Aranu awoke to see the blue sun of Isis-3 setting. The rocky plains were cast in a hundred different shades of blue, red, and purple. It would have been beautiful, except for the hundreds of corpses scattered like the remnants of a picnic all around him. Why is every sunset I see anymore ruined by a battlefield? He took a step, only to trip and fall down a hill on top of a skeletal corpse with shreds of armor clinging to the warrior's bones like a funeral rite. At least I'm not in his shoes. He grunted as he pushed himelf up to sit a few feet away. I can't even tell what side he was on, or even if he was a he. Aranu stood and surveyed the battle field. I wonder if anyone made it, or if I can even salvage any of the wrecked ships so I can leave here. Not that I need a ship. He stretched his hands and pushed his sensory abilities to their limits. A few working engines, functional shield part there, in a few days I can leave this rock... He felt a jolt of energy and pulled his hands back. Azriel? He made it? Aranu limped for a hundred meters till he reached the source of the feeling, which was buried under several bodies. I need to get him out. Aranu felt the energy currents of the still functional machinery and pulled the power. He opened his hands and a wave of golden energy flowed out and burned the rubble and bodies in seconds. Aranu pulled the energy back into him and strode over to see a broken robotic head with a metal spine and a single, eagle like wing hanging off. "So you're alive." Aranu said.

"You call this alive?" Azriel's voice sputtered

"I scanned around, there is enough here to make a spcacraft and fix you in a few days." Aranu knelt down to be on eye level with the broken mechanical angel. "You won't be like this for long."

A hollow sound echoed from Azriel's head. "You're a laugh. Thinking you can fix me."

"I've helped you before, I don't understand-"

"Idiot." Azriel cut him off. "You know I repair myself. That part of me was completely disintegrated by a plasma lance."

"Can't we try something? I am not just going to leave you stuck here."

"Not all of us exist on starlight like you." The hollow laugh broke out again. "What are you going to do? Take me along in whatever junky ship you pull together from this wreck and hope you meet someone who knows imperial engineering? It sounds very likely."

"Ugh." Aranu groaned. "Everyone I've known from this war has died, and for what? To prove who can sit on some stupid throne? This senseless conflict has cost everyone so much."

"You killed over it, as much as any soldier." Azriel's voice sputtered like a cough.

"I had little choice."

"Sure you did. You could have just made a cocoon of energy, went to sleep in it for several hundred years, then wake up wherever space guides you. But you didn't." The metallic voice droned. "Why would the only one of his kind in this side of space fight in a war when he has nothing to gain? That is the senseless part to me."

"I had friends, and I didn't want them to die." Aranu shook his head. "I guess we both know how well that turned out."

"You abhor violence, but you are so good at killing." Azriel scoffed.

"I don't have to stand here and listen to you." Aranu got to his feet.

"Sure, you can just run away. Maybe you will even find a way to live with all the people you've lost." Aranu turned and started walking away from the broken angel. "But we both know that will never happen."

Aranu looked back. "So this is goodbye then."

"One last thing." Azriel coughed. "No one can fix me after this, and gods only know how long I will subside here."

"What are you asking me?" Aranu tensed.

"None of my protection systems are working." A hint of melancholy broke through the metallic voice. "Kill me."

"I guess you really have no point to live anymore." Aranu's hands glowed like a firefly.

"I'm not the only one with nothing to live for." His voice shook.

Aranu released a large wave of energy, and for a brief second the cybernetic seraphim screamed in delight more than pain. Aranu cut it off after five seconds. The wing and a fragment of the spine were all that remained. "And so ends the life of my last comrade in arms, by my hand." The sun had finished setting, throwing the land into an ethereal purple from the two crescent moons. "I really don't need a spaceship if I'm alone." Aranu chuckled. "And I just burned alive my last connection to this time." A tear rolled down his face. He trekked to the top of the highest dune and took a moment to catch his breath when he reached his destination.

Aranu reached inside his mind, and focused on the image of his true form. Soon, his arms and legs grew and he gained two more of each appandage. His torso stretched out, and his head shrank down and took on an arachnine shape. Brown and grey fur grew across his whole body as he discarded his clothes.

He focused on every pull and push of the universe around him, then pulled them in with his many arms to weave a large baloon of energy and space about him. He willed it to rise, and it started floating leisurely away from the battlefield. Soon, they looked like a colony of inscects, then a speck of dust, then they dissapeared as he left the atmosphere.

Goodbye, cruel present and your wars. May I awake to a better future. He closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep until the slow waves of space would bring him to another world and another life.