The Night Prowler

By Shadowgate


John Jenkins has one more job before a 3 week vacation. He had to take care of a rat infestation at an old small business.

He got two co-workers to assist and they loaded up the truck. When they took off they played Weird Al One More Minute.

John thought it was perfect considering the divorce he was going through.

He knew his partner Mark Tate was already at the location. They wanted to ensure a thorough job was done.

Also safety was a concern because considering it was an old building they had to look at the possibility that there were more than rats they'd be dealing with.

It took 30 minutes for them to arrive. When they got there they were shocked to see a small old 3 story building.

When John got out of his truck Mark told him, this building is really suspicious and I don't trust the business owner.

John told him "the business owner's payment went through and what do you mean you're suspicious of this building? It's just old and ugly."

Mark said "The basement is bigger than you think."

John laughed and said "ha ha you think there's hidden treasure?"

Mark said "I'm serious we should be very concerned about our safety."

When they entered the building they were approached by a woman named Thelma Gordon and she told them the business owner Michael Dove was gone for the day. She said she was his secretary and she'd lead them to the basement.

When they got down they checked the corners and under the old desks. They found several droppings and mildew.

Mark said "Goddamn this shit stinks."

John said "no wonder it's infested with rats."

Mark said "look another door."

John said "I got a bad feeling about this now."