March 17, 2017

I didn't think it was very fair to leave you guys with nothing since the chances of me continuing this journal are sadly low. So I'll give you an overview/summary of everything that's happened to me over the past few weeks (plus my feelings on it and maybe a little mini-rant) before I go on to my final entry.

Sayonara, folks.

I got tutoring for my science course. It actually has been pretty good and it's helping me further understand the material. Now only if I could do that with my TI course without feeling like the biggest moron on the planet…

I watched a bunch of soccer and basketball games. Some of them were amazing (Oklahoma St vs. Michigan) while others were cringe-worthy (Manchester United vs. FC Rostov). A few even managed to make me grit my teeth (Nets vs. Hawks). But they were something, nevertheless.

I got sick with a sore throat and cough and also later on, a runny nose. The sore throat eventually went away and the cough has lessened but the runny nose still remains an annoying issue. I'm pretty sure it's a cold and it's the longest cold I've ever had (nineteen days and counting). I treated it with DayQuil and Halls cough drops until those ran out. I also had tissues but my main supply just ran out too.

I had a science midterm a couple of days before spring break. I thought that I did well on it but I won't know for sure. I got most of my homework done pretty quickly, although I still have a short video to record for Italian and a second draft for my second essay for Writing. The video shouldn't be that hard but the essay has not gone so easily. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets torn to shreds during workshops next week.

I ate a plain pancake and a blueberry pancake with margarine, maple syrup, and a bottle of water for breakfast this morning. I read two newspapers and worked on my essay. I also read 1984 and went on the computer. I watched college basketball.

I went back on the computer. I ate two slices of pizza with a bowl of potato chips and a cup of Canada Dry ginger ale for lunch. I also helped make soda bread with raisins. I did more work on my essay.

I got a haircut. I watched the Nets – Celtics game.

I had been watching TV, listening to music, playing games, writing essays, and reading stories. Now I'm writing and reading articles.



There you have it. Nearly two years, seven hundred and fourteen days, six hoodies, nine million yawns later, it is done. The journal's lock has been secured. The saga is done.

I wanted to close it out with a political mini-rant since I've never done that before but I was too tired and restless.