"Like this day could get any worse. Yay, for Murphy's Law. That exact moment, their swimming instructor arrived, and yes – the day just got much, much worse."

A/N: This is kinda smutty, so you've been forewarned.

My Cheeks Were Reflecting the Longest Wavelength

This had to be the single most embarrassing moment of Jordan's life.

Actually... no. The most embarrassing moment was the semester before summer, when he had tripped in front of practically the whole school in the quad. He tripped because his so called best friend pantsed him. Everyone, and that was a literal statement, laughed. It was one of those moments where it was better for him to laugh along like he really did think it was a hilarious joke, instead of bawling his eyes out and running away, like he wanted to. Instead, he had to lie face down on the sidewalk while awkwardly reaching down to shuffle his underwear and jeans up his bare ass cheeks, in hopes that he wouldn't give his schoolmates the full frontal... again. No one had helped him get up, but really that was a good thing. It was bad enough laying half naked on the hard cement without having someone hulking over him, helping him struggle to pull up his pants like a clumsy toddler. He still got red faced from embarrassment whenever he was forced to walk through the quad.

Regardless, this moment made a close second. It had all started because his wonderful, adorable, all-over-lovely little sister absolutely, full out refused to go to swimming classes. Negotiations had been made, and finally it was Jordan who agreed to take classes to show his delightful little sis' how great swimming classes actually were. Being that he was seventeen, Jordan may have automatically assumed that he would be in a more advanced class. Funnily enough, that hadn't happened.

He'd never take a swimming class before, and on the few occasions he did have to brave the water, he scrapped by with a sloppy doggy paddle. So, when they gave him a placement test at the pool he'd bombed. Now he was stuck in a group of 20, four to seven-year-olds, grasping onto foam boards in the shallow end of the pool for the next four weeks til the end of summer, with his lil' Jess championing him on from the side. Oh boy, this was gonna be a great way to finish up his summer.

So there he sat; on the side of the pool, legs in the water, and heads taller than his young comrades with his new red trunks on. Proud mothers (plus Jess) looked on from the bleacher- he noticed a lot of them seemed to be look at him and share poorly concealed smiles with one another- as they all waited for their swimming instructor to appear.

"Aren't you kinda old for this," said a pitchy voice to his right. He looked down and saw a young boy looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He had on Hawaiian print shorts and had already put his goggles on.

"Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" Jordan retorted.

"What?" said the kid, a look of confusion and dislike on his face. It cleared and a look of mock understanding blossomed across his face. "Are you like one of those old mentally retarded people that have to take classes with kids?" he said looking Jordan up and down.

"First of all, brat, that is so not PC, okay! Second, didn't you ever learn to respect you elders. And third, I'm not that old. I'm only seventeen. You're probably just jealous cause you're still in grade school."

"It's weird, cause you look really old, but you act really young," said the kid, readjusting the goggles that were squishing his face.

Do not push him into the pool, do not push him into the pool, Jordan repeated to himself. If you do that he'll drown and die, so do not push him into the pool...


What if you just drown him a little bit.

No! No!

"I've already been practicing a lot with my brother," said the kid, surprising Jordan with the sudden change of topic. ADD? "So, I'll probably be the fastest in class." he preened smugly.

"Nu-uh," said Jordan. How did he suddenly turn into a six year old. "I'll totally gonna be the fastest. My legs and arms are way longer. I'm gonna blow you out of the water."

"If you're so fast then why are you in the kid's class?"

"It's a mistake!" said Jordan savagely.

"Yeah, right."

Jordan huffed and didn't say anything more, crossing his arms over his chest. Like this day could get any worse.

Yay, for Murphy's Law. That exact moment, their swimming instructor arrived, and yes, the day just got much, much worse.

Rushing into the pool room, andcompletely ignoring the 'Do Not Run' sign pasted at least five times on ever wall of the building, was Conner Falton clad in swimming shorts, a very nicely fitting tee, and with a duffel bag casually thrown over his shoulder. Well, fuck. Jordan looked at the water. If he fell in now, be could maybe drown and then he wouldn't have to deal with this whole situation. No, dammit. He was doing this for Jess and dying now would only make her more scared of the water. And besides Conner would probably just jump in and save him anyway. Bring him back with mouth to mouth resuscitation. Hmm...

"...was a mix up with who was teaching this class," boomed the dark haired demi-god, voice echoing around the walls in the pool house. Whoa, did Jordan need to stop spacing out. "So, I'm sorry for being late, but it won't happen again," Conner did that smile thing he reserved for teachers and office ladies. Not that Jordan watched him and knew this.

In any case, mothers swooned and Jordan very carefully ducked his head down.

"Ha, ha. Embarrassed you're the same age as our teacher," said the kid next to him.

"Shut up, you little monster," he hissed, quietly. "Your goggles look stupid."

"No they don't! Your shorts are ugly!"

"No, your shorts are ugly! You should be embarrassed to be in public with them."

"Shut up! You're ugly... and old!" The two boys, one six and the other seventeen- though certainly the absurdity of the conversation didn't support his proclaimed age- were yelling loud enough to draw stares by now, not that either of them noticed. Fresh out of insults and finding himself really hating the kid (don't push him in, don't push him in) Jordan reached a hand up, pinched the nose band holding the goggles onto the kids face, and pulled them back, only to let them smack back harshly in place.


Jordan felt sadistic pleasure. The kid, however, quickly retaliated and pushed and kicked the gloating Jordan into the pool.

It is so on, he thought, sputtering back to the surface. He wrapped a hand around the kid's ankle and tugged him in, then attempted to haul himself out. Unfortunately, the two boys water fight had inadvertently spurred nearby ruffians into exhibiting rowdy behavior and before he could pull himself out, he found himself tackled by three other children. The sudden and unexpected weight of the kiddies knocked Jordan back into the water. A chilling war cry broke the air, and every single child around the pool began pushing and wrestling their neighbor into the water.

"This isn't exactly how I wanted to start the first day of classes," said Conner, peering down at a sullen Jordan, and his new arch-nemesis, who's name he found out to be Trevor.

"It was Grandpa here's fault," said a dripping Trevor.

"Shut up, you monster," mumbled Jordan, his eyes focused on the tiled floor. After hell had broken loose in the pool room, Conner had started breaking up children, while mothers ran down from the bleachers to rescue their over-zealous children. Due to over excitement, classes had been canceled for that day, and Jordan and Trevor where told to stay behind.

"Really guys, stop with the ridiculous name. And..." he checked the name sheet, "Jordan. Really? You're what? Ten years older than him.

Eleven, Jordan thought, but said nothing and just shrugged instead, still refusing to make eye contact.

"Yeah, you ugly old man!"

"God dammit, Trevor! Go! I called Mom to come pick you up, so go find her now!" Jordan almost scoffed. It so figured the two were brothers. A sulky Trevor slunk out of the locker room, throwing a final glare at Jordan before he closed the door behind him.

Crap, they were alone.

"Well, Jordan," said Conner, his voice no longer sounded just chiding- but husky and chiding. Like a sexy school teacher about to reprimand a naughty student. NO! Mind out of the gutter, Jordan, mind out of the gutter! It wasn't that Jordan was gay. It's just that if he was, he would be gay for Conner. Not in that kind of a way though. It was more like... more like checking out the competition. Yeah. It was a natural part of evolution, right?

He'd first noticed how attractive Conner was during a swim meet he'd been dragged to last year. It was by the same friend who had pantsed him in the quad before summer, who only went to stare longingly at a girl on the team. Anyway, Conner was a very fine male specimen and Jordan couldn't help but notice then, when he was all shiny from the water. And then he'd sort of not been able to not notice during gym class. Or regular class. Or during lunch. Or occasionally on the weekends when he saw him in passing at the movies. It wasn't like he ogled at him openly. He just... he just... wanted to lick Conner's glistening wet torso that he finally took into view when he lifted his head from his feet. Oh god, he'd never seen it this close. It was all hard and shiny, but the skin looked so soft, and he wanted to run his tongue up and down those cuts of hard, hard muscle.

"Like what you see?" said an amused voice, forcing Jordan to blink himself out of it and discreetly wipe at the small pool of saliva gathering at the corner of his lips. Well, apparently not that discreetly as Conner watched the action very keenly. He looked up and caught Conner caramel eyes. This was bad; they were too close and Jordan felt like melting. He wanted to do things, unspeakable things. And, FYI, swimming shorts did little to hide growing desires.

"Huniminmina," was Jordan's intelligent reply. He wasn't sure what he was actually trying to say, but he didn't think it was that.

Whatever gods had been smiting Jordan that day finally showed him mercy, because before Conner could comment about his obvious lack of connotation, Jess came slamming through the locker doors hollering, "Jordy! Hurry up!" Her vocal pitch was impressive for a four-year-old.

During their short 'conversation' (it's was kinder to call it that) Conner and Jordan had inexplicably gotten closer to each other. Jordan wasn't sure if it was he or the other boy who had moved in so close, but it was probably a combination of the two. When his sister called, startling him back he made an awkward series of moves to get as far away from Conner as quickly as possible while simultaneously making it look as casual as possible. This included tripping slightly over his left heel, spinning over 360 degrees to make it look like he meant to do that, and then limping away on his now twisted ankle while trying to pretend he was walking like a gangster on purpose. Then he belatedly realized it looked like he was running away from Conner so did a weird spin around to give a nonchalant goodbye, expect Conner was smiling so big at his bizarre display he momentarily forgot how to speak as he stared at the dimples and those oh-so-soft looking curved lips. The smile developed into a smirk at Jordan's staring and he tore himself away before he could make a bigger fool out of himself, yelled a pathetic and barely coherent farewell over his shoulder and ran out the locker room, gimp leg and all.

A week later and Jordan was getting the hang of this swimming thing. He and Trevor had reached a sort of compromise in which they ridiculed each other openly and frequently. As it turned out Jordan wasn't faster than Trevor, which the six-year-old took great delight of rubbing in his face, but he was catching up and figured in a few more weeks he'd be over taking the snot.

"Your kind of pathetic," said Jordan on the second week, walking by Jordan with a towel wrapped around him. He and Jordan had raced again, the little brat beat him by three seconds.

Jordan scowled at the presumptuous little terror and responded by picking him up and throwing him in the pool with his towel on. Jess clapped her hands with delight. She didn't have anything against Trevor, she was just four and, therefore, sadistic.

Since that awful day in the locker room, he had somehow managed to avoid ever being alone with Conner. Okay, maybe not somehow. Maybe it was through careful timing and being rigorously alert that there was always at least three other people near them at anytime. And maybe Jordan didn't stop staring lustful at his naked wet chest and muscly arms, but all the mothers did it. Conner kept sending him charming- no not charming, arrogant smirks, that inescapably caused Jordan's cheeks to reflect the longest wavelength.

At the end of the third week, Jordan beat Trevor. "Mwhahaha! Take that you little turd. Second place for you!"

"Whatever, it's about time. It's sad it took you so long," said an grouchy Trevor.

"Aw, don't be jealous," said Jordan patting the boy's cheek.

"Whatever, old man."

Jordan didn't let Trevor burst his bubble.

In fact, his bubble was so big and un-burst-able, he didn't even notice he was the last one in the locker room that day. Admittedly it was rather sad to be so overjoyed by beating a six-year-old in a swimming race, but Jordan liked to live for the little moments. He was just starting to tie his laces when the locker door swung open and in stepped a dripping Conner.

"Jordan... you're still here," he said, his face turning from confused to cocky.

"U-u-uh, yeah," said Jordan fumbling with his shoelaces, trying to tie them twice as fast.

The door shut with a definite clunk and Conner stalked over, raking a towel through his dark hair causing it to form lazy spikes. Jordan tried to keep his eyes down on his feet perched up next to him on the bench, but by then he had finished fastening them and couldn't resist looking at Conner's sinfully perfect body.

He got closer and closer, and Jordan was forced to tilt his head completely all the way back to look at his face. "Can I help you, Conner?" he asked. Jesus, when had his voice become so sultry sounding. Conner's eyes dilated and before either of them knew what was happening, his lips were pressing hard onto Jordan's.

Jordan reacted almost instantly, kissing Conner back with everything he had. The sexual frustration had become too much over the past three weeks and he felt it boil over. He reached up and fumbled fingers down the ridges of Conner's abs like he'd been dying to do for forever now. They were hard and wet with pool water. Conner shivered in return and grabbed Jordan, pulling him into his arms. He turned and slammed Jordan's back into a row of locker, picking him full off the ground so the other boy was forced to wrap his legs around the swimmer's torso. The action pulled their groins closer together and both boys groaned. Conner used it as an opportunity to pillage Jordan's mouth with a hot tongue, massaging the two of them together, and Jordan responded eagerly. He licked, nibbled, caressed and drove Jordan dizzy with his mouth. Jordan drew away, turning his head to catch his breath and Conner started in on his neck, focusing on the tingling skin below his ear which caused a moan when he ran his tongue over it.

"Oh god, Jordan. You don't know what you do to me. All those looks you give me, practically fucking me with your eyes," he whispered into his ear, and Jordan shivered. Conner ground his crotch against Jordan's causing a loud groan from him and a deep growl from Conner. "And your stupid blushing. I wanted to bend you over and fuck you so many times. Oh god. Even at school. You've no idea how happy I was when I saw your name on the roster." He licked Jordan's ear, who drew a loud and shaky breath. "And now I have you all to myself," he gave Jordan's ear a quick bite, pulling out another noisy moan, and ground their hardened dicks together a few more times.

Jordan was a shivering mess by this time, breath coming out fast and unsteady, flushing all over in the best possible way. Conner stared at his reactions becoming impossibly harder. "Holy fuck, I am going to do horrible things to your body," he said.

Prove it, Conner wanted to say, but found himself incapable of speech right now. A big hand slid up Jordan's shirt, and rubbed over his nipple. He groaned and began desperately thrusting his hips in small circles searching for friction. "Conner, Conner," he pleaded with a gasping breath. He didn't know what he was pleading for but Conner did as the next second he was sliding Jordan's zip down. He pulled out Jordan's ramrod stiff erection and in response Jordan pulled their lips back together, a reward for his actions. Conner pulled out his own dick and began to stroke the two of them together. Jordan started mewling causing Conner to kiss him even harder.

The rough hand stoking up and down him brought Jordan closer and closer to were he needed to be, the heat that burned all throughout his pelvis and lower stomach began to began to pull towards his dick and nerves stimulated all along his skin. His breath got shorter and more desperately until he was panting like a dog and humping like one too.

So lost in the intense arousal with his eyes squeezed shut, he didn't hear the door slam open and Conner's name being shouted, before he let out an insanely loud whimpering groan and called Conner's name, but in a completely different way.

He rode out his orgasm in Conner's hand. His breath gradually slowed down and he cracked open lust-heavy eyes to look at Conner. He froze as something twitched in his peripheral. Slowly he turned his head and saw three people staring at them with varying faces of shock.

This- yes, definitely this- was the most embarrassing moment of his life. There he was, arched against the lockers with his legs wrapped around the captain of the school swim and soccer team, shirt pushed up, pants down, dick out (with incriminating white spunk all over said captain's hand), after having just moaned like banshee, and begin stared at by three of Conner's teammates AKA Conner's best friends AKA the most popular kids in school.

Conner quickly followed Jordan's terrified gaze and when he saw his friends narrowed his eyes into a glare. "Get. The. Fuck. Out." he growled, leaning in to shield Jordan territorially. Jordan was slightly horrified (and, ok, still a lot turned on) to see that his hand didn't slow down in its rubbing. No, no, stop thinking things like that. He tore his gaze away from the situation and shoved Conner from him with as much strength as he could summon, dropping his legs at the same time to land on his feet in a slight crouch. Conner's eyes got big and questioning, almost as if he was hurt by his actions, but Jordan ignored them in favor of shoving his penis back into his pants and bolting for the door. He scurried around the three apparent voyeurs and slammed his way out the door before Conner could even call his name.

He kept running, snatching up Jess from were she sat waiting by the snack bar with Trevor, and kept running until they were all the way home. As they got into the house, he collapsed onto the floor and a tutting Jess shook her head at him before she trotted off to watch Princess Barbie. Swimming for two hours, having the best orgasm of your life and then running half a mile was thoroughly exhausting, Jordan decided, as he used his last remaining strength to army crawl to his room.

He was not looking forward to Monday.

"Mom, I'm sick," he said from his bed, trying to make his voice sound as nasally and whiny as he could,.

"Ha, yeah right," she said sitting down on his bed and pulling the covers off from over his head.

"But Mo-om," he whined, trying to pout.

She rolled her eyes. "Jordan, why don't you tell me what this is really about," she said patiently. "You've been acting like a grumpy little shit all weekend."

He hesitated biting his lip. "Mom, I may be... gay."

She let out a indelicate snort.

"What?" he said, sitting up. "What does that snort mean?"

"I've known you were for, like, ever now."

"What? There's no way you knew that!"

"Oh, pu-lease. Every time I picked you up from a soccer game last year it was always 'Conner played so well today' and 'Conner scored the winning goal even with a sprained ankle' and 'Conner has amazing legs from all that ball kicking, I'd like him to wrap them around me and I'd give him some ball-licking'," she said, putting on a ludicrously girly voice to imitate Jordan.

"I did NOT say the last one!" he said, looking scandalized.

"Close enough," she said with a dismissive wave. "So is that the only reason you're hiding out or is there more to it?"

Jordan bit his lip reluctantly again. "Well... Conner's my swimming instructor, you know, and his friends may have caught us- er... making out, or something, the other day" he said with an awkward cough.

"Really!" she said looking elated. "You two made out! But wait did they bash you up for it or something." Her brow creased with worry.

"No... they just looked kind of surprised, is all."

"Right, so you're embarrassed."

"Well, yeah, but also... also..."

"Also?... Oh, are you afraid you're just a booty call?"

"Mom! Shut up you're so mean!" Jordan cried flopping back down on his stomach and throwing the duvet back over his head. "That's it! I'm joining an convent."

"Such a drama queen. And you wonder how I knew you were gay," she mumbled under her breath before trying to pull Jordan out by his legs. "Honey, don't be stupid- only nuns can join convents."

"Then I'll become nun!" he said, his voice muffled. "They did it in Sister Act."

She snorted again, " Come on, honey. It's only for one more week."


"Do it for Jess?"

"... Fine. But know I do this under extreme duress," he said flinging his covers off and getting ready.

"Okay, honey. Oh yeah, call your dad later and tell you're finally out of the closet."

"Dad knows," he said freezing in pulling his shirt on.

"Yeah," she said in an 'obviously' kind of way.

"Dad lives three states away."

"I know, I told him all about your little infatuation. That's why I want you to call him; we made a bet about when you would come out."

"And you won?"

"Yeah," she beamed and ruffled his hair, before leaving the room.

For the entire week, through some extreme means, Jordan managed to avoid Conner, mumbling red-faced excuses whenever he asked to speak with him. He stuck close to Trevor as much as possible so he would never have to be alone. The last day, Friday, after their final test they were given a free day, and Trevor and Jordan were floating out in the middle of the pool while the other kids slashed around them.

"Are you scared of my brother?" Trevor asked.

"What? No! Why? Did he say something?"

"Well, you keep running away from him and he's been really sad all week now," he said.

"I'm not scared of him," Jordan said primly. "I just... I just," he faltered off and blew bubbles in the water, while his eyes sought out Conner. He was going over diving techniques with a few kids. As if feeling eyes on him, he looked up and his caramel eyes connected with Jordan's. Jordan shivered remembering a week ago. And to think how hard they got over each other, and then Jordan just left him like that, all sweaty and sticky. If those three idiots hadn't come through, the things they could of done. Jordan dropped his gaze going startlingly red in the face.

Trevor snorted. "You two like each other," he decided.

"Shut up."

"So what's the problem?" Jordan wrinkled his nose at the wizened tone Trevor adopted but shrugged it off anyway.

"So many things."

"Yeah, cause I don't want you to be more specific."

"If you must know, his friends kinda walked in on us... kissing."

"Ew, kissing," Jordan rolled his eyes. "Do you mean Pat and Jake and Cam?"


"Ha, ha! How embarrassing. They're always giving Conner crap about how much he likes you. Especially last week when they came out of the locker room after you did."

"Yeah... what?!"

"Yeah, after the first day of swimming classes, they came over and Conner spent an hour talking about how bad you were at swimming and how you blush too much. Cam says he's wanted in your pants for awhile now."

Jordan stared at the kid, eyes as wide as saucers.

"You're kidding me?"

"Nope," said Trevor slowly, confused by Jordan's excessively shocked face.

"Conner's... Conner wants in my pants?"

Trevor nodded.

"And his friends know about it?"


"Oh... god," he smacked his head against the foam floaty wishing it was harder.

Trevor studied him for a moment. "You should come to my birthday party on Sunday."

"I'd rather wrestle starved bears whilst naked."

"Well I already told Jess she was coming and you need to bring her, plus I'm probably your only friend, so really, you can't get out of this," said Trevor lazily. "And you better bring me a good present."

At this point Jordan realized to very alarming things: One, Trevor knew way too much for a kid his age. And two, Trevor actually was his friend. Like, a really good one. Goddammit.

"Hey Jordan," Trevor said, nonchalant. "What does 'want in your pants' mean."

Jordan just pushed him under the water.

Jordan didn't talk to Conner the rest of Friday. He still felt immensely embarrassed about being such a dick to him the whole week, so obviously the thing to do was keep being a dick.

Sunday came and he and Jess made their way to the brothers' house. He tried to slow down as much as possible the closer they got, but Jess just tugged him along, rolling her eyes.

He knocked on the door and prayed that Conner wouldn't answer.

Worse. It was Jake. They both stared at each other in surprise for a second, before Jordan turned bright red and Jake smirked crossing his arms. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if Conner answered.

"Well, look who it is," said Jake with the same smirk plastered over his face. How was this not embarrassing for him, thought Jordan. Jake had seen him come all over his best friend's hand.

For a second he considered running, but Jess probably wouldn't let him, so he manned up. "Yeah, hey man," he said to his shoes. "Is-um-I'm here for Trevor's party."

"Yeah sure. Hey, so you and Conner, huh?" His smirk grew sadistically.

What the actual fuck? "Um, um. Um-"

"Jake! Go away, you retard," said Trevor appearing in the doorway and pushing Jake away. Jordan missed the quick exchange they made with their eyes. "Sweet! Presents," he said grabbing the parcels out of their hands and pushing them into the house. Jordan's eyes got all shifty as he looked around for Conner.

"Relax, he's locked himself in his room," said Trevor. Jordan didn't know if that made him feel better or worse. He heard shrieks and laughter coming from the other side of the house and started to make his way forward with Jess but was stopped. "Do you think you could run to the upstairs bathroom real quick and get some toilet paper. We've ran out in the downstairs."

"Since when have I become your slave?"

"Third door you come to. Thanks," called Trevor over his shoulder.

Jordan sighed and started up the stairs, looking at pictures of Conner growing up as he went. A goofy smile found its way onto his face, but he wiped it off when he reached the top of the stairs. Third door, third door, he thought walking down the hallway and turning the knob on the third door. He pushed open the door and...

Oh, this isn't the bathroom, he thought. It was definitely a bedroom. There where posters on the wall, and near the bay window was a large bed with a lump in the middle. Just as he processed this, he was pushed harshly from behind, making him fall into the room and the door was slammed behind him. The lump on the bed sat up and with wide eyes Jordan realized it was Conner.

That little, conniving bastard, he thought, when I get my hands on him-

"Think of this as a present to Trevor," came a voice through the door that sounded a lot like Pat. "... But not in perverted way," he added after some thought.

"You're not getting out till we let you. Have fun boys!" yelled Cam, and Jordan heard all three them laughing. Eventually their laughter faded down the stairs and Jordan was alone with Conner.

He gulped as they stared at each other.

"Sorry," he said finally.

"What for?" asked Conner asked, voice slightly husky from sleep.

"Being a dick."

Conner smiled, "At least you recognized it... So..."


"You want to come sit over here," he asked carefully patting the bed next to him.

He did, he really, really did. Instead of voicing this he just got up and silently sat down next to Conner.

"So, I've liked you for, like, a year now," he admitted after a rather long silence.

Conner smiled and Jordan thought it was beautiful. "Have you?"

"Yeah, I guess you've noticed."

"Not really until this summer. I kind of thought maybe in school, but this summer you were, uh, a lot more obvious," he said, scratching his nose.

"Um, yeah. I was. It was kinda hard with..." he cleared his throat unwilling to finish the sentence. It was kinda hard with you half naked all the time. Conner seemed to get it anyway cause he smiled again.

"I like you, too, by the way. In case you didn't figure that out." Jordan turned red.

"Yeah, sorry again. You know, that it took me a while to figure it out."

"You don't have to apologize, Jordan." He really needed to stop smiling so much, because it was making Jordan's heart flutter uncontrollably.

Jordan looked down trying to clear his head a little. He was in Conner's room and his smell was every wear. And it totally turned him on. He just wanted to bury his head in his pillows and inhale the scent. Or better yet inhale it off of Conner. And lick Conner to taste him. And do... oh so many other things. He licked his lips and looked back up at Conner.

They reached for each other at the same time. The kiss quickly progressed from eager lips to hard tongues and biting teeth. Conner flipped the boy around, resting him on his back and mounted over him, pushing Jordan's legs up over his thighs as he knelt between them. He all but ripped off Jordan's shirt, and in return had his shirt clawed off of him, before Jordan sat up and licked a tongue all over his abs, up and down the creases and off to the deep cuts formed by his hipbones. Conner moaned before throwing him back down and attacking his nipples, licking, suckling, and biting them.

Jordan panted out incoherent gabble and went for Conner's pajama bottoms pulling them down and off. Conner returned the favor with Jordan's jeans.

He cried out as Conner's tongue licked it's way up the underside of his erection, overwhelmed even through his underwear. Conner proceeded to pull them down, with rough, warm thumbs sliding down his hipbones and wide palms reaching down to squeeze his ass.

"This ass," he grunted, still squeezing it while he went to lick stripes along Jordan's erection. " You know I got to see it that day you fell in the quad."

Jordan groaned in embarrassment and Conner leaned up to give him soft kisses, smiling at Jordan's red face that was caught somewhere between lust and mortification.

"I always thought your blushing was cute," he reached down and wrapped around Jordan's dick, causing him to moan. "But I never knew how far it went. And then when you fell, and you were right in front of me. And, then you were so embarrassed even your ass turned pink." Jordan's pretty sure he's dying, but from humiliation or pleasure he's not sure. "I wanted you right there. I wanted to do so many things to that ass. To this ass," he says, abandoning Jordan's dick to squeeze his ass again.

Jordan's practically crying. "Then do them. Please!" he yells thrusting back and forth against Conner. In frustration, he weaves his finger into Conner's hair and starts tugging, causing Conner to smile.

"You know you left me pretty high and dry there the other day."

"Not my fault," he mumbled, pulling and forcing Conner's head down to kiss him. It totally wasn't. If the dumb squad, AKA Pat, Cam, and Jake, hadn't busted in on them like that, who knows what would have happened.

"Your face when you saw them though. It was so red and you had just come. I've jerked off to that face like a hundred times that weekend alone." Conner flipped Jordan around onto his knees and reached for the lube in his nightstand drawer.

Jordan groaned, rubbing his head into a pillow that smelled like Conner. "I'm seriously gonna..." he trailed off with a groan.

"Go ahead," Conner said opening the bottle while admiring the flush running up and down Jordan's back. "I wanna see how many times I can make you come."

Lying there later – spent, breath evening out, and a leg that finally stopped spasming – Jordan nuzzled down onto Conner's chest, glad that there was AC in the room, and reached up to kiss and nip at his collarbone.

Conner rubbed a hand down his back,settling it just above his ass, where the crack started. "You're my boyfriend now, by the way."

"Duh," said Jordan back. "I'm pretty glad my mom made me take swimming classes, you know," he said after a moment, stifling a yawn.

"I almost had to beg Sarah to trade classes with me."

"What?" Jordan asked, looking up.

"Yeah, I was supposed to teach Intermediate Diving. Then I was your name on the list for the Beginner's class and I practically begged her to let me switch with her. She was so suspicious about it too, 'cause she knows I hate taking the Beginner's class."

"That's kinda sweet," Jordan said, totally not blushing at all.

Conner grinned, pulling him up beside him. "Totally worth it," he managed in between kisses.

"Totally," Jordan mumbled back.


A/N Heya. Unbetaed. I tried my best, but there's still probably mistakes. I apologize if you find any switching of tenses. For some reason I always start out stories in past tense and then when I come back to them switch to present. Does that happen to anyone else or is it just me?

Anyway, I wrote this two years ago and finally decided to edit and post it. It's kinda short and fast. The plot is inspired by some dude's FML post: "Today, my mom signed me up for a swimming class to show my sister there's nothing to be afraid of. Considering I'm 17, I assumed I'd be in an advanced class. Instead, I get to spend summer blowing bubbles in the shallow end with four-year-olds as my little sister cheers me on from the steps. FML"

And I thought, perfect! The story practically wrote itself. The title's from a Fiona Apple song called "Anything We Want". I'm not a huge fan, tbh, but I liked the line.

Oh, and just in case you don't know or remember from school, the longest wavelength is red and color is reflected, so it's just saying 'My cheeks were red/I was blushing'.

Let me know what you think! – DC xx