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Chapter 3

Mary fell to her knees 'how could this happen' she thought horrified. Her son... Was gone, with just a quick note saying he was going to find treasure to help, her!

This was never suppose to happen, a mother was supposed to care for her son, not the other way around.

She felt like a failure of mother her only son, her baby boy, had left to help with HER needs.

Tears fell freely from her face, all she had ever wanted to do was give the best she absolutely could to her child.

Now, that child had gone to go on a life risking adventure to get money that, she should be providing.

What could she do? She had no idea where he was and nowhere to start.

She, was divorced by her husband years ago.

This was before, her child was even born and she was left to take care of him alone. She tried everything she could to earn money, but it was never enough.

She barely made enough money to feed herself and her child scraps, and giving him a decent education was nigh impossible.

However, she did what she could.

The question now was... What could she do.

She had no husband and no son, no one to comfort her from her sorrows.

Her mourning was interrupted, when she heard a large crash coming from the front door.

She saw 6 brutish men covered in scars, and tattoos that were barley covered by some old dirty rags.

They also smelt quite repugnant, she saw them charging like mad bulls, she closed her eyes tightly expecting the worst to happen!

She was positive, that there would be blood split today.