Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a scorching hot summer morning and I had called up one of my best buds two days ago to see if she could come over and see my new horse, Patsy. She was bringing her horse, Maiden, and would be staying for two weeks.

          Oh, I'm sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Megan. I am 16 and love horses more than almost anything in the world except for maybe Ty Hans. I have liked Ty Hans since… who knows how long. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I love him so much. He is 17 and a cowboy. He loves bull riding and horses. I go weak at the knees whenever I see him. We have been dating two years.

          Lost in my train of thought, I came back to the real world as I heard the cracking of gravel. It was Amanda. She was here. Her dad was so cool! He is in the Air Force. He is stationed in Korea and is home for a short break. I feel bad for Amanda because she doesn't get to see him as much as she would like to.

          I ran to the door and grabbed my boots. I was so happy. I had not seen her in about two months since we live in two different towns. I ran down and hugged her.

          "How's Maiden?" I asked. She had just got over a bad case of Colic and I guess has been doing better.

          "Oh, she's great. It was a real speedy recovery."

          "I'm glad. Come see Patsy!" I told her. I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy.

          "Patsy!" I called as I leaned on the gate and shouted. "Patsy!"

          Sure enough here came that wonderful bundle of joy trotting up to me as happy as ever.

          "Oh, Megan. She's beautiful!" She told me like it was her new horse.

          "I know. I love her."

          "Let's saddle 'em up!" She jumped at the excitement of the thought.


          I ran to the barn and grabbed the lead rope and halter. I patted Patsy on her big, strong, powerful neck as I slipped the halter on. I clicked with my tongue to call her. We walked up to the barn and I put her blankets, saddle, and bridle on her.

          As I took her to the arena where Amanda was already waiting I saw Jimmy Brown, the biggest jerk within 75 miles of here.

          "Well, Howdy Megan!" He said imitating the way I talk.

          "Well, Howdy Jimmy!" I said copying the idiotic way that he was speaking. I thought to myself, "I don't sound like that. He sounds like a dieing cat!"

          You see, Jimmy was a big time city boy, or should I say city wimp, and he jumped at the sight of a dead snail. I don't have the slightest clue on earth as to why he lived in the country, but hey, it's not my problem anyway.

          "Nice cow, Megan. Is it new?" he said rudely.

          "Well, first of all Jimmy, this is a horse and saddle and you ride on them."

          "So what 'cha gonna do with your new cow? Grind it for dog food or use it for glue?" He asked with a tone that's asking for trouble.

          "Jimmy you better shut the …" All of a sudden Jimmy was on the ground and I saw that Ty (the town hottie) was next to him. He grabbed the Jimmy's shirt and pulled him up.

          "I wish you wouldn't talk to that fine little lady like that. Are you askin' for trouble?"

          "I…I…" Jimmy stuttered, "No!"

          "Good. Now get the hell out of here!" He yelled.

          Jimmy could hardly get away fast enough.

          "Hey Megan!" he said, "Sorry I had to greet you like that. He just really ticks me off. That's a fine horse you got there. What's her name?"

          "Oh, thanks. She is new. Her name is Patsy. She is a sweetie." I told him as I patted her neck. "Amanda and I are about to practice some barrels. Want to watch?"

          "Gee, I'm real sorry. I can't. I'll take a rain check though. I came over here to ask you something."

          "Go ahead." I smiled.

          "Well, I was wondering if you'd like to be my date for the Rodeo and Festival. You're gonna be in it, right? I sure have enjoyed going with you the last couple of years."

          "I'd love to go with you and yes I am going to barrel race with Patsy the big night."

          "Great." He handed me a note. It said: "Call me and we can talk more, with privacy. Love ya, Ty."

          "See ya'll later!"He said as he tipped his hat. I know he was slightly embarrassed even thought we had dated forever. He is real sweet guy.

          "Lucky. I wish Terry liked me like that." Amanda said as I watched him go.