A few days later, the Spring Concert will take place on campus. It's one of the biggest events in school, and you should go. You want to see Emily perform with the dance team, because you know it will be something quirky and fun. You've been sitting together at lunch a few times and you think you have a good chance at friendship. Just as you sit down, you will notice a sign. It will advertise your choir group, and mention a special performance they are giving that night. They have never performed at a spring concert before.

The show will begin with the orchestra, who will play a slow song that takes up the longest twenty minutes of your life. With every second, you will become more anxious and battle the temptation to leave, but stay where you are. Next, the choir performance will begin. You squirm uncomfortably in your seat, but pay attention anyway. Besides, they won't even have to see you.

Jennifer comes out on stage, and her appearance will make you want to throw up with indignity. How did such a terrible girl manage to take your spot? You know that Drew will probably be cheering for her somewhere. You aren't in the mood for a cry-fest tonight.

"Before we begin with our traditional pieces, we have a new song to sing for you tonight," she says. "This new song is called Love Lost, originally a poem written by Hannah Becker, a former choir member. Ever since she lost her singing ability, she worked really hard in classes to develop her writing and we commend her for it. The song is dedicated to Kelsey, a special friend of ours who we tragically lost this spring. Thank you, Hannah, for reminding us that our friends never really leave us."

Nothing will compare to the feeling of shock you'll have. Was this the whole reason why your former friends were avoiding you? As the girls begin to sing your lyrics, allow the happy tears to flow down your face. Brian will smirk at you, but keep your eyes on the girls. You will be amazed at the amount of work they put in to make your poem a song, and you will be forever grateful. When they are finished, the crowd will be on their feet, and you will applaud too.

"Will Hannah come up and join us please?" Jennifer will ask. "We think she deserves a round of applause." Get up and join them on stage, and try not to become overwhelmed at the thunderous applause that will gradually become louder. The audience will slowly begin to stand up too, and a few people who knew Kelsey will shout out "Thanks, Hannah!"

After the show, go and join the girls. They will hug you, even Melina, and you will be lost in a jumble of happy cheers of "congratulations!" Jennifer will come up to you as well. "Thanks for the song, Hannah," she says. Smile and nod in return.

"I'm sorry for being so horrible to you," says Melina. "Kelsey's death couldn't have been your fault. I hope this makes up for it. Will you please forgive me?" Her puppy dog eyes make you laugh, and you will nod your head yes.

But as you make up, you will notice Jennifer going to meet Drew, who will hug her. You will be disappointed, but the high you get from the performance will take over. And when Melina asks you to be a honorary choir member, nod your head yes. Brian will give you a congratulatory hug too. Forget that you are supposed to be upset with him, because you know he only meant well. You won't expect that hug, but it is a good sign. Maybe there is hope for you after all.

So maybe you didn't win over the right guy, but there will be many opportunities for that later on in your college career. After all, if there was a foolproof guide to winning someone over, you would have bought it by now. Instead, look forward to a future of songwriting and friendships, and friends who will always have your back. For now, go with your friends. They're waiting to take you for a celebratory Cheesecake Factory outing, and you can't wait to sink your teeth into chocolate pie.