I'm in a relationship, 3 years we've been wed

My husband, he beats me,

His name is Ed.

It started out as a short term thing,

but unto my psych-y he began to cling.

He deprives me of food, and makes me sick

He'll upset my mood, my self esteem he prods and sticks.

He tells me I'm ugly, unfit, and fat

Be sick, avoid this, eat this, and not that

I'm getting tired,

My attempts to quit are meager

My body gets thinner while

my heart gets weaker

He's stealing my life,

My scars always show

I'm the battered wife,

and this relationship is low

But today I'm choosing a different lane,

to stop listening to Ed and end my pain

I'm ready to live, to grow, and to see,

I must quit this disorder

before Ed quits me.