Hello, peeps. For my first FictionPress story, I present to you my final creative writing project from last semester. It's my first take at a romance-type story, hope you all enjoy!

As you walk into lunch today, you will see him surrounded by friends. No introduction is necessary (you know who you mean). Drew is the hottest person in school and you would love to get noticed. You have been practicing what to do to get his attention. When you walk by, casually flip your hair so that it flounces stylishly. You want to offset your big eyes and little-girl looks. Try not to be so obvious this time. Remember, you don't want to look immature. You are a college student, not a 5-year-old.

Chances are that he will get up to leave as soon as you sit down. Just your luck! If that's the case, don't freak out. You will see him again at dinner tonight. For now, just try and catch his eye. He will not notice you, but at least you will have had practice looking at him for more than a millisecond. You know that you will find the chance to prove yourself. By the end of the semester, you will no longer be the girl who everyone looks past. Maybe you will even score your first date in the process.

Ever since that day at the lake over spring break, you haven't been able to speak. If it wasn't for your teenage cousin Kelsey losing control of her car, you wouldn't have fallen down the small hill into the water. You wouldn't have had the surgery that would permanently damage your vocal cords. You would still be in choir, you'd still have the friends you'd made there, and you would be able to talk like a normal human being. Instead, you must find other ways to communicate. You have become good at lip reading, but you still miss talking. It is especially difficult in class, but you must learn to cope with it. Look on the bright side: at least you're still alive. You still have the opportunity to meet new people, although you don't know how many.

When you got back to school, nobody knew how to forgive the loss of Kelsey. All signs pointed to you, because you were the one who encouraged them to go to the lake that day in the first place. If it wasn't for your idea to go have a picnic, Kelsey would still be here. Melina was especially close with Kelsey, maybe even closer than you. They always went to parties together, and they were in all the same classes and study groups. So when the news came that she had died, Melina didn't take it well. She has ignored you ever since, and she still will. You have tried to explain to Melina that you feel terrible; that you even lost your voice. When she listened to your raspy attempts at speaking, though, she just laughed in your face. Move on and find some other friends who will not judge you so harshly.

"Oh, get over yourself," was what Melina said when you tried to apologize. "Friends don't let friends kill their other friends." Your attempted apology didn't cut it, and she stalked off. You didn't cut it, either.

Before you lost your voice, you loved to sing. Now, the thought of it depresses you. Try not to think of the memories you had with your college's prestigious choir; let go of the memories that you've had with your friends there. Your inside jokes with Melina about your teacher's strict manner should be forgotten. The times you performed at national competitions in front of thousands should be forgotten: the spotlight shining only on you as you sang your part, the beautiful blue satin dresses you all wore, the sense of camaraderie you all earned after winning and the post-performance celebrations you had at the Cheesecake Factory over three towering chocolate pies. These thoughts will only disappoint you. Instead, you should focus on the present. Focus on making new friends, like Drew.

The next afternoon, try not to mope over the fact that your choir will be meeting today to get ready for the spring competition. Instead, think about how you're going to get Drew's attention. Put on your dress with the pink stripes, and style your hair into a wavy ponytail that hopefully makes you look older. Your looks have never worked to your advantage; all during high school people mistook you for a fifth grader. A little style certainly won't hurt you. Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a mental pep talk if it helps. Fluff your hair one last time and head out the door. English 101 may not be your favorite class. When you had to explain to your teacher why you couldn't read aloud in class anymore, she repeated it to the class and everyone listened. They stared at you like you were a freak. But today, you have a good reason to go.

Walk to class confidently. Hold your head up and show the world you're not afraid to live in it. Act like you're going to a singing lesson where you don't have a chance to embarrass yourself in front of the cutest guy in school. As soon as you walk into class, though, your feelings will change. You will see Drew and your palms will immediately start sweating. Take a deep breath and head to your seat without looking in his direction. You heart will start racing again when he looks over at you. You won't be sure, but it will seem like he is suspicious. Did he notice you looking at him all that time at lunch yesterday? You don't want to look at him that much, but for now, it's your only attempt at communication.