Hear my roar.

The roar shall echo and echo and echo.

Nature will be aware.

Man will cower!

Woman will fear!

Child will whimper!

Old will clutch to heart and whisper fright!

Do not fear

Only be aware.

My roar is to defy my own demons.

Defy darkness of depression away.

Demons and darkness to flee to beaches and into seas.

To drown them in seas of hope, perseverance, and accountability.

The roar will echo down the hallways of time following me through times of joy and sorrow.

I will not let fear burrow.

I will tear it screaming and burn it in a bonfire of courage.

The roar shall remind me of my own strength in times of hardship.

I will take ship

And sail to dawning love

Following the dove

to salvation.

Hear my roar.

Hear my strength.