The Lost Princess - Prologue

"I'm not marrying him, I'm not!" These were the words of the young princess as she ran
out of the palace in the middle of the night. Her mother, the queen of south Samartrianen, was
forcing her to marry the prince of north Samartrianen.

At the age of 6 Princess Alara was extra special. Not only was she a princess with looks but understood
the concept of marriage perfectly. Her mother and father were astounded by the amount of knowledge she
possessed. This was a disadvantage to her loving parents for she had told them in a very diplomatic voice, "Mother,
Farther, you know I love you both very much but there is no way hope in hell that while i am alive and on this planet
that I am going to marry that over dressed, stuck-up, stuffed to his ears in money, pompous jerk of a prince." Her
mother stood there open mouthed. She could not belive that her daurter had acquired such bad language. She must
have gotten it from her father's side. Her father on the other hand was going red with rage. He was known for his bad
temper and cruel ways. It was his out burst of rage that forced her to scream "I hate you both and i'm not marrying him,
i'm not!" And run out of the palace in tears. But what the upset little princess didn't know was that a terrible danger
awaited her outside the palace walls.

Tears blinding her Princess Alara made her way to the small garden outside the palace walls. In a fury of rage,
muttering to herself, "They can't make me marry him." She sat herself down on a bench to calm down. The cool
air felt refreshing on her hot face. She did not see the lone figure prowling around in the darkness. "Don't
cry little Princess," It whispered, "I know how you feel, come with me and you can live your own life." "Can I
have peanut butter with my ice-cream?" She asked. "Of course, you can." That being the deciding factor, she
agreed to go with him.

With that they made their way to an awaiting carriage. Once inside and under way, Alara realized someone else
was in the carriage with her. The cloaked stranger turned on a dim lantern and leant forward. Alara squeled with
deight, for there oon the opposite side of the carriage was her sister, Dixie. Excitedly, the sisters chatted about
the adventure they were undertaking.

After travelling for days on end, they arrived at a dock and boarded a not so splendied ship bound for Dalphinon.
The homeland of Princess Sienna. The cloaked stranger disgushed himself as a Royal Samartrianen Messager
and went to visit, the Princess with an invitation to a party held by the Samartrianen Princesses. He awaited her
decsion and when she agreed, lead her to the ship where the Princess were awaitng her arrival. Dixie and Alara
had been told that they were going to Samartrianen for a party. Meanwhile, the stranger set course for an unknown

After months of travel, the girls realized that they were not going home and begin to become restless and ask
questions. The only answer they got is that they were being taken to a new land to live their own lives. After
many at sea, the cloaked stranger could no longer handle the children. He decided to hand them over to one
of his handymen. "What do I do with them?" The thug asked. "Make them forget who they are and then put them into a
family.," The cloaked stranger sighed, "They are not to know who they are - or what they were."