Time for Spring Cleaning for the NH Bladers! XD

Enjoy! XD

"Ow." Wes slowly stirred as his memory was hazy from the last time he collapsed. The good thing was he knew everybody that were glancing hopefully back at him in the infirmary room, but could not tell what happened 5 minutes ago.

"Where am I?" Slowly raising himself up in bed, the Barracuda Blader scratched his head in confusion, those dark grey spikes refusing to flatten.

"Why, dad. You're in the infirmary!" Miranda helpfully answered.

"Infi- what?" repeated Wes confusingly.

"Ignore your father." Melissa whispered towards her ear, "He just thinks he's in a new world."

"Ah!" Dramatically pointing at Melissa, Wes brightened up, "I heard that!"

"Congratulations Mr. Rooster, for it's time for Spring Cleaning and I saw your Journey's a mess."

"Is it your car? I think not!" Wes sarcastically replied while crossing his arms, "Those empty diet Pepsi bottles in my storage trunk are-"

"-Going in the trash." Melissa finished, holding up a black garbage bag and threw it at him. "Take a break from blading and let's go cleaning!"

"Fine." Wes grumbled while the rest of them laughed half halfheartedly and strode outside to the parking lots.

All four doors (plus the back liftgate) were opened by Melissa as Wes stared at the mess. Neither his wife or his kids complained about it (including Miranda) but he wouldn't really see why Melissa would be too concerned about a nice 'clean' CUV.

Same thing said with Chris's Celica.

Sighing, Wes stared at the Sabrewolf blader whistiling happily while vaccuming the floor mats. He wasn't really into having the sense of cleaning his car and that was not part of his "To-Do" list. If this really were his small task ordered by Melissa, he would secretly tip toe out of the cleaning scene and enjoy a battle or two with Miranda.

Day dreaming while holding the bag, Melissa came over and took a peek.

"Wes!" she scolded softly as the rooster maniac snapped his thoughts into reality. "What? Huh?"

"I see that your bag is nothing but air. Fill it in!" Melissa encouraged as she pulled out a pair of pants from the co-driver's side, staring at it unimpressed.

"Uh, those are my pants by the way!" Wes said in a hurry as he snatched the clothing and placed it back where it was.

"You really have a sense of keeping things messy, huh?" Laughing softly, she wanted fall upon his knees in a 'motherly fashion towards her son' "Oh Wes, what am I gonna do with you?"

"I don't know." shrugging in return, he picked up a few pens wedged in between the seating and the center console and started scribbling across his hand to ensure it was still working. A few showed no lines of ink and they were instantly thrown in the bag.

"Doing good." Melissa watched him carefully as he opened the center console to reveal more random junk. Food wrapper got thrown away in the bag. Rusted Penny was lobbed in the bag as Wes found something shiny hidden deep into the corner.

Miraculously, the silver chain and pendant showed no hints of dirt or rust. Gleaming in the sunlight was a Pentacle necklace that belonged to Miranda when she started becoming a New Age maniac at 10 years old.

"Oh my gosh, dad!" Miranda came forward and hugged him with joy, "You finally found it!"

"You do know that this star is the same symbol for the Mesh topology in Networking?"

Miranda rolled her eyes, "Who gives a crap about Networking? You're just the best!"

Wes fake smiled even though that comment made by Miranda stung him deeply in the heart.

"Alright, father and daughter. Continue on your chore." Melissa smiled down at them, causing Miranda to whine.

"We just only started!" she huffed with a complaint.

"Well, Wes has better things to do and what I mean by 'better thing'" glaring hard at the rooster maniac, he nervously smiled and jumped right infront of the back trunk. Opening the door to the storage bin, Melissa stared wide eyed at the sight of so many Pepsi bottles littered here and there. "Better recycle those." she reminded him as the Barracuda Blader pouted and started placing them into the bag.

After about 30 something bottles littered the storage trunk, Melissa ordered Wes to take it out to the blue dumpster.

"Right on it." winked the Barracuda Blader as he hoisted up the bag over his shoulder and casually whistled while walking towards the blue metallic recycling bin.

"Are we done yet?" Chris asked impatiently as he glanced at the 'almost finished' CUV.

"Just a hair or two left." Melissa replied while she double inspected the floor mats.

"Hair?" snorted Wes, finding it riculously silly for her to say that.

"What? It's true." Melissa countered with defense, sounding playful now while smiling.

"Dad, I can't think of a new move for Corvus!" huffed Miranda as she stomped over and looked up at him with blue eyes clouded with sad frustration.

Wes stared at her with a doubtful face, "Any blader can make up a Special Move. Like for my Barracuda for instance. He's a rooster connected with the taste of Celtic naturality and has Celtic knots featured on his Energy Ring, see?" he held out his bey for her to see. "Then how would you think I came up with 'Celtic Summerstorm Fury?'"

Still, this upseted Miranda as she tried her best to think of a new move for her Bey.

Melissa came over with a concerned look, "Hey guys. What's with Miranda all of a sudden?"

"She says she can't think of a new move lately for her Corvus." replied Wes as closed all of the doors (plus the trunk) to his Journey.

"Well, then." Melissa decided, "I'll judge a practice battle between you and Mr. Rooster here. Don't let any of you get sleep outs or stadium outs. There is no winning, Wes."

"Aw man." pouted the Barracuda Blader who suddenly regained his spirits on winning with victory against his daughter.

"All right you two. Take your positions across the stadium and launch your Beys." Melissa directed.

With both of them nodding, they both held up thier launchers, battle ready.

"3,2,1, Let It Rip!" Melissa counted down the signal.

Barracuda faced Corvus and both beys stayed where they were.

"Okay, one of you can either start attacking or chasing around the stadium." Melissa added for thier training. "If Barracuda starts attacking Corvus, then it must be slow smash attacks. Take it one by one."

"But my Bey's meant to be speed only!" Wes wailed in an unfair tone.

"Right, but remember that this is just practice. There is no winning." Melissa smirked as she carefully watched Barracuda chasing Corvus around.

"No winning?" Wes repeated incredously. Stepping forward, he pointed out a command dramatically, "I can win a battle all I want! Go Barracuda!"

The rooster bey immediatly hot swapped tips (from Rubber Hole Flat to Semi Flat) then charged for Corvus counter clockwise.

The raven luckly dodged the on-coming bey as Miranda shrieked, "Dad! What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, it's just a habit of winning, alright?"

"Winning?" Miranda repeated with annoyance, "Melissa just said it was a practice battle! There is no winning! My goal here is to make up a new special move for Corvus and that was the deal!"

Barracuda now switched tips to SF and left the round about. Calmly spinning in the middle, the rooster bey peacefully stood there like a stamina bey while Corvus aimlessly circled the stadium in a slow pace.

"Alright, alright." Wes calmed her down.

"She's right." Melissa added while she stood up and faced him, "It's just a practice battle with your own teammate. Winning is not about victory, but practice is." Watching the current movement of both beys, Melissa was now unimpressed with the practice battle. "Okay! No time to waste! Miranda?"


"In order to make up a special move, you have to know your features connected to your Bey. Corvus is based on the constellation of a raven or a crow. You like New Age stuff, so that must link naturally to a raven right?"

"I'm slowly getting it." Miranda realized as she listened in to the beymechanic more.

"Just like Wes said his connection to Barracuda was Celtic, your connection to Corvus is New Age. Think very carefully about a special move that is related to both your bey and your interest."

Miranda pondered as she watched Corvus circle the stadium. Raven. New Age. Hmmm...

Corvus circled the stadium while Barracuda still stood there, spinning in the middle of the stadium.

"Oh my gosh, dad!" Miranda came forward and hugged him with joy, "You finally found it!"

"You do know that this star is the same symbol for the Mesh topology in Networking?"

Miranda rolled her eyes, "Who gives a crap about Networking? You're just the best!"

Switching eyes from Corvus to Barracuda, her butterfly on her ring almost fluttered towards the sky as the perfect move name struck in her mind.

"Yes! That's it!" Miranda gasped excitedly.

"What?" Wes asked in confusion.

"Go Corvus! To the middle!" Miranda directed as the raven bey left the clockwise circle and headed for Barracuda. Clashing, the rooster bey flinched as it was hit again with a stronger smash attack.

"No way." Wes thought in amazement.

"Go Corvus! Special Move! Five Star Fury!"

Wes and Melissa watched with awe as Corvus's tip released an image of a black rotating Pentacle growing outwards from the center. The ground began to shake and waves of the Raven's call screeched through the air simontainously, giving both Wes and Melissa to cover thier ears in an annoyed fashion of torture.

"Gah! Barracuda!" wailed Wes in warning as the Cockatrice was slowly sucked into the rotating star.

"Any opponent pulled into my special move is forced instantly into a sleep out or possibly a stadium out!" Miranda smirked, liking the sight and feeling of herself winning over her father.

"Barracuda! Get out of there!" screamed Wes as the rooster bey furiously switched to Rubber Hole Flat and moved around in a fired up way to not near the the trap. But it was too late.

Spinning slow motion wise, Corvus knocked Barracuda sky high and landed right next to Wesley's feet. Kneeling down in shock, he accepted the fair defeat. Sighing, he stood up, "Alright, Miranda. You win and congratulations on your new special move."

Miranda came around the stadium and gave her dad a hug with joy, "Oh my god! Thanks so much. You're the best!"

Wes fake smiled as he faced Melissa. The beymechanic smiled with the result, "So at last, you finally confessed not to win in a practice battle but let Miranda win over something that she couldn't do before."

Glancing at his daughter with an unsure expression, Wes hummed in thought, "Right. And I have a feeling that Chris passed on the news to Jeremiah about the registering us in the World Championships."

Walking back to the center, the Barracuda Blader wasn't aware of Corvus spinning right behind him. With Miranda snickering from behind, the Raven Beyblade purposely slammed hard against Wesley's shoe, making him trip and fall over with a painful bump on the scorching concrete.

"Gah, Miranda! What was that for?" Wes winced in surprise as he slowly stood up and stared at the snickering Raven Blader.

"For being helpful." Miranda continued to laugh as her father started to chase her around.

Melissa laugh at the scene and tweaked the blinds shut.

Congrats Miranda on your first move!

Miranda: *blushes pink* Thanks.

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