Hello! This is a little short I've written using my character from Hemner's (previously A Change of Race) Mrs. Elizabeth Hemner herself! And some random nameless guy why is coincidentally the narrator haha. In this Mrs. Hemner is only fifteen.

Warning: small omorashi scene ahead. But mostly, delicious sex. ;)

My teeth grit, pride pumping heavily in my chest as I step toward my sister, who is sitting on a subway bench, settled deep in the embrace of a girl with red hair and blue nail polish. As my eyes rivet to the scene with fierce anger, those nails sweep back my sister's curls, the girl's mouth pressing into her lips like she owns them. I take another step forward, and grab my sister's shoulder, tearing her away from the bitch who coerced her into doing tongue Olympics with a lipsticked mouth. Whose lipstick is that? My head pounds with rage. Their mouths, swollen, dark, with that same color of pink smeared across them. What kind of kids wear lipstick?

"Hey!" I shout, and the other girl looks up to me, brows quirking curiously.

"Problem?" she asks, before brushing my hand off my sister's shoulders and going in for another kiss. My sister's smarter than that though, and pulls back, face flushed.


"Eliza?!" I bark. My sister flinches, pulling out of the girl's arms.

"…this is my brother."

"Ah." The girl slides a quick hand over my sister's thigh and gazes up to me, her beautifully-formed face striking me immediately. I grimace, and the girl tilts her head, clever eyes narrowing as she smiles up at me. How can a fifteen-year-old girl sitting at least three feet below me be so properly condescending?

"Ah?" I spit. "That's all you have to say, you little whore?!"

She laughs lightly to herself, placing her hands in her lap. Her hazel eyes are fantastic, her perfectly formed brows even more so, almost because of the direct intention behind them, but I ignore this. My sister eyes me in warning, but I can't let this stop me now. I stare her down.

"So tell me," she finally responds, left side of her lips quirked with laughter. "Should I call the police, or should we just wait for them to come?"

My teeth grit, but my eyes flick around anxiously, catching the frozen figures around me, those nearby almost cupping hands around their ears as they watch the exchange. Irate, I step back, lowering my glare to the yellow-chalked pathway.

"Get away from my sister," I murmur, folding my arms.

"Make me."

My eyes flash, and it takes all my self-control to keep from slapping her across the mouth. "I…let go of her now." Out of my peripheral, I watch the girl defiantly place an arm around my sister's shoulders and tug her in closer. "Now."

"Fine. I'll give you a chance."

At that I look back to the girl, expression tight with disgust. "Excuse me? That's not how you talk to your elders."

"And this isn't how you talk to poor defenseless girls, is it?" she asks me, smiling playfully and then takes in a deep breath, before opening her mouth as if to scream.

"No!" I hiss, almost shutting that pink mouth for her. "Okay," I allow, brows driving low over my eyes. "What do you want?"

"Beat me," she challenges, before extending her hand and sending a shot of magic up through my knuckles. I bite down on my lip, insulted by her attempts to even try her energy against mine.

"I'm at least five years older than you. Of course I'll win."

She tilts her head, sends another bolt of magic through me, and I flinch. "Really?"

I growl low in my throat. "I have years on you, little witch. I will. Easily."

She nods. "Yes, but the will. I don't believe you have that."

My eyes light. "And you're so sure," I hiss, but the doubt is already entering my tone, something I'm helplessly pushing away, like I don't believe it exists. I turn my face to the side, huff out a breath and clench my knuckles, before turning back to her. "Give it to me."

Her smile unfolds gracefully, slyly, anticipation in her expression. She stands up, her body held with buoyant confidence as she lifts her arms at her sides, elbows bent, forming an unfinished circle, the gap forming around my shoulders, slowly closing, before making contact.

I gasp, almost collapsing, almost grabbing her for support, both dire mistakes I barely keep myself from committing as the full swells of her magic enter my body from her palms and gently curled fingertips.

"Stop!" my sister shouts. My head throbs.

"Y-you—" I gasp.

"Well?" she asks me, arching her brows in challenge. "Why aren't you winning?"

I bite the inside of my cheek and concentrate with all my might, pushing back at her magic with mine, but as much as I hate to admit it, it's a cup of water against a roaring fire. Her power floods me, rippling under my skin, bursting my veins and seizing my heart. It dips downward, perfectly controlled like a fish pulled by a string, travelling right into my—


I gasp as urine soaks the front of my jeans, leaking down my pants leg against my control. My face flushes hotly, and clamping my teeth together, I grab her wrists and throw her hands off me with a yelp, but not before I've thoroughly soaked myself in piss and humiliation. Slapping my hands over the front of my pants, I look over to my sister, who is staring at me in disbelief. Grimacing in embarrassment, I duck into an alley and run home.

I refuse to go down to the table that night, out of fear of facing my sister. I've already discretely washed my pants in the sink, too horrified at the possibility of my older brother finding out what happened. Luckily my sister doesn't usually talk about people behind their backs, and I'm praying she will remain silent about this to our brother as well.

I bite my lip. How could a kid do that? That wasn't only unnatural power for a fifteen year old, it was plain unnatural. Not even my brother has magic like that, and he's thirty-two with a major in remote levitation. My eyes travel to my pants at the top of my laundry basket, covered in an inordinate amount of soap and water. Her magic in me, tearing through me, and then she just somehow shoved it in my cock, and…and for a moment, before I realized what was happening, peeing my pants felt so good

My eyes go wide. I drop my gaze down to my solid cock, already making a wet spot at the front of my underwear. I bite my lip again, holding my hands aloft, conflicted, before tentatively lowering one finger over the top and slowly brushing it over the tip. I groan, my erection thickening further. Those eyes, those clever eyes, and that smirk as she threw her magic at me, forced me to piss myself in public.

I moan urgently, hand wrapping around my dick inside my underpants and pumping as I try to get back the same sensation as before, fluid leaking from the head of my penis. She was so strong, and I was so helpless, fuck. Her small hands on my shoulders, so tiny yet so powerful, so confident, so…entitled. I don't know what comes over me, but it is the most natural thing as I fold my heels beneath me, getting on my knees and bending over so my face is in the comforter and my ass is in the air. I move my hips in an exaggerated way, moaning as my cock thrusts in and out of my fist, tip butting against the mattress with each stroke. It feels so good, I soon forget my hand altogether and just start emphatically humping my bed, tangling my dick in the blanket and melting into the sensation of something else handling my dick. Someone else. I imagine her sitting behind me, hand sliding between my legs and playing roughly with my balls, my shaft, forceful hands driving me into submission. Blushing and desperately trying to ignore why this is making warning signs in my rational mind, I grind harder against my bed, finally cumming with my legs spread out at either side and my underwear tugged down my ass so it's half bare. I shudder, just imagining how slutty I must look like this, shirt hiked up over my shoulder blades, sheets disheveled around my panting body, my dick buried in my blankets and the crotch of my underwear. Whimpering, I milk my orgasm, stroking myself in slow, lustful motions against the bedspread before at last un-tensing my muscles and lying in my cooling ejaculate as my cock softens.

It's only after a few minutes that horror takes over me.

I'm sitting in the living room, investing my magic into a steel bowl of water placed on the dining room table. The water bubbles and heats almost instantly, and I smile.

"You're getting better at that," my brother notes, and I turn to look up to him from my office chair.

"It only takes me a couple minutes to heat up a whole bathtub-full," I brag, letting the water boil effortlessly as I talk to him. "My professor says with my power I might even be able to get a swimming pool or a small pond in that much time."

My brother nods. "Which is why you need to study more." He gestures towards the empty cup beside me that used to have milk in it, and it lifts in the air, following him to the kitchen. I roll my eyes and return to my water, watching it turn to vapor before I lose control of it and it disappears into the air formlessly. I hiss in irritation.

It's at that moment that the front door opens, and I roll back into my chair, casually craning my head back to see my sister come through. "Hey," I say as she kicks off her shoes, my eyes narrowing when she doesn't pay me any attention. "Where were you? School ended an hour—"

I freeze as a girl with familiar red hair follows up behind my sister, grinning as she slips out of her small heels. She's wearing a white summer dress that stops at her knees, and is probably nowhere near as pale as my face goes when distinct hazel eyes lift to mine. She smiles wickedly, before slipping out of her sweater and hanging it up into the closet. Hastily I look away. My sister, regarding me nervously, skips past me, right to our brother in the adjacent kitchen.

"This is Eliza, my friend from school I told you about," she tells him, and he nods. "We're just going to go watch TV in the room, so we'll be there—" My teeth grit as she gives a nervous, telling pause my ignorant brother doesn't pick up on, before showing the little witch to her room down the hall.

I take in a steep breath, a hot blush moving through my cheeks, and an unhelpful stirring activating between my legs. It's been a couple weeks since the…incident…and much as I expected, my sister hadn't spoken a word of it, only tiptoeing around me with more reservation than usual. But I…I… Feeling nauseous arousal moving through my body, I get up from my chair quickly, and, step past my brother, slamming myself into my own room before releasing a pent-up moan of fear.

…I haven't been able to help myself.

My cock strains tightly in my pants, and I look to the left in paranoia at the wall that separates me from her, as if she might someone look over and see through it, see me wallowing in so much shame and desire it's all I can do to hobble over to my computer and switch on tactfully loud music, turning up the volume slightly. As soon as this is done, my fingers almost rush of their own accord to free me of jeans button and zipper, my erection springing forward in the still-tight space as I open the front of my pants. I groan as I, rather than pulling them right down with my underwear, hold the waistband of my pants with both hands and grind against the coarse front of my jeans, panting as I trip over to my bed and continue doing this, only against the mattress. For some reason, since that encounter, something about the anticipation, the tightness, the inability to experience real relief is so much better than just pulling it out and grabbing a handful of lotion. Planting my elbows on the bed, I grab a pillow in both arms and bury my face in it as I make friction with my sheets, which are all tangled since I haven't bothered fixing them much. My mind sinks into haze as I think about how she's there, just one wall away, and how if she were watching, she would smirk and tsk derisively, maybe even laugh at me. I groan and move further into the realm of impossibility, thinking about how she would grab my shoulder and whip me around, getting a startled look out of my eyes as she sneers at me and asks, Want to show me what you're hiding there? I throw the pillow over my peeking erection and blush hotly, whimpering as I hopelessly continue rubbing myself off against the pillowcase. "No," I beg aloud, heightening my voice so it sounds pathetic and girlish. "No please, don't look…"

It is only when the door gives that particularly loud squeak it only makes when being shut that I look up through the haze of lust and pound of music.

I instantly give a shout of alarm, repositioning the pillow so I'm fully covered and scrambling to pull the blanket over myself. But then she, true to fantasy, starts laughing, and I flounder further as my face heats and my cock jumps. My eyes snap up to her, brows tight with desperation and anger.

"Get out!" I shout, but quiet enough that my sister won't be able to hear it over the music. Eliza has a hand over her mouth, brows arched in humorous disbelief.

"Wooow," is all she says. "So I guess you don't hate me that much after all."

"This isn't for you!" I snap, before realizing my mistake. "This…isn't anything!" I protest, throwing the blanket over my lap. Subtly I attempt to do up my jeans under the comforter, but for the life of me I can't get the damned zipper up even a centimeter. She takes one curious step, not quite forward, but to the side, and I follow her anxiously with my eyes. "Get out!" I demand again, though my words grow weaker as she continues appraising me with that mocking look in her eyes. I feel even nakeder than naked. She's created a secret in me, and now she's digging it back out with her bare hands.

Softly, helplessly, I let out a soft moan, and throw back the blanket. "Okay, so I want you," I admit rashly, tossing the pillow too so she's faced with my erection pushing just barely out of my underwear, beaded with wetness that only builds the more nervous I get. The girl's face registers with shock, before she quickly covers it.

"Interesting." Her arms fold against her chest.

"You…you did something to me, and I can't stop thinking about it…" I gasp, not realizing until now how much I've needed to confess this. "No matter what I do…"

This time, the little witch's face turns to utter confusion, and stays that way. "I made you pee your pants," she says, nonplussed.

"Yes!" I cry, burying my fingers in the sheets at the edge of my bed like they're a barrier and this is the closest I can get to the girl that's been haunting my wet dreams. "You…" My tongue slips out to wet my lips. "…made me."

This doesn't seem to answer the questions in the girl's eyes, and I don't have the words to explain it, or even the ability, as humiliation pushes through me strongly, reddening my face and reminding me of the pride I am currently forfeiting.

But then those perfect brows curve with cunning, those eyes light up, and despite a small edge of uncertainty that is still worked into her expression, she says, "So you like that I am…stronger than you?" My face flushes deeper, and the spark in her eye only brightens, her mouth tipping up into a pleased smile.

"I…" I begin, my ego fighting strongly with the need that aches through me. My shoulders tense, and I turn my face away. "Something is wrong with me…"

She takes two insolent steps forward. "This really is interesting. I've never had anyone tell me that before. They're always mad. Or jealous."

"Shouldn't you get back to my sister?" I voice quietly, feeling the weight of an imminently dangerous situation on my shoulders, my self-restraint about as collected as my raging hard-on.

She takes another step. "I'll make an excuse." Then, impertinently confident, she reaches out a small hand and lifts my chin. "So," she says, grinning headily. "You want to make out?"

My eyes go wide, and before I've properly gauged the intensity of my actions, I have her tugged down into my lap, my mouth ravaging hers hungrily as I hike her dress up around her thighs. She gasps in surprise, but I've let the cap off a bottle of compressed air, and I'm gripping her ass and thrusting between her bare legs, against her panties that I'm wetting with an unprecedented amount of pre-cum.

Until she slaps me.

Her palm cracks against the side of my face with a strong enough bolt of magic to bring me to my senses and more. Her eyes are stormy, her brows low as she pushes her newly-mussed red curls out of her face. "Calm…down," she commands, pushing at my chest, and with a cry I fall back on the bed.

"I'm sorry," I beg, feeling like an admonished puppy, which only makes me harder. I groan at her delicious weight on top of my erection and yearn for friction, barely stopping myself. "Please," I say. "Do something."

Her eyes flicker warily over my face, but noting that I am properly subdued, she tentatively lowers her hand over my crotch and strokes across my covered length. I immediately respond by pressing up into her, but she has scooted back on my legs so the only thing I can gain purchase on is that hand. Denying me…denying me. I whimper, and, intrigue returning to her face, she pushes on my cock harder, bringing a cry from my lips. "Hush," she reprimands me, and just for the hell of it too, because there's no way anyone can hear me over this music. Still, I slap a white-knuckled hand over my mouth and sputter incoherently against my fingers as she continues rubbing over my cock. I've had sex with enough girls, but somehow even this is better than all the barebacked fucking combined. Just a fifteen-year-old's hands stroking me in my pants and I'm gasping for breath.

She stops just as I'm sure I'm about to cum. But before I start complaining the only way I can in this situation—by whimpering—curious fingers slip into my underwear and pull out my throbbing dick, almost-shaking hands working to tug down my pants until I realize I have to help her, and lift up my ass so she can bring them down enough to reveal my balls.

"Wow," is her only word for a moment, then, "Well, it's kind of…different than I expected."

My eyes go wide, and my breathing stills. Of course. She's never seen a dick before. She's only a kid. And is it really right that the first one she sees belongs to some strange twenty-year-old with a newfound fetish? I exhale nervously, before I do the only thing that seems logical and gently take her hand, placing it against my erection, which has shrunk to some degree out of guilt. "It's not scary," I assure her, and she snaps a quick "I know that," but goes along with it anyway, exploring slowly over the tight, veined skin.

Which doesn't really leave me completely unaffected, despite my conflicting emotions. Her fingers still in surprise as more blood rushes into my dick, swelling it further. "That's normal," I tell her, receiving the same snippy answer as before. Giving up on helping her any further, I drop my head back against the bed and let her hand move by itself. Slowly she grows more confident, and when she abruptly takes the base of my cock in her fist and lifts it up straight for further inspection, I about lose my breath. "Oh," I gasp, squirming as she places a thumb against my weeping tip and then pulls her finger back to eye the glistening string of pre-cum. I gaze helplessly into her narrowed eyes, watch her grin as she puts the thumb to her tongue. I really lose my breath then, and only regain it to stutter out. "Y-You're so…mmm."

"I thought you'd like that," she says, lifting her chin proudly. I nod hastily, before hesitantly reaching out to her hips.


She eyes me for a second, before taking her hand off my cock and slapping the side of my face again. "Not till I say," she chides me.

The heat flares up in my cheek, the bare sting of pain zipping right to my crotch. "Unn…yes…yes m'am."

"Good boy," she praises me, rolling the words around on her tongue like she's trying them out for the first time. The amateurism does nothing to stop it from surging through me, however, and I buck my hips with a sharp exhalation.

"Yes m'am," I say again, my erection so hard it hurts. "Can I please have—could you please…" I stare longingly at her hand as it moves slowly, experimentally over my cock, then reach out my own and put it on hers, tugging her little fist up and down the way I like it. "Like that?"

She glares at me a moment, pulling the blood right from my face as I snap my hand immediately away. However, she just keeps doing it anyway, and it's not too long before I'm clutching one of my pillows and digging the fingers of my other hand into the destroyed sheets. "Yes," I pant, thrusting lightly into the circle of her hand. "Yes yes yes please, please m'am make me cummmm—" Her free hand slams over my mouth, so sharp it smarts, her eyes sharp, chastising. I apologize against her hand, writhing recklessly beneath her as her fist pounds around me tighter and faster, and even though I would usually grab lube at this point if I were alone, the extra friction is only bringing me closer to climax.

With a last few vicious tugs, my orgasm ripples through me, not just my cock, but my whole body, churning my words into babbling madness as spurts of cum shoot out of my cock. She makes as if to let go, but I grab her hand and bring myself all the way through the cascading orgasm, my last spurts painting her knuckles. As I come down, she wipes the thick cream off onto the sheet. My chest is covered in a sheen of sweat, and I'm all but crying from the intensity of what I've just experienced.

"That was good, right." It isn't even a real question, but a command, and shakily I curl around my pillow, barely able to get out the required "yes…" My eyes travel up to hers, watching the storm swirl in them that isn't angry, just…tumultuous. She still has her sweet little body perched on my thighs, and, noting the wet press of her covered pussy against my bare leg, I gently ask,

"Do you want me to return the favor?"

Her eyes flash with lightning, and I realize a second too late that this is all new territory for her. Lying quietly against the pillow to show I mean no harm, I shyly reach out to brush her knee with my fingertips. "I can make you feel good?"

"How," she snaps.

"However, you want…" I hesitate, but it can't be over, right? "…m'am."

Her flighty expression warms at that, but she's still rigid with nervousness. "Well…what do you think…" She turns her eyes down only a second before facing me again. "…that I would want?"

I sigh out, lust mixing with my breath. I situate myself so what I want will be easier, before gesturing for her to come forward. "You think you could sit on my face?"

Her eyes go wide, and a scant blush passes over her cheeks. "Sit on your face?" she reiterates, her voice clear and firm despite her obvious anxiety. "I don't know."

"It'll be amazing," I promise, gesturing again. "Come on. I'll be slow."

She looks to me skeptically, but gets up on her knees anyway, crawling forward until she's on my chest. I groan as her wet crotch presses hot through my shirt. She gets up immediately, but I drag her thighs back down, assuring her it's not her weight. "You're small," I say, "You can't crush me, I promise."

She grumbles a little, but settles back down. When I realize she's not comfortable moving any closer on her own, I reach towards her skirt and hike it up, slipping a thumb into her panties. I stroke around the wetness there, kissing the insides of her thighs as her breathing hikes exponentially. "You're so sexy," I say, my other hand stroking from her knee to the part of her thigh that's just barely glistening with curls of red pubic hair. "I can barely help myself…" As my thumb drops lower, steering carefully away from her clit for now, she gasps, hands dropping to either side of my head. Quiet moans start pouring from her mouth, the soft wet sound it makes when I part her labia just as unbearable.

"This…" the little witch says, one hand twisting up in my hair. "This is really…"

I crane my neck and kiss the top of her pubic hair, bringing a startled sound from her. "What are you—"

"M'am, Mistress, Miss Eliza, I want to make you feel so good—please, please take off your underwear, let me…" Shaky legs lift to do just that, and I have to catch her by the waist when she's done to keep her from losing her balance and falling over. She sits back on my chest, this time the bare slick of her vagina resting there, so…succulent, so delicious, so perfect. I reach down and stroke a single finger from her tiny, puckered entrance to just before the base of her clit, bringing a whimper from her mouth. I bring my neck up and kiss her again as I rub my finger between her labia, tugging on one every now and then. But I want to do that with my mouth. I want to service her, want her to grab my hair and bear down on my tongue, want her to make it hard for me to breath. "Come here," I breathe, gripping either side of her small, pert butt. I drag her forward, and resisting me only slightly, she gets on her knees above my mouth, her thick, sweet aroma sending my cock right back up to attention. Sticking my tongue out as far as it will go, I give her a light, first stroke across her closed labia, licking up the honey that has dripped through.

She almost falls again, but I catch her, simply breathing hot against her until she regains herself. Then I curve a hand between her legs, the other on her hip just in case, and part her pussy lips again to blow a gentle breath against her little hole. She rocks forward, stayed by my grip, as I push my face up and catch my teeth at one of her labia. Her trembling legs barely keep her upright as I continue, and, cautiously, I tell her, "Baby, just sit down. You can't hurt me." When she only continues trembling, I guide her onto my tongue, her quick yelp of pleasure jolting up my dick. Stroking up the little ridge between her lips, I circle her clit, closer than before but not quite touching it. Her body is already shaking with impending orgasm, but I'm thinking, a virgin like this… I've never had one before, but I can probably make her cum a lot. So much sensitivity, like my tongue is soaked in aphrodisiac. Just edging around her clit, I can feel it throb, swollen and needy.

"Uhh," she moans. "I…I think that…"

I murmur approvingly from underneath her, slipping my tongue just against the base of her clit, and her body shudders as a swell of liquid coats my mouth. I don't let her go at that, however, but squeeze her thigh and start working at her clit, pushing at it carefully at first, and then firmly, before I am rapidly flicking my tongue against it in time with her urgent cries. "Oh god. Oh god. I…ah…ah…ahhh!" She wets my mouth again, her sticky juices mind-blowingly delicious. Unable to resist, I slip the tip of my tongue into her entrance. She grabs my hair, and yes, grinds down harder on my mouth, urging me for more. Just by stroking around the entrance of her hole, I get her off once more in less than a minute, her exhausted body shivering with aftershock and relief. I roll over, bringing her down so we're both on our sides, looking into each other's eyes. She is frozen, her fingers still curled in my hair almost painfully. I lick my lips, and lean forward to kiss her lightly.

"That was…unbelievable," I tell her, my body all shivers too. She nods.

"I don't…I don't know," she admits, flushing. "I've never done anything like that before."

"Did you like it?" I ask, concerned.

"I…think so. I just need to breathe." This time it's my turn to nod, and I put a comforting arm around her. Her eyes turn fiery as her hair, but she doesn't push me away, only settles in closer. Her breath is warm against my chest.

"So…" I begin, trying to distract from the tension in the air. "Do you like my sister?" I scowl at my own choice of subject, but she answers anyway as if I haven't committed a pillow-talk faux pas.

"She's good at kissing, yes."

"You only like people who are good at kissing?"

"It doesn't matter how fun someone is if they're not good at kissing."

I pause, taken off guard. "So…am I good at kissing?"

Her breathing stills, and then, with a long exhalation, she answers, "Yes."

I smile despite myself and press my lips into her flaming hair.

"But not so good at being discreet."

"Huh?" I ask, confused. The girl points to the wall.

"We could hear everything. I told your sister I was going to check up on you. She tried to stop me, but…" the little witch shrugs.

My eyes go wide. "But…but the music…"

"Didn't help." The little witch's brows lift. "I tried to tell you to be quiet."

My face pales in horror. "B-but that means…"

The girl sighs and sits up, patting my chest. I blink. "Well, I better get back to her, before she gets jealous."

"But—wait!" I grab her slim wrist and tug her back against me, brows tensing worriedly. "You'll…we'll…do this…again?"

She smirks, and presses her lips quickly against mine. "You're interesting," she says as she lifts off me. Then her eyes travel down to my spent cock and she strokes a single fingernail over it. Leaving me severely flustered, she gets up, rearranging her dress and finding her underwear where it's crushed up into a ball on the bed. She slips them on delicately, her eyes staying to her task, until she starts messing with her hair, setting the curls back in place. As her fingers tug through her thick red hair, hazel eyes look down on me, and her lips part.

"We'll do this again," she states in a decisive, clear voice, before turning around and walking out my door. I barely have the energy to sigh and turn up my music as it shuts behind her.

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