The Adventures of David and Connie-Bark at the Moon!

By Shadowgate

13 year old David O'Connor walked into his first period English class.

Mrs. Butterfly was preparing her work for the class.

Right before she started a student named April Vines raised her hand. Mrs. Butterfly called on her and she said "I'm a girl and I find the t-shirt David is wearing offensive."

David asked "what's the problem?"

Mrs. Butterfly said "David stand up and let me look at your shirt."

David stood up.

Mrs. Butterfly asked "what is Bark at the Moon?"

David answered "its Ozzy Osbourne's 1983 album. I don't know how this t-shirt is offensive to girls."

April said "heavy metal is offensive to girls because it's sexist."

David shot back "then why do so many ladies go to heavy metal concerts?"

April answered "ladies don't go to heavy metal concerts."

David said "yes they do you watch any rock concert video and you'll see lots of females in the audience. Plus there are heavy metal bands that have female members like White Zombie and Arch Enemy."

April said "well I say it's sexist."

David said "you think everything is sexist."

Mark Hadler stood up and said "don't mess with April or I'll kick your ass."

Mrs. Butterfly said "Mark go to the office now."

Mark replied "for what?"

David said "because you're stupid Mark."

Mark said "what's up bitch?"

The teacher yelled "MARK GO TO THE OFFICE NOW!"

Mark went to the office.

Mrs. Butterfly said "now I'd like to get on with the class."

April yelled "Goddamn it why isn't David in trouble?"

April Vine was suspended for cussing at a teacher and Mark Hadler was suspended for threatening a student.

When David got home and told his sister eight year old Connie how the two students who complained about his Bark at the Moon t-shirt got suspended she laughed her ass off.