Lights gave out a feminine grunt. So that meant that his opponent was mostly likely female. He tried a low sweep, but this time, she anticipated it, dodged and launched a full-blown tackle towards him. He staggered at the impact and smirked. He rushed forward and prepared to punch her again. Unfortunately for him, he felt himself thrown back as a sharp jolt rushed through him. He felt the static momentarily paralyze him. Electricity… So Lights had more tricks up her sleeve. Well, so did he.

Hexa had problems of her own, like Yutra, she had figured out the third aspect of Shard's power. She was flying now, to avoid the person that he had taken control of. She trusted Yutra's skills, but Shard was experienced, and this was Yutra's first time… To meet a strong villain like Shard on her first time was just her luck. She hoped that Yutra would let the prospect of her life take over the importance of her comfort with her power. Hopefully.

Yutra struggled to catch her breath, even though only one blow was dealt to her, she felt like a barrel of rocks had slammed into her. Now, it was a matter of whether Shard would give up.

Shard felt for the daggers on his belt. Not bad, before Lights, he had only faced two of the five heroes in town, Hexa and Rigor. Rigor was a pyrokinetic super, but he had managed to incapacitate Rigor in a few minutes. Neither of them had forced him to reveal any of the tricks he still had, but Lights, she had managed to make him reveal two. He pulled out one and hid it under his cloak, waiting for the right opportunity. If Lights decided to come closer for combat, he could take her out. But if she chose to use electricity, he would be forced to escape, there would be no time for him to complete his mission if he had to deal with electricity. He had done research on the five heroes, but he hadn't expected Lights, to put it in other words, he wasn't prepared to deal with her electricity just yet.

Yutra watched Shard stand there. She couldn't do a thing against him. Now she wished she had brought more weapons, but she was going to do with what she had. Giving a mental reminder to herself to design more weapons, she drew out a few bombs from the pocket of her hoodie. The bombs were self-designed and created, and there were different labels on each of them. Those with 'S' were smoke bombs and those with 'A' were diluted acid, all of them were made to react with oxygen to produce the desired effect. There were also two buttons on each of them, once the buttons were clicked, when combined with a bit of force, the metal encasing would split away, leaving the chemicals to combine and form what she wanted. During the process, the chemicals would also dissolve away the metal, leaving no trace of the bombs.

Yutra drew in a breath. It was time for a test run.

Shard watched Lights shift around. It looked like both of them had the same idea, to wait for the opponent to strike the first move. In that case, he'll be the one to start first. He threw his dagger straight at Lights.

Yutra saw his change in position. She clicked the two buttons on her selected bomb. She watched him draw out his dagger. In that split second, she threw the smoke bomb in front of her just as the dagger left his hand. She quickly stepped to the side and let the dagger sail past her to lodge itself onto the wall right behind where she was before.

Shard frowned. He didn't have the time to deal with her anymore. If it was a loss, so be it. He released his hold on the passer-by and ran off.

Hexa breathed a sigh of relief as the passer-by stopped pursuing her and slumped to the ground. She flew over to Yutra. "Wow! That was great! See? I told you you could be great as a hero! You took out Shard! And he's a powerful villain!" Hetra exclaimed.

She was met with a pointed glare. "One, you never said anything like that. Two, I didn't take him out, he probably found me too much of an effort to bother with whatever he was going to do. And three, no offense, but if that's your idea of powerful, then you must be darned weak." Yutra snapped back.

Hetra took two steps back as a precaution, Yutra was definitely pissed off. "None taken, but you really need to relax a little."

She faintly saw Yutra nod under the light, and decided to continue. "So, how do you find the hero business? And do you think you could make me some of your thingamajigs?"

Yutra sighed. "Fine, but only because it's you, and as for the bombs, I'll see what I can make to fit you specifically."

Hexa smiled and hugged Yutra tightly.

"Oh come on! You have to at least come up with a hero name!" Hetra prodded Yutra. Both of them were back at Yutra's house with her insistence.

"No." Yutra deadpanned.

"Fine, but all jokes aside, you really did a great job today, you really could make a great hero. All right then, I'm going back to patrol, see you tonight."

"Yeah, good luck Hetra. See you."

Hetra then proceeded to fly out of the Yutra's bedroom window. Normally, Yutra would've freaked out in fear of Hetra being seen, but knowing her, Hetra would've probably made an illusion of her not being there, making her seemingly fly out of nowhere.

A/N: Yes, this is the original version of Alias: Garena. I removed it at first so that I would be able to change the story without it clashing with Shattered Diamond or Define Hero, which are connected to the plot used here. I gave up trying to edit halfway, thus this story is back up here so soon.