I moved to Europe about a year ago, and just this week, the game "Infinity +" was released here. Infinity + was an action/adventure/MMORPG/FPS. Funny thing is, it was released in America three years ago. I played it constantly. I bought all the DLC, leveled up all my characters, got the best loot, the works. Apparently, this company in Europe obtained the rights to produce and release it here. Naturally, I bought it. Three years ago, we didn't have the virtual reality technology we do now. This game would be sick in virtual reality! Damn right I'm gonna buy it again!

Now, if you don't know how virtual reality gaming works, allow me to explain it in detail.


Nah, I'm just kidding. That'd take forever. I'll give you the basic rundown.

So, a head apparatus is worn to allow full vision. Then, gloves are worn to interact with the game world. Then, pads are put at the bottom of your feet to allow movement. Those are the basics. More games have different peripherals, but this game doesn't use any more than the basics. That makes my side of things easier.

Now that we got basic introductions out of the way, it's time to tell you the story of my adventures on Infinity +.

Loading up the game, I could see the beauty of the game world along with the title screen before my eyes. Absolutely beautiful. At this point, it asked for login information. Naturally, I put in my old information, but it occurred to me that it probably wouldn't work, since they are a new company after all.

Password: MajorBadKid117

To my surprise, it actually loaded up my account. My membership was still active, I had all the DLC, all the difficulty modes were unlocked, all customization options, but all my characters were deleted. Though I was a bit bummed at first, it didn't really matter I guess. Now, let me explain how the DLC and difficulties worked.

The difficulties were laid out like this in order from easiest to hardest. Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Master, Hardcore, Ultimate Hardcore, Insane, Legendary. The difficulties didn't affect enemy levels, but it did affect several other things. First of all, you got much more experience from enemies. Second, enemies did much more damage. Also, every enemy in the game was instantly aggressive towards you. No matter what level you were, any enemy that saw you would immediately attack you. Add to those, all the items sold by NPCs were progressively more expensive as the difficulty raised. To compensate, enemies had better drop rates, but not nearly enough to fully make up for the difference.

Now, from Hardcore mode and on, your character was required to eat, drink, and have a regular sleep cycle. The longer you went without each, you would suffer different debuffs, until ultimately you would die. Now, on Hardcore mode, it would take over 48 hours of game time for you to even suffer the first stage of sickness. On top of that, it was incredibly easy to reduce the effects. A single bottle of water could take away more than half of your thirst meter.

This became increasingly harder on the higher difficulties. Also on Hardcore mode, the normally weightless ammunition had weight, and since you have a limited carry weight, that made it so you can't be a walking armory. Lastly, health packs healed you over time and in-game NPC companions were capable of dying instead of just being incapacitated.

Now, naturally, I was going to start off the game on Legendary. On Legendary mode, enemies did five times the damage, you needed to eat and drink about every 3 hours and needed to sleep every 6 hours. On top of that, NPC sold items were 10 times as expensive, each piece of ammo weighed significantly more, health packs healed you even more slowly, and the side effects of food, drink, or sleep deprivation were much more severe. But...the good thing was that you earned a whopping 10 times the experience, enemies drop rates were increased by 5, enemies dropped rare items much more frequently, and you earned 7 times the money.

Being the bad ass player I was, Legendary mode was no sweat. In fact, it was easier than normal modes for me. I poured more than 900 hours into this game. I could speed run it blindfolded. In fact, I have a video on the internet of me doing just that. In America, I went to team tournaments and I was even part of Team Dream Factory, which is a professional gaming team.

Now, about the DLC. There were 6 DLCs released in America. The DLC added more areas to the game as well as a entirely new campaign for each. On top of that, Each DLC raised the level cap to some extent. The standard vanilla game had a level cap of 50. The first through fifth DLC raised the level cap by 5 each, making the max 75. Then, the sixth DLC was released. "No Man's War". This was by far the hardest DLC in the game. This raised the level cap by 25. The DLC was insane. It made every DLC before it look like child's play. Even I had a hard time beating it. Granted I was on Legendary mode, but the point still stands. They all added new weapons, new quests, new customization options, and new locations, as I have stated before. And that's how the DLC worked for the most part.

Now that all those explanations are done with, let's get this little story under way, shall we?