Chapter 1

"Daddy will you tell us a story?" A little boy asked tucked snug into his bed. "Yeah, can you tell us about Good vs Evil?" A little girl, likely the boy's sister, asked. "But, You've heard it a 1,000 times!" Their Father said this chuckling lightly. "Tell us again!" They said simultaneously. "Alright, but after this it's bedtime." Their father relented. He cleared his throat and began

"Many years ago in a land of known as Tenebrous. In this land there were two races, humans who were divided into two tribes known as the Mages and the Warriors. The Warrior were known for using great tools of steel that helped facilitate their lives and defend themselves. The mages were known for their ability of channeling the power of the gods through their bodies, this ability was known as magic." The Father and children soon got sucked into this story and continued it both in their hearts and minds. Even after they went to sleep the story continued.

The other race was the Shadows. They were the descendants of the children of humans and Demons. Demons were the ferocious beasts that once ruled Tenebrous long before humanity.

After the leader of the humans smote the king of demons, many demons retreated back to the underworld. However there were those that disguised themselves as humans, and they had relations with many humans.

These forbidden children were known as Quasi-hominal, half human. The Shadows were the descendants of these forbidden children. They were often varied in appearance.

Usually some sort of mix between a human and an animal. In fact several looked completely human the exception being in the eyes. Their eyes had an unmistakable malevolent glint in them.

The majority however looked like the foul beasts that their lineage would suggest.

In Tenebrous a story is passed on from parent to child. A story about two mighty warriors who battled for control of the world. This battle was called The Great Duel. One of the warriors there was a human.

He was said to be brave, kind, and noble, he was known most famously as The Great Hero. Humanity bestowed this title on him because of his vital role in the great duel. The Shadows however had another name for him.

To them he was, The Butcher. He was given this moniker because of his 1st major victory against the Shadows in which he is said to have smote over 10,000 of them! Most historians believe that his name was forgotten by time.

However, there are some stories that have his name as Angelo. Angelo's skill with the blade, at the time of the great duel, was admired through out the world. Even the mightiest feared him

According to the texts, he was also very wise and a great judge of character.

The other warrior was a Shadow called Demono. None have seen his face but there are rumors saying he has inky black hair, with scales covering his body, and great wings like a bat jutted out of his back.

He was cruel to the point where he would kill anyone who so much as look at him. He would destroy all of his many servants and children, if it meant more power.