Just a little something I published in the school lit mag this year. Enjoy!

Who are you,


A blurry face in the crowd

as you get swallowed up

by the mixture of faces

around you?

A wannabe model

wearing a mask of makeup

that hides your personality

though layers of color

and fake orange highlights?

A flirt who changes your appearance

to impress someone

who isn't yours to impress?

You're a secret phony.

You tuck your books away,

slipping them into your bag

as your frenemies walk by.

You disguise your eloquent words,

carefully choosing the ones you

hope others won't criticize.

Instead, you keep quiet.

Your story remains unseen,

unnoticed and tucked away.

And you cross your fingers

that nobody will read it.


you're a twelve-year-old girl

in an adult's body,

pretending to be concerned with

what she said about you last week.

In your universe,

you are the sun

and the stars glimmer around you.

But I know that

deep down,

you are not any of those things.

So take off your mask

and wipe off the concealer,

because the only disguise you're hiding behind

is yourself.

You may not know who you are

but I definitely know who you are not.