Hey! I'm Lana, not Llama and not lana backwards. And because Alfie is Alfie, she has encouraged (made) me write a pillow book...peer pressure at its finest. Which is funny, as most teenagers feel pressured to rebel and and then there's us, pressured to write. Clearly, we're very cool.

Based on that, you can probably guess I'm a teenager, sixteen years old, and living on Earth, the Milkway. That was totally unnecessary to say, I apologise, I'd delete it, but I'm slightly to lazy for that. It's a struggle.

Moving on, this is supposed to be an "introduction" but I don't know how much can say, I mean how many online stalkers are actual stalkers? I will tell you that Lana is not my actual name and that Alfie (aka Astrid) randomly thought of it whilst writing her own pillow book. My GCSE exams have started, I've done a ten hour art exam and tomorrow, I will start a six hour product design exam- fun! I'm way to awkward for my own good and slightly addicted to chocolate and enjoy laughing at my friends moments of failure.

That is all.

Also, Alfie thought of the name for this, I like it, go her! I've also talked about her slightly too much now, so I'll casually discuss her cousin, Cas, she had an exam today. Let's hope it went well.