I fell in love with the Full Moon the night the Goddess stole my heart. She had eyes like the night sky, shimmering with stars, and Her smile was a honey suckle's kiss. Her mind was constantly wandering, wondering whether or not eternity was worth the words Her heart could pour into the sea. Her hands were gentle as a breeze. Her voice was the singing of birds in the blooming trees.

When Reality fell from the Heavens, waving his hands and pounding his feet; He sent me to Venus who whisked me a vial of faux love to take when I leave. Decades, and centuries, passes by the minute while waiting for her to appear. Little did I know that my fears were already met- They gave me the potion while I was asleep in my bed.

I fell out of love with the Goddess of My Heart, and each night since then has been starless. The Irony was, on the day of that New Moon, a honey suckle garden was blooming just outside of mind and just inside of sight.