The Night Prowler

Chapter 2

By Shadowgate


John said "alright look I brought my two assistants to help ensure this job gets done right and fast. I think if we work together that will be the result."

Mark asked "what are the names of your two assistants?"

The first assistant identified himself as "Phil Carr."

The second assistant identified himself as "Robert Rice."

Phil asked Mark why he was so tense and Mark explained that he and John had not gotten along well in the past.

John said "well look all we're here to do is exterminate rats and there's not going to be a big gold medal for the best exterminator so let's get this job done and we can all go home."

Mark agreed and he said "let's see what's behind door number one."

John marched forward and opened it. They saw it led down to a basement. They walked down the staircase and observed filing cabinets. They looked around for any signs of rodents or rodent droppings. They sprayed all over.

Mark said "everything seems fine down here."

John said "well then we'll write up our report and say we've sprayed this whole basement. We'll advise Mister Dove to have a janitor come down and clean everyday. That's why he had these problems."

John's assistant Robert said "look there's a door with a metal handle in the corner."

The other three men were shocked.

Mark said "what the fuck is this some kind of maze built by fucking clowns?"

John said "I've got a band feeling about this."

Mark said "well John let's just go ahead and open door number 2 and see if we win a prize."

Phil laughed and said "yeah the prize could be something loveable and fluffy."

Everyone except John laughed and John said "ALRIGHT LET'S CUT THE BULLSHIT!"

John told Phil "Phil open the fucking door."

Phil opened the door and a howling monster lashed out and killed him with very large claws.

All three men screamed. They threw down their equipment and ran.

Robert tripped over the equipment and went flying head first into the wall. The monster was able to easily grab him and devour him.

Mark and John ran as fast as they could. As they both struggled up the stairs they heard the monster gaining as well as growling loudly.

The loud growling scared Mark and he turned and pushed John as hard as he could down the stairs and he ran as fast as he could and got out of the building. John was destroyed soon after being pushed down the stairs by his rival exterminator.

Mark got into his truck and drove off. The secretary stood on a hill not far from the building and she said in an evil tone of voice "The Night Prowler had some fun this evening."