Sadly, Robert, the son of Robert and Elizabeth, succumbed to smallpox after reigning only a few short years. His only surviving son, also named Robert, fell in love with and married an older divorced woman from the colonies, Alice Simpson, and so forfeited the crown.

May of Anjou married a French commoner and thus was also removed from the line of succession. Upon Robert's death, Anne took the throne and co-reigned with her husband, James VI of Scotland.

James and Anne had seven children: Henry, Elizabeth, Margaret, Charles, Robert, Mary, and Sophia. Henry died of typhoid fever at the age of eighteen, and James and Anne were succeeded by their second son, Charles I. A Civil War took place in England during Charles' reign, and Charles was executed. His son, Charles II, was later restored to the English throne.

The descendants of James and Anne rule England to this day.