Chapter 3

"My liege, you've called for me." A tall shadow clad in a dark grey armor with a black, sheathed sword at his waist. His human face and body was concealed by a black hooded cloak.

He kneeled before a black marble throne and waited for his lord to reply. "Yes I have, I need you to find someone."

The being on the throne said after a moment of silence in a booming voice. "Whom do you wish for me to find?"

"A boy, he has the potential to be a rival, and all rivals must be eliminated." "It will be done."

The shadow said making his exit. It grinned maliciously, he was his lord's personal assassin and he loved his job.

It was an all win situation for both his master and himself, his master sent him to quietly destroy his enemies that hid from him, and his own thirst for death would be quenched!

He almost pitied the foolish boy that was to be his target.

He only promised one thing to his victims, they would die slowly and agonizingly.

"Baru, Karro!" The shadow summoned. Immediately two lesser shadows kneeled before him. "Sir, you called?"

Baru gnarled at his master.

He stood bipedal with the face resembling a great black bear with the body of a large man.

"Yes, I want you and Karro to help me track someone down." He replied eaisly.

"Who?" Karro asked. She walked on all fours with the body of a wolf but with a human like face. Her fur was a dark brown, and her eyes glowed like the moon on a clear night.

Baru glared at his master "I can't understand why his highness put you in charge of me, Leviathan!"

"Because, I have never failed at any one of my tasks, besides you both would stick out in any human village...and also Baru, To you my name is master!" Leviathan said condescendingly.

Baru growled and angrily glared at him. Leviathan sauntered up to him and whispered in his ear "Do it, give me a reason to take you down!"

He bared his teeth but did nothing, "Good boy!" Leviathan said patting him on the head.

"And Karro, to answer your question we're hunting a boy."

Leviathan replied to Karro's earlier question. "A boy master? Aren't we overqualified to be hunting a mere child?" Karro asked confused.

"Perhaps, but I'm not one to question his Majesty's orders."

Leviathan started to walk away from the scarcely lit hallway, his subordinates following him.