July 2010

"Despite several warnings, you have taken it upon yourself to save the life of an unnecessary human."

"She is necessary, to me." He replied, defending his forbidden actions.
"It has never been known in all of our existence for a member of the Magia to ever have loved a human." The judge reminded him. "She is mortal and young. The strength of your soul, the power within you, it's all too much for her to bear. The intensity of your love would destroy her. Tell me, how does she feel when you're gone? Is she broken? Is she struggling to live without your presence?"

"It is hard for both of us to be apart," He continued.

"For her, more so, she is weak, fragile and a mere mortal."

"No." he demanded, knowing the consequences of contradicting a council member. "You're wrong!"

"No?" The judge responded, shocked to be challenged in her own court.

"She is strong. Stronger than any human I have ever encountered." He demanded, defending the only girl he had ever loved and had ever been with. No one else compared to her.

"Yet you are far stronger than she will ever be, you would never be able to pursue a physical or emotional relationship with this girl. Magia law states that no member is permitted to partake in a relationship with a human. It also states that any Magia who saves the life of a human, risking the corruption of the natural balance between the Magia and the human world, shall be banished from it."

"Yes, your honour." He conceded.

"I sentence you to remain in the confines of the Magia commune. Your sentence shall be carried out over a minimum of 5 years."

His eyes widened, five years, five years without her, five years of no contact with the human world, he couldn't do it. It would break him.

"Please, if I could just…" he begged.

"Silence! If you defy me one more time I will have no choice but to imprison you for disloyalty against the Magia court. You are walking on thin ice. I suggest you accept your punishment and leave the court immediately before I change my judgement."

"Yes your honour."

"Ravano dor te Galeo. "Dei iyt te corsayate dor te Llysatri Magia et horla tor incrimáte. Ena te criende ol agreáta?" The judge confirmed before turning turning to addressed the Magia council. Es te criende ol agreáta?"

"Agreá Eudice" They responded, sealing his fate. The two Magia guards approached him where he stood as the judge issued the restriction spell.

"Parta novo olet Jeudicea, vila alde tor incrimáte ol sense et a libertice mis ineudicet unet reparta"

With that his hands stiffened and his mouth was silenced. They would remain that way until he was in the confines of the commune. Any attempt to leave the commune or make contact with the human world before his sentence was complete, would instantly extended his sentence to life in commune confinement.

Her memories would be wiped. She wouldn't suffer from heartache and loss, it would be as if he had never existed.

For him, it was five years of wondering, of waiting and of hoping that she wouldn't move on. Knowing her as well as he did he knew he may have lost her forever.

It was a small price to pay for saving her life.