I was up before the whistle blew laying on my side a top my bed, which was a large rectangular dog bed. I hadn't received anything that could be considered mine yet. I was watching the sun come up through the bars of the window.

I heard my roommate shift in her sleep. We spoke twice. She was twenty-five. She was from Idaho. She had been here two years and she called herself Snowflake. I knew she dared not speak her real name. We should never have spoken at all, but in the absurd quiet of the night hearing another voice felt so oddly comforting. I had for a moment I had forgotten how my own voice sounded even if only at a whisper.

The whistle blew and less than five seconds after there was that sick sound of knees hitting old wood floors. My sore knees hit the floor in perfect unison. This had taken a lot of getting used to. Snowflake told me they would build bruises and burn almost like callous and they would soon stop hurting, I feared she might be right.

"Rise and Shine my pets!" Madam Via called.

The door opened only seconds after. We lined up in front of our doorway. Sitting up on our knees hands either planted on the ground or up in the air in a begging position. I watched a few of the "dogs" and even one cat (in a more refined manner of course) do this and couldn't quite understand it. But as the Madam passed the line and patted a few of they're heads I knew it was all about obedience and gaining favoritism.

"Report to breakfast. Lessons begin at 7 sharp." She descended the stairs. Like a line of ants we followed behind her.

In the kitchen the cook began preparing breakfast. Silver bowls were lined up on the counter. I could not get used to eating with my head down it made me gag as the food went down but I had to eat to keep up my strength. I waited to be fed. I knew I would be last. Madam dropped the bowl in front of me. She smiled, I was her favorite to torment I wondered if this was what it would be like to be hazed in a sorority. I daydreamed for a moment about college grounds and dorm rooms.

"Report to my office after lesson." She said simply and left the kitchen area.

Snowflake looked up from her bowl her hazel eyes meeting mine before dropping her head again her pointed husky ears flopping every so slight. I did not have any sort of ears yet. I knew I was feline that was all. Most had breeds, a name or something of the sort I was and had nothing.

As I finished the eggs in my bowl that were dry and tasteless I back away from my bowl and began cleaning myself as I saw the other cats do. I ran my tongue over my arms and than over my face and stretched. Snowflake began playing tug of war with a fellow dog. This was practice. It also killed time. As the other animals finished eating and 7:00 o'clock hit and the clock chimed out we all separated to our lessons cats with the cats, dogs with the dogs, mice with the mice, and so on.

The other cats did not like me. They hissed when I walked by and snickered under their breath. I found it well… catty. I chuckled slightly at my own stupidity even with the situation I found myself in. Another woman walked in. She was germen and enjoyed her job just a bit too much I mean they all did but she seemed sexually pleased by training and tormenting us that to me felt more so sick than all of this.

"Sit!" I lowered my behind in a regal fashion and gave my front paw a lick of interference.

"Beg." I shot up hands tucked she began walking down the line with feathered toy as she passed me my hands toys with it and I bounced mewling as she pulled it away I pounced forward and scrabbled towards it like my pray and she kept swaying it back and forth and walking I flew towards it sliding on my belly comically. As she let me have it I grasped it in my mouth and daintily walked back to my spot. Another cat stepped out of line to approach my catch and I lashed out with my front paw asserting myself. They would not take me for an easy target. She hissed drawing her red lips back over her teeth. She was "black" cat named Ruby. I disliked her very much. She was pretty girl, Spanish and loved to reminded everyone she was in charge.

"Ruby leave it." Mistress Crass demanded.

Ruby lifted her head looked back and me and crawled back to her spot.

"Down." She demanded to me. I stretched out on belly in a semi lazy motion.

"Over." I rolled over on my back stretching my arms out sexually. I learned a lot by watching Ruby. I had to thank her.

She came with a spare collar and latched it around my neck and walked me around the room. I walked gracefully stopping to sniff or purr or rub her leg every so often.

"Report to Madam Via's office. Give her this." She put an envelope in my mouth and I dipped my head once before bounding out of the room.