By Sielouch-06

When all was messed up

And you got nothing to fix it,

You stopped trying

Sat at the corner and cried.

I cried with you.

When the room was crowded

Yet you still felt alone,

I was there

You just looked at your side

I was there, I was always there.

When you could no longer carry on,

And couldn't lift all your loads

I helped you.

Even though it's heavy,

I was the one to carry your burdens

I gave you everything

Even if it left me with nothing.

I did anything

Even though it left me hanging.

Just for you, all for you.

But now I'm crying

Coz all is ruined.

I'm alone, all alone.

I'm always tripping

I can't carry it anymore.

I know I'm pathetic

Because I expected you to come

But I guess, what you gave, you won't receive

For I am here,

Crying, hurting all alone.