Who am I? I don't know
by Sielouch-06

I was naïve back then,

But then you came.

You're the highlight of everything,

Like the sun in the solar system.

Capturing everyone's attention

With those devilish smile of yours.

And here I was,

A willing prey.

Like a moth to a lighted lamp.

I was so enthralled by you

And so I did everything ,

To be a part of the world you're living in.

I changed my clothing,

My personality, my hobby.

Likes, and dislikes,

I changed for you.

I have never felt this need

to be with someone, to be with you.

But you never noticed me.

I'm just another someone,

Trying hard but still futile.

And now, I'm wondering

Which parts of me are really true,

And which parts of me,

I created just to please you.