The Characters

Queen Kasnata - Queen of the Order & Nosfa kingdom. Wife of Mercia

King Mercia Nosfa VI - King of Nosfa kingdom. Husband of Kasnata

General Lord Rathe Bird - General of Nosfa

Phoenix General Marissa - General of Kasnata's Phoenix division

Kestrel General Amalia - General of Kasnata's Kestrel division

Hawk General Kia - General of Kasnata's Hawk division

Eagle General Hesla - General of Kasnata's Eagle division

Condor General Renta - General of Kasnata's Condor division

Vulture General Quisla - General of Kasnata's Vulture division

Raven General Misna - General of Kasnata's Infiltration division

Horsemistress Cara - Horse mistress of the Order

Swordmistress Anna - Sword mistress of the Order

Bowmistress Serra - Bow mistress of the Order

Horsemaster Horace - Horse master of the Order

Swordmaster Oswin - Sword master of the Order

Bowmaster Wist - Bow master of the Order

Cassandra - Warrior, mercenary, pirate and spy. Guardian of the Wilds

The Abbott - Warrior, mercenary, priest and spy. Guardian of the Spire

Hermia Nosfa - Former Queen of Nosfa

Tola - Hero of the war of the east, Rathe's second in command

Lord Haston Bird - Lord of Mercia Nosfa's court

Shaul - A Queterian

Methanlan - A Queterian

Rosla Nosfa - Former King of Nosfa

Lady Marcia Bird - A lady, deceased

Lady Mia Bird - Forced consort to King Mercia Nosfa.

Jephthah - Shield of Hermia. A bodyguard

Haman - Leader of the Gibborim

Mathias - Assassin

Neesa - Assassin, Bodyguard of Mercia. A Valian

Ariella - A Valian

General Avner - General of Kasnata's Order of the Hound

General Shamgar - General of Kasnata's Order of the Bear

General Yoav - General of Kasnata's Order of the Wolf

The Baron of Fintry - Mercia's steward and dogsbody

Jack - A soldier of Nosfa

Harry - A soldier of Nosfa

Benaiah - Queterian Forge Master

Duke Kelmar DeLacey - Regent of Delma, a nobleman

Joab - Shadow of Hermia. A bodyguard

Layla - Shadow of Hermia. A bodyguard

Prince Jayden Delich - Prince of Delma

King Baruch Delich - King of Delma

Queen Adina Delich - Queen of Delma

Helez - Shield of the Gibborim

Asahel - Shield of the Gibborim

Ilana - Sister of Helez

Leinad - Prince of Nosfa & the Order

Kasna - Princess of Nosfa & the Order

Kia - Princess of Nosfa & the Order