ID: 1

Nano: Maybe

Chance Of Kept: 40%

Chance of Continuance: 20%

Name: Undecided

A/N: Alright, so if you're reading this you're probably one of my reader's from fanfiction. This is just a little fluff I made to see if people would enjoy it. Doubt it'll get any attention but I'm trying it. Have fun reading it. 2000 words, not to long, but if you enjoy it, please tell me so I can see what kind of writing to plan ahead. I haven't even revised it, just came from my mind from some inspiration. I will probably not continue it anyways.

"Ryder! Wake up! Time for school!" Lydia yelled from the kitchen.

Ryder shifted around in his bed to look at the clock on his side table. The time marked 7:45. "Shit... Five more minutes mom!" he exclaimed as he got into a different position. He could hear footsteps approaching his room and the door being swung open. The lights turned on, blinding his eyes. "Now," his mother ordered then walked off.

He groaned and sat up yawning. "Stupid school..." he muttered as he grabbed a shirt from the ground to determine whether it was dirty or clean. One sniff, and he felt like throwing up. He grabbed a couple of more shirts before he finally found one that was clean. He quickly walked into the restroom and washed off his messy dark brown hair. He looked at the clock again, his emerald green eyes clear with panic, and cursed.

His mother walked into his room, just as he put on his black sweatshirt. "Make sure to get to school on time, I have to go to work alright honey?"

"Yeah mom..." he replied as he shoved some journals into his backpack.

"Have a nice first day at school," she blew him a kiss and then walked downstairs.

Once Ryder had everything ready, he grabbed his skateboard and ran downstairs. He looked at the fridge, then at the clock. "Too late for breakfast..." he said as he walked towards the door. He proceeded to lock the door and get on his skateboard to ride to school. He couldn't believe summer was over. Now he had to face the harsh reality of teacher's and classwork, not that he did any. It was going to be his first year of freshman year, and the only thing he was excited about, was seeing his friends and how much the girls must have grown over the summer.

His phone rang knocking him out of his trance. He looked at the caller's id and smirked, "Sup Casanova?"

"Very funny, still with that nickname?" his friend's, Kevin's, voice has heard across the line.

Ryder laughed, "After you're little proposal last year, you think I would've forgotten?"

"Hey! I tried! And it was your fault by telling me she liked me. I'm never taking your advise ever again."

"Good decision," he chuckled. "Anyways. You at school?"

"Yeah, and let me tell you, so far the girl's are smokin'," he wolf-whistled. Ryder could hear the voice of a group of girls giggle. He smirked, they always seemed to be so easy. "Better for us."

As he turned the corner of the sidewalk, he tried to dodge a girl he hadn't seen walking on the side walk, and by doing so tripped over his own momentum then fell over his skateboard.

"Woah, you there R? I heard a crash," Kevin questioned.

Ryder groaned in pain, "See you at school," and then hung up the phone. He turned over and looked around for the girl he had just dodged. Except there was none, at least not then. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and then looked ahead. He could see the girl with black hair walking away carelessly.

"Doesn't even dare to help... Bitch..." he murmured as he grabbed his skateboard and began riding on another direction. He felt a single rain drop from the dark, stormy sky and put the hood of his sweatshirt over his head.

The school came into view just as the rain began to develop. "How bad could this get..." he muttered as he got off his skateboard and ran into the school. He could tell classes had begun since the hallways seemed to be clear. He quickly looked for his new locker, which was luckily near the entrance, and threw his wet skateboard in. He ran towards his first period, Chemistry, and burst into the room. The teacher was just calling names.

"Ryder Devon?" the clearly aged man asked.

"Here!" Ryder exclaimed from the door.

The whole class looked at him, including the teacher, who looked annoyed, "First class and already late Mr. Devon? Mind explaining?"

Ryder smirked, "The cops kept chasing me but eventually I lost them and came as soon as I could."

The class laughed while the teacher glared at him. "Take a seat before you end up in detention."

"Sure thing," he replied and looked around for an empty desk. He spotted Kevin in a seat by the window. He grinned and walked towards his best friend, winking at a few girls who were smiling at him as he walked. He sat by Kevin, who looked amused.

"And the master is back," he whispered.

"Yep, he's back. Grandma got worse, so we had to come back, at least that's the good news," he replied.

Kevin smirked, "It's good to see you're in one piece. Everything was quiet after you left."

"That's predictable. I'm the life of the party, remember?" said Ryder with an accomplished expression.

After three classes, and a few more scolds from the teachers, it was time for lunch. Kevin and Ryder walked to the lunchroom and sat with their old friends Kyle, David, Joey, Sidney, and Laura. A few he hadn't seen during the day looked surprised when they saw him, "R!" both girls had exclaimed and tackled him with a hug, which he was much comfortable with. David and Joey were also happy to see him, and gave him a fist bump, while Kyle had already seen him in 2nd period.

"Hey R, look who's checking you out," Kevin elbowed him halfway through the lunch break. He looked over at Julie, a popular cheerleader who was sitting a few tables away. She was clearly smiling at him. Ryder winked at her and the girls all broke out in giggles while Julie turned around.

"Looks like you scored with the nicest girl in the grade," said Kyle.

Sidney and Laura both looked a little jealous, "And prettiest..." Laura muttered.

"Aww come on sweethearts, you guys are pretty too," Joey put his arms around both of them.

"Get you're hands off me Joey!" Sidney replied in disgust while Laura rolled her eyes, "Desperate."

"Please, Julie is not pretty, she's hot," Kevin replied as he eyed the girl from the distance.

Laura smacked his hand hard, "Have some respect."

"Ow!" Kevin moved away, "Hey! I'm a guy don't blame me!"

Ryder laughed, "Even then, I thought she already had a boyfriend."

"They broke up a few weeks after you left," Kyle informed him. "Meaning she's single. And she clearly wants something R."

Ryder rolled his eyes, "I'll have to think about it."

"The great Ryder? Thinking? Woah! That's new! What did Florida do to you?" Joey exclaimed.

"Other than a tan," Laura replied clearly checking him out.

Ryder smirked, "I'm glad you noticed Twinkie."

Laura blushed at the remembrance of her embarrassing moment. "You know I hate the nickname..."

"Which is why we call you that," Joey replied. "It's all in the name."

Ryder nodded and looked around to see all the classmates he could recognize. He recognized most, though some were clearly newbies. His eyes moved along the cafeteria and then landed in the corner, he could see one girl who stood out in the corner of the room. She was sitting alone in the table reading a book, which was odd. Her black hair reminded him of someone. The memory of the girl he had bumped into, more like dodged came back, it was her.

"Hey," he elbowed Kevin, "Who's she?" He pointed at the lone girl.

Kevin followed his eyesight, "You mean Whisper?"

"Whisper?" Ryder looked back at Kevin with a confused look. By then the whole table was listening.

Laura looked over at the girl. "She's the shyest of them all. That's why they call her Whisper, she only whispers. She joined the grade a month after you left. It was almost the end of the year, I don't even think anyone remembers her name."

"Lorry... Lami... Lacy..." Joey began throwing random names.

"Lucy!" Sydney exclaimed. "I remember now!"

Ryder looked back at the girl. "Lucy..." he whispered her name.

"Woah dude, now don't be getting with the quiet girls. Better check Julie first, she's more approachable," Kevin replied.

Ryder raised an eyebrow, "Why is Lucy not 'approachable'?"

"You know David?" Joey asked.

"That jerk of a football player who everyone loves?" Ryder rolled his eyes.

"Well he thought she was hot. He tried asking her out, didn't go so well," Joey continued.

"What happened?" he asked curiously.

Sydney laughed as if she was remembering, "After he asked her, she walked away. Like no words said, just left."

"Ouch. Then how come no one remembers her?" he asked.

"Well after that, he kind of made sure everyone would forget, and they did. Except us of course," Kevin finished.

Laura took a drink of her water and then looked at Ryder, "Why do you care so much anyways?"

"Yeah, why do you care?" Kyle asked wiggling his eyebrows.

Ryder only gave them a smirk, "I like challenges." He got up and began walking towards the girl. He looked back at his friends with a smirk plastered on his face. The girls looked alerted while the guys were cheering. He walked by Julie's table and gave her a wink. In which she gave him a smile.

As he got closer to Whisper's table, he noticed the raindrops outside got louder. Odd, he thought, though not enough to get him to retreat. He was finally closer to her table. Once he was there, he stood in front of her. Whisper kept her eyes on the book, it was clear enough to Ryder that she was ignoring him.

He cleared his throat. Nothing. "You know it's rude to ignore someone."

There was no answer. He was about to sigh and go back when he heard her hushed, soothing voice. The kind that you would hear singing to a child in the deep darkness of a horror movie. "You know it's rude to interrupt someone's reading."

"Well I guess you're not mute," he replied with a smile, attempting to amuse her. She didn't reply then, just kept her eyes glued to the book.

"Alright then, we're back to silence," Ryder replied as he sat by her. He had enough time to examine her. Her dark hair looked curly and soft, he felt like cuddling with it. Her eyes were the color of the earth, with a single spark of loneliness. The type that you would see in a wolf. Her skin seemed to have a natural tan to it, fitting her face features beautifully. Hi eyes traveled down to her body, her shape was clearly more developed than other girls in the grade. He was beginning to see why David had set his eyes on her. He shook his head wondering when his hormones had kicked in. He looked back at Whisper, who didn't even seem to care. He looked at her book and smirked. He quickly grabbed it, and then proceeded to walk away towards his table. He looked back at Whisper who only glared, got up and walked towards the exit of the cafeteria.

Ryder's expression was clearly that of a puzzled one. He walked back to his friend's and sat in between Kevin and Kyle.

"How did it go?" Sydney questioned.

"I know why you guys call her Whisper now," was the only thing he replied.

They all laughed. Kyle looked at the book in Ryder's hand, "And you stole her book?"

"Just to see what she would do, she just walked off though," Ryder shrugged and looked down at the cover. Well, it had no cover.

"How rude..." Laura muttered.

"Hey, she was the rude one by not answering," he retorted.

Kevin nodded agreeing, "R has a point with that."

Laura just rolled her eyes and looked at her food.

"So are you going to try it with Julie? Or with the quiet one?" Joey unexpectedly asked.

"Please, if Whisper didn't listen to David, why would she listen to R?" Kyle replied with a chuckle.

"You guys treat girls like dog toys..." Sidney muttered looking annoyed.

Joey laughed, "You know you love it."

"Guys! Let R reply! Well?" Kevin asked.

Ryder looked back at Whisper's table, now empty and looking like it was missing something. He looked back at his friends.

"No way..." Joey replied.

Ryder smirked. They knew his clear answer. "I like a challenge."