100 words

Falling in love is to launch yourself off the plane, eyes shut
past silver-lined clouds, hoping your parachute will open.
Praying your heart won't be broken. Drawing on a token
of storm-battered, lightning-hit faith and just going with it.
It's to memorize the scars of another heart, the contours
of another face, the reasons for another's joy and pain.
Suspended over a spectacular, rose-colored view,
believing all the while that the ground has been buffered,
that the weathered armor is supported, that your heart's
broken pieces, painstakingly stitched back together,
will now hold under another blow.

50 words

Falling in love is to jump from the sky, relinquishing footholds
and forgoing reasons why. A heart on loan, savoring the moments
of star-filled eyes and berry sweet wine, perceiving there's merit
in time well spent, even if in the end, burned and bruised,
there's a heart to mend.

10 words

Falling in love
is risking that descent
again and again.

A/N: I wish I could take credit for this idea, but alas, I'm not nearly creative enough. This was inspired by Tranquil Thorn's "To a Cat", where I first learned of this diminishing form.