This one is a bit embarrassing, but really sweet if you ask me. The sweetness of it is what's embarrassing. I'm hoping I'll get a few readers who can relate to the situation and really understand it. For those of you who do, you aren't alone. This poem I wrote is proof of that.

Do you Know?

I'm that girl you've known forever

The friend that's at your side

The one who jokes with you

The one who never seems to cry

I'm that girl who's always there

Who is a constant presence

Who's rarely ever angry

And perhaps a little dense

I'm that girl who tends to laugh

When others tell a joke

When I mess up on something

Or when I meet with all your folks

I'm the girl who likes a challenge

Competing with you at chess

The one who acts so docile

And who only seems to rest

I'm the girl who sits alone

Drifting in a world apart

Reading or maybe drawing

Immersing myself in art

I'm the girl who you can talk to

And who talks to you right back

The one who tries her best to listen

And desperately not to lack

But do you know who I am

What I think when I'm with you

How I react to what you say

And respond to what you do

Do you know that when I see you

I see a miracle

Pushing towards his goals in life

With a smart and beautiful soul

I think that you are lovely

Standing tall and confident

Filled with humor prepared to share

Shining with special radiance

I love how you're devoted

Towards everything you do

How you interact with family

And how people interact with you

Do you know that I have known

I can't be the only one

To notice you as I have

The number must be a ton

So I don't know what to say

To make you look at me

When there're so many other options

That you could choose for free

I don't know what I can do

To come close or even compare

To be deserving of one like you

So that perhaps we can be a pair

Do you know all this about me

No, I doubt you do

Because I'm afraid of letting you know this

And that our friendship might be through

I'm horrified that I might loose

What I so dearly want to keep

Your kindness and your smile

That makes my cold heart beat

So even if you don't know

About this crush I've wrote above

I want to say you're beautiful

And I think that...I'm in love.