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Oh gods, I can't even believe I'm doing this. XP

Why on earth am I taking the original staff and making them become bladers? IDK. You tell me.

New Horizons is a Computer Learning School located in North Florida to where I live. There, I just decided to take my favourite Instructors (yes, they are real people but I modeled them as my own characters) and make them become bladers. All Beyblades are fan made and they are made by me. If you're still confused, please refer to my story "MFB Infiltrates New Horizons" in my profile.

As said in the summary, I suffered writer's block for "MFB Infiltrates New Horizons" and came up with this. Please don't tell me why but I just felt like making the original instructors own fan made beyblades and get thrown into a pit that turned out to be a dangerous Yaoi situation. Yes, hurrah with all the M/M fluff out there. But this is my first "Die Hard Yaoi" fic I have ever written. (Actually NOT, but maybe.)

Enjoy. xP

(Okay, you don't know the original staff, right? Well, the list is already written in my profile but I'll write it here just for your sake.)

Team New Horizons:

Wesley Bryan- age 34

Appearance: tall, chubby (only for that lump above the waist line), spiky dark grey hair, striking sapphire blue eyes, gold framed glasses, neatly short trimmed gray beard, tribal tattoos on wrists and back of neck, simple gray cotton collared shirt with a rooster crowing on the globe of the NH logo, light brown cotton pants with rooster's head on the black belt buckle. Black loafers with rounded sole. Likes being happy, friendly and kind, Starbucks Coffee, Diet Pepsi in a bottle, hanging around/battling with Chris, teaching IT plus collaborations with Chris, playing MAME on his Kindle (mostly Mortal Kombat) and joking around like Chris. Dislikes Falco276 having a crush on him, Da Xiang teaching him to live healthy, his Galaxy S3 smartphone refusing to shut up, taking re-takes to get certified in IT again, and finally losing strongly and horribly in a Beyblade Battle.

Beyblade: Storm Roostera W105 R2F/ Cosmic Barracuda CW (Claw Wing)105 F:D (Final Drive)

Christopher "Chris" Rimmer- age 27

Appearance: a little shorter than Wes but at a suitable height. Slim, fit, short black hair trimmed straight, dark brown eyes, simple black collared shirt with a howling wolf on top of the globe of the NH logo. Black cotton pants with a fierce wolf's head on the black belt buckle. Black rounded loafers. Likes to joke around, be serious in blading and in IT, Starbucks Coffee, Diet Coke out of a bottle, and finally love anything that is Wolf.

Beyblade: Fang Sabrewolf HC (Howling Claw)145 WB (Wide Ball)

Jerimiah Kilgore- age 35

Appearance: almost same height as Chris, fit, short gray hair neatly trimmed straight, stormy blue/grey eyes, simple golfer's cotton shirt tailored by the company Vulpecula, brown cotton pants with a fox's golden head on the brown belt buckle. Black loafers, sharpened to their very point (almost) and has a habit of smiling everytime. Likes everything that his friends talk about, blading, teaching IT, cats, and take a few swings at the golf course. Dislikes losing in both Beyblade and Golf, forgetting about today's topic in IT, being distracted while teaching, and finally dogs.

Beyblade: Storm Fox UV (Ultra Violet)150 MD (Metal Defense)

Miranda Bryan- age 18

Appearance/Description: Daughter of Wesley Bryan. Mid size, chubby, personal hipster type, fair skin, rosy cheeks, glittery sapphire blue eyes, shiny jet black hair fall loose past the shoulders. Simple black loose shirt sporting a New Age Celtic raven. Average denim blue jeans with black biker boots. Small black diamond piercing stung right on the left side of nose like Melissa. Silver bangs sporting celtic knots and stars on wrists. Perfect white teeth. Likes anything New Age (jewelry, clothes, etc.), being nice to everyone, cats, winning Beybattles, and finally "Celtic GroveĀ® New Stars" chocolate ice cream bars. Dislikes being annoyed by Wes a lot, losing at Beybattles, getting bad grades, the IT stuff at New Horizons, and finally dogs.

Beyblade: Storm Corvus A (Athame)130 NSF (Night Star Fury)

Melissa Mercado- age 25

Appearance: Tall, fair skin, slim fit, long silky brown hair past the shoulders, purple headband sporting the Eagle facebolt logo, dark brown eyes shaped wide with a look of friendliness. Loose and light beige wool cross textured sweater vest with a cotton black shirt underneath. Average blue denim skinny jeans with brown wilderness boots. Small purple diamond piercing stung right on the left side of nose. Silver bangs on wrists. Perfect white teeth. Expert at fixing Beys and troubleshooting servers. Likes friends, Beybattles, teaching IT, being friendly, Sunkist Orange Soda, having a crush on Wes, and being helpful to her teammates in an odd situation by giving helpful advice. Dislikes scary insects, anything that is red or looks red, being annoyed by others (especially by Chris or Wes), her mother's red cherry pudding (Chris: yum), and finally, being beaten at a Beyblade battle by someone at a higher level than her.

Beyblade: Freedom Eagle V:W (Victory Wave)

Team City College:

Raiden Kaishatu- age 25

Appearance/Description: Similar to Da Xiang but bigger and stronger. Used to be a normal City College student under the name of "Chu-Shen Wong" but then receiving Drakos from a mysterious being while walking home from the College made him change his name into a sinister villain and seek revenge against New Horizons and most importantly destroy the connection between Wesley and his Barracuda.

Beyblade: Thunder Drakos B(Binary)1:0 F:S (Final Survive)

James L. Howard- age 38

Appearance/Description: tall, bald, incredibly smart man with a taste of overthrowing NH down the ranks. Originally the founder of City College, James then hires Raiden to team up with the rest of the brave students and try to overthrow Team New Horizons and demolish the computer learning center with their Beyblades.

Beyblade: Fang Wolf DF(Down Force)145 FS (Flat Spike)

Suzanne "Zayna" Morrison Williams- age 26

Appearance/Description: Another City College student skilled at Blading and art design. The Blue Ocean waves she creates on her paint board correlates with the striking smooth curve attacks from Orcario. She has the habit of being charismatic and funny but has a serious and brave role whenever it comes to blading.

Beyblade: Starlight Orcario FS (Flipper Slash)125 KS (Killer Strike)

Esther Fike- age 23

Apperance: Stunning straight brown hair and lovely babyish face. Has a bright interest in blading and studying in the business trade. Melissa begged Esther to come join New Horizons but the only beg from James who denied the idea only got her training more into City College. Thus as secret friends, Esther perceives to realize that City College might not be for her and hopes to sneak out to join New Horizons without both James's and Raiden's knowledge. She believes to her very heart that Blading builds up friendship and true inspiring victory.

Beyblade: Flash Mirago SS (Speed Strike)105 LF (Lightning Foot)

Team St. Leo University:

Leon Hart- age 20

Appearance: long brown hair combed into spikes slanting forward and to the sides. Wears aviator jacket with brown pants ripped off at the ankles and brown shoes. Fierce and determined never to lose against anybody.

Beyblade: Twister Leone (Nicknamed Kuga) UW(Ultra Wind) 145 EWD (Eternal Wide Defense)

Reyna Patterson- age 20

Apperance/Description: Originally born in Brazil, Reyna was first introduced to St. Leo University when a friend told her about it. It was then that she knew that the University was not only 4 years of studying the Amazon but freeing the species of parrots through Beyblading. She now has a full heart of blading and never gives up on winning.

Beyblade: Lightning Macao W105 RSF (Red Sky Fury)

Ian Patterson- age 21

Appearance/Description: Brother of Reyna, Ian also has the heart of saving the Amazon by blading. He will never lose to anyone until he accepts a fair defeat.

Beyblade: Dragonfang Serpent VS (Venom Strike)145 SD (Semi Defense)

More College teams and Universities to be introduced! xD

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