The Lost Princess- Chapter4 -Mirror of Beauty

Alara was in math again. The clock was working today. The teacher was away so they had one of the easiest teachers
in the school. If some one walked out they wouldn't care. Alex was sitting at the group of desks next to the group Alara
and her friends were sitting at. There were 4 groups in the classroom.Two up front and two behind.

Sienna had changed classes with Dixie taging along not far behind. They had convinced the princepal to let them into
Alara's math class. So all three of them were sitting in one of the front groups. "So has he said anything to you yet?"
Sienna and Dixie were trying to set them up. She really didn't mind. Normally she didn't like Sienna in a class with her
that had lots of guys in it. She was sure they made a sport of asking Sienna dumb questions just so they could say that
they had been near her. None of the boys were game enough to come near Alara or Dixie. They did not like all those
MALES anywere near them. And their attitude was starting to rub of on Sienna. She had just told a guy to go to hell. That
was not like her. She was starting to have problems with her latest foster home.

Alex was walking over to Alara's desk. He looked like he had a questeion to ask. She hoped it wasn't another attack on
Sienna. She would kill him if it was. Alara was very protective of her pal. "Alara," he began. He was never very good at
talking to her."I heard that you were entered in a modeling comp." Here he goes. More teasing. "Yes. Were did you hear that
from?" She asked him. "Oh. No where." And with that he went back over to his desk. "What was that about?" Dixie asked.
Alara shruged her sholders. "I would not know." She was about to say somthing else when the home time bell went.
The girls walked towards the door. Just as Alara reached the door some one grabbed her arm. She turned around ready
to yell at some one, but when she saw that it was Alex she just said, "Whats up?" He looked like he was going to say
something but just couldn't get it out. "Um...Wo..are.. Good luck." He said then rushed out. Alara could see she was
going to have to make a move.

Alara turned around to face the mirror in the modeling compounds dressing room. It was a small room so it was a
complete mess. Close and accessories lay every were. "Well? What do you think?" Sienna and Dixie were there with her.
They were helping each other with there make up. "That is not me!" Alara said. The girl in the mirror was a beautifful
young woman. Her long deep red curly hair was down for startes. Alara had never in her life worn her hair down. Her
make-up was perfect and her short royal blue dress looked like it was made just for her. She looked astounding! She
even took her own breath away. "Come on then hottie." Sienna teased," You can marvel at yourself another time."