May 9, 2015

I ate two eggs, two strips of bacon and a slice of whole wheat bread with a bottle of water for breakfast this morning. Maybe I'm starting to get too predictable with breakfast but I don't really care at this point.

I watched some of the Everton vs. Sunderland and Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace games before I read my library books. I went on the computer and read stories, watched YouTube videos and wrote. I had two slices of pizza and a small cup of macaroni and cheese with a bottle of water for lunch.

Unfortunately, I had to go shopping once again. My mom and I walked to the supermarket and we spent a decent chunk of time in there. For some reason, outside, I wasn't able to receive service despite having been able to before.

My mom made me go back inside to get a greeting card and then I had to go run through an intersection just so that we wouldn't miss the bus. She got a pack of Nestea so the bag was heavy and hard to lift or carry.

I got in later than usual then I had to put everything away. I wasn't really sure if I would be able to sleep so I spent an hour wandering the house, getting ready to change and reading.