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Chapter 1 : unspoken words

-Secrets are everywhere; we all have them, keep them somewhere safe, and tell no one about, because those are our secrets, our dark souls, but some are so dark, that they carry the fate of humanity within them-

It was a summer morning just like every other summer day, so quiet and peaceful the sunshine escaped through the curtains and softly laid on her face on her pale white skin and her long golden hair tresses, she opens her light green eyes taking her a few moments to realize it was already the morning, the sun was warm against her skin, it has been three weeks since the summer vacation has started summer in NEW YORK was a popular season, the sun was warm and the weather was great.

Looking at the ceiling of her room and then at the pale purple wallpapers and the few music bands stickers on her wall, taking a deep breath, she rolled over to her side slowly reaching her arm to the counter near her bed touching till she found what she was looking for; her glasses, putting them on she look at the clock; it was almost 9 o'clock. Slowly crawling out of bed, sitting at the edge of it her whole body, hurt every single muscle screamed in pain, she dragged her feet to the dresser and she took a glance at herself, she was wearing a pair of pink and blue pajamas, looking in the mirror, she thought how much she looks like a scarecrow, her light golden blonde hair was a mess and her skin was pale actually paler than usual and with sleep bags under her eyes; well she couldn't sleep well cause Annie was so insisted on taking her to some concert and staying there late. She grasped her hairbrush and made her hair a little bit acceptable. Walking her way out of her room, she reached that bathroom, she brushed her teeth and washed her face on hope it will make her more awake, she dragged her feet through the hallways to the staircase and with heavy, slow steps she went down, walking through the hall and to the kitchen as she walked in she saw her mother, Mary Anderson, her mother was really beautiful for her age, she was about forty, but looking twenty eight and so was for her father John they both seemed so young for their age. Standing facing her mother on the other side of the kitchen counter was Annie her younger sister and also known as the troublemaker, they obviously seemed to be arguing, as usual.

"But MOTHER! It's summer, people are supposed to go out and have parties! "Said Annie while playing with her long black hair, she had black hair and blue eyes just like Mary's, and unlike Angele she was dressed up in a pair of jeans and a dark purple shirt and her hair was nicely made.

" I didn't say anything about that, but you always stay up late, and that get me worried, you are only 15 after all Annie " Mary spoke with a soft concern voice tone as she looked at her youngest daughter, and turning around to see who walked in the kitchen.

"Good morning Angele, no offense sister, but you are looking like a scarecrow, haven't you slept well last night? "Said Annie with a silly smile on her face and her eyes were shiny and blue, she knew Angele wasn't used to concerts and parties and the slightest trip outside her bedroom will exhaust her, Annie and Angele were sisters, but they were so different in almost everything, Angele was blond with green eyes and she was quiet and shy, she loved books and drawing and you rarely saw her without a book in her hands. On the other side Annie has a black hair and shiny blue eyes, she was a popular girl a cheerleader and she loved parties and hanging out.

"Good morning Annie, good morning mother, you are aware I didn't sleep well last night, I had to drag you out of that concert, " said Angele with an expressionless face, as she was eyeing the kitchen counter for some coffee.
"Mother, please Samantha will get so upset if I didn't go and I already promised I will be there" Annie spoke with a sad voice she was still tangling her hair around her fingers.

"Annie, Annie, Annie no means no and it is final, " said her mother with a firm voice tone while she was preparing the table.

"BUT MOM! You can't do this to me! "Said Annie with a demanding voice tone. As she dropped her hands to her side with a fast move, Annie was about 5'2 she was short and feminine and people usually mistook her for being much younger than her actual age.

"Sami is my childhood friend, you know her since forever and her parents will be there, Mom please" her voice was lower and even sadder and she looked at her mother with sad eyes .

"I know how much this party is important to you" Mary spoke her voice was fair and expressionless, she was still preparing the table "I will let you go in one condition" said Mary with a calm voice.

"And what is it?" Asked Annie sounding curious

"You have to convince Angele to go with you, she is more responsible than you are, and you have to be home by 10 " said Mary while looking at her youngest daughter, Annie didn't deny the fact the Angele was more responsible she was two years older but since a young age she was mature.

Angele raised her sight up from the book she was holding from her seat on the table and protested " What?! Me? Why me? Mother! You know I hate parties, " said Angele, looking at Annie and then at her mother, Samantha was her childhood friend too, but Angele doesn't like the whole idea of loud music and crowded places such as the concert which brought back the memory of the concert and the headache along with it.

"I know you do, but I need someone to keep an eye on Annie, " said their mother, while Annie made and annoyance sound since she didn't like being followed around like a child.

Annie look at Angele and her eyes were wide and hopeful it seemed as if, if Angele said no her heart will be broken, Angele loved Annie since they were young children, she couldn't take making her sad, even if it meant going to some party.

" Okay mother, I will go, " said Angele with a soft voice and she dropped her eye sight back to the book in her hand, but before that she could see the happy smile on Annie's face while she whispered 'thank you Angele'.

"GREAT!" Said Annie while raising her hands in the air, and added " but mom, parties usually isn't excited, until at least 12" said with a frown face and a sad little voice.
" 12 is too much, are you out of your mind?! Even with Angele with you I won't let you stay out till midnight, even if it was Samantha's party, " said Mary with a firm voice, she was always over protective when it came to her daughters, she didn't even used let them go out in school trip only recently.

"But mother," said Annie with a sad voice that can break anyone's heart.
But Mary was used to her daughter's tricks.
"Please, "she added.

"NO" simply said her mother.
" Okay 11:30? "Said Annie.
" 11 sharp "finally said without looking her.
" Okay then, "Annie spoke with a fair voice," I am going to pick something to wear, and you better do that too Angele " she said while point at Angele, Angele simply nodded while her eyes were still on her book.

"Oh, where is Dad? Is he still asleep "added Annie while turning around.
" John left early today; he said he has some problem with some customer, "said their mother, she hasn't even left her eye on the newspaper she picked after Annie was leaving the kitchen.

"I thought he was on a vacation?" Said Angele in some sort of surprise tone, raising her sight of her book and look at her mother.

"He is, but the company says it's an emergence" said Mary still reading her newspaper.

Annie walked out of the kitchen, heading to her room; it will probably take her hours to choose something to wear.

Back in her room Angele throw herself on her bed thinking about the problem, she got herself into, she didn't want to go, but with Annie's blue eyes, she was left with no choice, she was deep in her thoughts when suddenly a small furry creature jumped on Angele's stomach, in a surprise Angele raised her head; " Oh Whiskers you scared me you naughty cat " she said with relief, Whiskers was about one year old she got it as a gift for her 16th birthday. It has silky and soft white fur and it was purring obviously wanting to play, but she was so tired she just finished washing the dishes and she had to make up for last night's sleep.

She gently lift it up and placed it on the ground " sorry Whiskers, promise I will play with you another day" Whiskers looked at her and then walk outside the room as if he understood what she was saying, she locked the door behind it, and lay in bed again thinking even deeper into her golden hair was tangled around her like sunshine it was long and silky. She was the only member in her family with green eyes and golden blonde hair which made it weird, she thought but she kept remembering her father's words about her grandmother being blonde, she told herself that sometime features skip generations.

She took off her glasses and placed them on the counter near her bed, she didn't even bother changing her cloth, she closed her eyes losing herself in thoughts and sinking in sleep, on a sensation on sunlight on her face she opens her eyes again she was sure she closed to curtains before she throw herself in bed, she blinked a few times she wasn't in her room she was somewhere else somewhere felt familiar but she wasn't sure where she saw it. It was a large hall a palace hall to be precise raising her sight she saw a glass ceiling and sunshine passed through it filling the hall, she looked at her she was no longer in her pajamas she was wearing a white dress and old that looked similar to the dresses roman princesses used to wear and that was even more confusing, the place was beautiful but scary as she felt her heart beat loudly till she could hear it in her ears and suddenly a wave of panic washed through her, where was she? She thought, she calmed herself down, telling herself, it's just a dream, although it felt so real, taking a deep breath, she eyed the place around her carefully, the place was old, not old in cracked and dusty but the style of the decoration was old maybe the 18th century she thought, she could tell from the furniture and the painting on the wall. Moving her sight carefully through the room, she saw a big white gate made out of marble the gate might have been 10 feet tall or even more and it had writings on its arch writings in a language she didn't understand, but she felt its meaning, the place was strange she never seen it before but there was something about it, the place felt like 'home'.

A sudden light pursed in the hall out of the gate it was so shinning it almost blinded her for seconds everything went white, a few seconds later the light start to fade and version became possible through the gate came a figure, a woman's figure, she had a golden hair just like sunlight and her skin was faintly glowing she wore a white dress just like Angele's but it was more detailed and more classy, Angele's dress was plain white.

As the woman moved toward her in graceful steps, another panic wave washed through her, her heart was beating even harder and telling herself it was just a dream wasn't making her calm, she wanted to run but her legs won't move as the woman walked straight toward her ever step she took send fear like tiny electric shocks through her spine. The woman's face was now clearly visible as she seemed in her late twenties, her eye color was crystal blue and her hair was light blond, the woman was now only a few steps away from where she stood still she was frozen she was so afraid feeling her knees will fail her any second and she will fall to the ground. The mysterious woman stopped walking and stood right in front of her, Angele had her hands clutched into fists on her side holding a hand full of her white dress, the woman was smiling a light beautiful smile, an angel smile she thought or the way an angel would smile if she ever saw one. The woman moved her hands from her side and reached it out to Angele's cheek and laying it softly on it, the sensation of her touch cast all the fear away it was warm and kind, Angele's hand loosened from that tight grip and dangled loosely beside her, the woman smile and then said " Don't fear my child, I shall never harm you, nor let anyone else do " her voice was soft and sweet and it send shivers down Angele's spine she sounded like an angel,

She moved her hands from her cheek with her hand and she held it " you have grown my child, I am sorry I wasn't there to watch you, I am sorry " her voice was as sweet as it was before but only filled with sorrow and agony and so was the look in her eyes.

'My child' Angele echoed in her mind, the woman felt familiar very familiar as she knew her for years, but she didn't exactly knew who was she.

Angele felt her face wet and burning she was crying, but why was she, the woman smiled sadly and reaches her hand and wiped her tears " shush my child, I don't want to see tears in this beautiful face of yours, oh dear lord, you have become such a wonderful young lady Angele, " she seemed slightly happy but it was obvious behind her smile was a pain.

Angele wanted to speak to ask that woman who is she, how did she know her name, and where was she , what is this place , a thousand question in her mind but the words won't come out as if she lost her voice words chocked down her throat, like acid.

" You are brave my child, just like your father, " said the woman with a little laugh, 'my father' thought Angele everything didn't make sense.

" You have to be strong and brave for your little sister, she will need you, you have to protect her from the darkness and what lies in it, and you have to protect yourself, " she spoke once again, but this time her voice seemed terrified and worried, 'Annie ?! what will happen to Annie ' she wanted to say but again the words died at the end of her throat.

The woman was wearing a necklace, a one with a crystal jewelry in it and it had a pattern drawn on it, an infinity knot, like the ones witches claim using it for magic, the woman slowly took it off and wrapped it around her neck,

"This shall protect you, it's has been in your family for years, don't lose it my fair child, " said the woman before she dragged Angele in a warm embrace, she hugged her so tightly, Angele could swear she felt the woman's tears on her shoulder, her hug was warm and kind and safe, Angele never felt safer in her life, as if the whole world was gone in a blink of an eye, the woman pulled away Angele was right she was crying, but her tears weren't tears it was as if she was crying light, something shiny and sparkling the woman smiled once again

, Angele was expressionless all that time she didn't know why, but she couldn't really move, she opened her mouth again trying to speak, but before she could the ground start to shake and the glass ceiling starts to fall apart the woman wasn't smiling anymore, she looked terrified and all her grace faded away, the walls start to crack, Angele wanted to run but she couldn't, the woman looked at her with sadness pulling away before the ground start to fall apart into

The darkness below, everything was becoming dark as the dark shadows swallowed the place at last glance of the woman in white she murmured something in French Angele wasn't sure what was it but it was defiantly French and then there was nothing but the dark no matter how much she blinked it was utter darkness, all of sudden a loud knocking voice filled the space as if someone was knocking a door but it was a thousand times louder.

Angele was scared, but she held the necklace the woman gave her tightly as if it was making her feel safe at last the sound brought her back to reality snapping her out of the dark her eyes were wide open she stood up in a quick hysterical move, she blinked several times and reached her hand to the counter for her glasses, she wore them and could see the purple walls around her and bale of books on the desk beside her bed, she was drowned in sweat and she was panting, she took a deep breath and calmed herself. " It was just a dream, " she whispered as she exhaled, she heard the knocking sound again, someone was knocking her bedroom door aggressively and she could hear Whiskers scratching the door, she got up and in a hurry, she flung the door wide open, behind it stood a girl wearing a knee length white dress with a large black ribbon belt, a shiny shoe and her black hair was nicely done.

"You must be absolutely kidding me!" Snapped the girl in white dress it was Annie as her eyes were flushed with anger and she was crossing her arms.

"Do you know what time is it? And you are not telling me you didn't even to change your pajamas?! "She added and she was pointing to Angele's pajamas.

"What time is it?" Asked Angele as she turns to glance at the clock beside her bed, it was 6:34 pm, Angele's jaw nearly dropped " but, but I slept for only a few minutes it was barely a nap" as she place her hand over her neck and she felt something she was wearing something, the necklace from her dream.

The fear stroke her and she froze and went pale, but it was just a dream, how come! She thought.

Annie stared at her in confusion "what's wrong? you suddenly went pale,"

She wasn't really hearing what Annie was saying she could only hear the sound of her beating heart in her ears; she took a deep breath and told herself not to panic.

"N-Nothing, I am fine," she said "it seems I am ill or something," she added, she was a terrible liar, Annie looked at her with suspicious eyes " hope this isn't a trick you are pulling so you won't go " Said Annie with a cold voice tone she was still looking at the pajamas Angele wore.

"Hurry, Mark will come pick us up at 7:30 I doubt that will be enough to make you look socially accepted" added Annie while grasping her from her wrist and dragging her outside her bedroom.

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