Scratching the cage bars, a crazed voice spoke out "Such a pretty little girl." he whispered to himself.

The male was crouched with nails against the cold iron. He gazed softly at his current, stolen prize; of which he would soon turn into something more for his liking. Though her stench was foul and her appearance was dirtied, he could still see the beauty she held within her, and picture what she looked like with a clean body, that it once was before. Her skin had a natural glow to it, though he soon found out that it was incredibly delicate as time went on; considering she bruised easier than he had anticipated. Her long, luscious, locks of brown became matted weaves down to her lower back. She had become an unhealthy weight and lost some colour from the way that he had treated her. He almost kicked himself for not keeping her to a healthy state; especially since he had worked so hard to get her. He had more matters to attend to though: His work had gotten out of hand lately, and he needed to stay focused on the latest test subjects to make sure his pet could be the best she could be after today. Her eyes however, did not change: they were still the highlight of her appearance. Shades of green knitted together to create the perfect irises. She also had a unique brown smudge in her right eye; which only added to her beauty. He would only need the beauty of her eyes anyway. The rest would be a distant memory. That is unless he said otherwise.

A rare Click sounded the dark bedroom of the males, and a lock had fallen to the wooden floor. The man responsible opened the metal bars with a harsh creak.

"Come here darling." To anyone else his voice would have been soft and inviting, however the young woman knew him all too well to fall for his trickery. The girl did not move so much as an inch to even greet his crazed gaze. His eyebrows creased ever so slightly into a glare. "Did you not hear me my darling? I said come here."

The man reached into the small space that consumed the girl and snatched her from her ankle with full force; dragging her out and causing her scratches from the rusted iron. A cry echoed through the room. Something the man would usually find amusing, but he had lost his short amount of patience with the girl already; he wanted to change her as soon as he was able to. The male had hoisted her up to stand by her shreds of a shirt and not letting go, so that her head was inches from his and her neck was at an awkward angle to face him; receiving a whimper in return.

"I give you shelter!" Hardly. "Food!" Rarely. "Clothing that you don't need!" Do you want me to freeze? "The least I expect you to do, Is to do as I say!" He slapped her hard enough to make her fall back to the ground. She cupped her swelling cheek and began to uncontrollably sob, while still on the cold floor. "Get up already, you ungrateful little bitch!"

The now shivering girl did as she was told, still sobbing in the process and holding her cheek. His features turned softer to the innocent eye and he reached up to the mark he had created under the brunettes hand. "Please stop crying, my darling." Stroking the red mark. Her sobs increased. "Hush." He kissed her forehead lightly. "I can't have you drain yourself today. You need all your strength little puppy." When she did not stop he sighed deeply. "If you be a good girl, I wont put you in that cage anymore." Her eyes reached up to his, with a small glimpse of hope. He nodded in return. "I promise. But only if you do as I ask."

Her cries soften to a compete stop and her head slowly nodded, which caused him to smile with great pleasure. His hand reached to hers, "Come." and he led her away from the room she had rarely left since her arrival.

Upon Entering a blinding white room, she immediately hesitated at the sight of a long table in the centre of the room, with cuffs at each corner. The rest of the room was surrounded with what she though were hospital appliances, along with various flasks which held deep colours inside them.

When her feet halted, she felt the males hand clench: causing her a mild pain. He turned to glare at her, only to receive a face of fear and wide eyes in return. She began pulling against his grip, and only started struggling violently when his arm gripped around her waist possessively, and lifted her onto the shining metal. She swiftly raised her arm to punch him out of fear, but he was much faster than her movements and her hand was tightly secured by the sharp cuffs before she knew what had happened. Her other three limps had quickly been secured also. She was now as helpless as he had wanted her.

He chuckled evilly, as his index finger traced the side of her face and wiped the falling tears away. "I'm guessing when I say this, but I am pretty sure this will hurt. A lot." Her eyes squeezed shut at his comment. "Don't worry though, darling." He caressed he forehead lightly. "It shouldn't last long. And after today it will only get better for you, little puppy. I can promise you that much." He turned his back to her and hummed a small tune while preparing something she could not see. "If you're scared, close you're eyes." She did not do as he had said, which left her with much regret. He had turned around with a rather large syringe, filled with a blood red liquid in his hand. Her struggling increased dramatically at the sight of he needle that would soon enter her. The male attempted to hush her as he walked towards her. However all his attempts had failed, considering the closer he had come, it only caused more sobs to be created. "Don't worry, darling. I'm experienced in this. I know exactly what I'm doing." He was now tired of trying to get her to become calm, and so with a swift motion, forced her head away so that there was a large area of neck, and stuck the needle into, and passed, her fragile skin.

As soon as liquid was pushed into her system she felt a small burn that swiftly turned outstanding the painful. for a brief moment she could not use her senses; she only experienced the feeling of fire, racing inside her. The girls screams masked out the chuckles that were heard beside her. She had no idea what was happening to her at that moment. It felt as though her bones had all begun to break at once, and reform in different places. Her skin and all other organs followed suit, without giving her time to breathe. Sweat glazed her morphing body, and though she felt herself being ripped to shreds, there was no blood to trickle from her. Her screams gradually turned to what sounded like a howl, though she didn't understand how. The pain had instantly died down completely, however she was still left with a numbing pain that consumed her shrunken body. When her eyes opened, the first thing she noticed was something white with a black tip in front of her eyes, where her nose used to sit. She moved to a more comfortable position, considering now her body had unknowingly shrunken out of the cuffs that were in place. As she adjusted herself she noticed her clothing was no longer covering her body: From what it looked like, they had been ripped off of her with some force, and were no longer recognised as items of clothing that could be worn, or repaired to say the least. Looking down, the young female had found two crystal white paws in front of her; she also looked back to find two more, and more fluffs of white surround a tail.

She had completely forgotten the man that stood beside her, still holding a -now empty- syringe in his hand. He was smiling brightly like a child on Christmas day. It wasn't until he was reaching out to touch her new found fur, that she noticed him approach. There was a swift growl from her lip, though it did not stop him, let alone make him hesitate. "If I'd known you'd turn out so beautiful, I would have done this much, much sooner little puppy." His hand caressed her behind her hears, calming her down for a brief moment. He chuckled, "And little you are indeed," He examined her new appearance while she was still in her calm state. "Probably one of the smallest I've ever seen."

She growled slightly when his hand left from behind her ear, which only caused him to chuckle more. "Yes darling. You have beautiful teeth." He grabbed onto her muzzle and poked around, to get a better look at her mouth. "Gloriously healthy for a wolf your size." Wolf?

The male turned his back to her, and began to trek back to a surrounding cupboard. "I need to take some measurement though, little puppy. And then I'll need to take a trip back to work for a while."

The little female was not listening to his plans though. She was.. confused?

How could she be a wolf?

How could a small amount of liquid do so much?

How was is possible?

The little white wolf was left to her own devices for the time being.

He had specifically said to her "I have to go to work now, my little puppy. As Promised, I'm letting you roam the house on your own for a while." He chuckled. "Though I Doubt you'll get very far: It'll be a few days before you'll be able to walk very far without tiring yourself out every five minutes. I'm trusting you to behave yourself. I'll be a few hours. Be a good girl for me."

That was the last thing he had said before he walked out the door: only ten minutes ago.

In that time she was still thinking over the whole situation.

It just didn't make sense...

It took the wolf a total of five minutes to stand on all four paws without losing her balance. She was used to two legs, not four. And not to mention the fact that she still had a numbing feeling surround her limbs. When she had mastered standing, walking was the next challenge she needed to face. Though, learning to walk was easier than standing. She felt herself fall many times, but she had a paw to break the small landing. She realised that it helped to move her tail along with her footing to hold her balance easier.

After a while the white wolf had mastered how to walk, as well as run. It may not have been perfect, but it was useful that she could now travel places. She practices running around the house, and exploring at the same time. While doing this, she had realised her senses had dramatically changed to how they were before: She could follow her muzzle to where the male had been frequently in his home. She could also hear the outside birds as if they were right next to her. At first, this all confused her greatly, and started a headache along with the numbing pain she had felt, but she had quickly gotten accustomed to the feeling of heightened senses.

After exploring the whole house, the female did not feel tired like the male had said she would. If anything she felt refreshed and new.

However, her mind could not forget what she had been through previously; or in fact what events had occurred since the beginning. The man had confused her greatly. One moment he was a terribly, crazy man, and the next he seemed somewhat normal - minus the fact he turned a girl into a wolf.

The male scared her the majority of the time, and she did not like those feeling at all. If anything: she wanted out.

Within minutes the young wolf had smashed a window and ran out as fast as she could into the trees and greenery surrounding the house.

After what felt like hours of running, the girl had finally slowed down to a stop, deep within the forest. She found herself become incredibly thirsty from the long run. She had cleverly rested by a shallow river, which she greedily drank from.

Though something suddenly made her ears automatically flicker backwards. Her head soon followed suit and she was now face to face with a much larger, much darker creature than her.

The new black wolf had found what he had been searching for. In no way was he threatening the smaller, but she still felt outlawed by his presence. She had crouched ever so slightly and bared her teeth to the one who had disturbed her; not that she knew what she was doing, or if it would work.

The Alpha was now confused with the smallers actions. How dare she challenge him. An alpha. And especially when he could easily defeat her, just looking out the size differences. She looked to be about the size of am overgrown pup. He was over twice her size. However, just from those statistics alone, he could not go back on a challenge: It was his way. Though, he did not plan on hurting the little one; he had just wanted to show her how was boss, since she clearly did not know.

As soon as the white wolf pounced at him, he immediately shifted his body slightly so that she would miss. He then was able to tower over her body, with much more ease than he had anticipated. For some unknown reason the female did not know when she had lost, and continued to struggle against the black alpha male. This received her a nip of the neck to let her know of her current situation, which only caused her to whine and struggle all the more.

The male did not understand why she was still attempting to fight against him when she had no hope of winning. This was not in a wolfs instincts to not admit defeat unless they wanted death. Though he could not do that to the young wolf; Not to his Female.

He gave out a howl above the female, which only stiffened her for a second, until she carried on with trying to break free from her captor.

Minutes later Several rustling noises had come from the surrounding greenery. From one, a shot was fired. Causing the female to go limp as the dart sunk into her.

The black wolf sighed, while slowly stepping away from white fur. He swiftly transformed into what could be described as a stereotypical model. Another man and brown wolf from the bushes showed themselves to the naked man that stood beside white.

"Cheers Matt." The alpha male said as he addressed the man with a dart gun.

Rummaging through his backpack, Matt found some jeans and threw them at his alpha, so he could cover more of himself. "Anytime, my friend." His face went from a smirk to serious as his fellow brown wolf approached the limp girl and sniffed her slightly. "You think she's it? I mean, she looks a little small to be mated. And she didn't show any signs of knowing who you are."

The alpha sighed when his jeans were finally on. He crouched by is white beauty and examined her softly. "I'm thinking the same things... But I know she's mine. Even if she can't feel it, I can." He carefully picked her up with ease, and held her against his chest. Her sent was intoxicating; Close to some kind of fresh fruit; Strawberries maybe? "Anyway, we can sort this out later. For now I just want her back with us." He said as he started walking away from the other two.

He should've been happy. Sure he was happy, but to an extent. She did not know who he was. And she put herself at risk; If that was anyone else they would've killed his female when they had the chance.

So why did she not back down?