The Music Trio Part 2

By Shadowgate

Melissa Burns and her son Joseph were on a trip to New York City.

They boarded the airplane and soon the captain came on the intercom.

"This is your Captain Jake Burton and with me is my Co-Pilot Michael Pitt."

Michael Pitt got on the intercom and said "yes I'm the co-pilot and Jake I just love to be with you in the cockpit."

Jake said "okay Michael let's not get naughty in the cockpit."

Joseph and other passengers laughed.

Melissa was irritated.

Soon the airplane took off and 30 minutes after it did Joseph went to the restroom.

When he got back he stopped in the middle of aisle and said "hello everyone my name is Joseph Burns and I want to sing a song about a boy named Carl who had an alcoholic for a dad. His dad hit him and gave him a big bloody nose. The song goes like this. Carl had a big bloody nose, a big bloody nose, oh yes Carl had a big bloody nose. Now everyone sing it with me."

Robert, Elvin, and Kevin all sang "Carl had a big bloody nose, a big bloody nose, oh yes Carl had a big bloody nose."

Melissa yelled "Joseph get over here and sit down this instant!"

As Joseph walked over to his seat he said "hey look mom it's the music trio we saw at the country club."

Kevin commented "yes we're a music trio and we sing at country clubs."

Melissa said "yes and the performance at the country club I took my son Joseph to see turned out to be a disaster."

Joseph said "no it wasn't a disaster it was hilarious."

Melissa said "Joseph it wasn't supposed to be hilarious."

The trio said "well if you didn't like our performance at your country club maybe we can make it up to you here."

Melissa said "no way."

The stewardess walked up and said "ma'am I think it would be great if these three gentlemen gave us a performance on this flight. Why were you yelling at your kid?"

Melissa answered "first of all I was yelling at my kid for acting up. Second of all I didn't appreciate the potty talk over the intercom. Third these three gentlemen put on a vulgar performance at my country club three weeks ago."

The stewardess replied "well ma'am first of all nobody saw your kid do anything wrong. Second of all you're a homophobe. Third if you had a problem with these three gentlemen in your country club three weeks ago then you should have addressed it three weeks ago and not here."

Melissa said "you are extremely rude."

The stewardess said "everyone let's hear it for Robert Simpson, Elvin McGuire, and Kevin Hunt."

The passengers cheered.

Joseph said "hey mom look I can jump up and down on the airplane."

Joseph started jumping up and down when an old man said "don't do that."

Melissa became very upset and yelled "Joseph sit down!"

The stewardess said "ma'am you need to calm down for TSA will have a chat with you when we land."

Joseph said "hey let's sing the diarrhea song."

Joseph and the music trio started singing the diarrhea song.

After the music trio got off Elvin said to Robert "it was brilliant paying that stewardess $50 so she'd be on our side no matter what we did."