Episode 06: Thoughts On The Attack

Kotaro along with Keisuke and Nora were currently in one of the dorm rooms with the transfer student, Sei. The trio had volunteered to help Sei unpack his things and were causing a large fuss whilst doing so.

"Woah, this is one awfully big and strange shaped guitar." Kotaro comments as he holds a large string instrument. "How on earth are you supposed to play something this big?" Kotaro attempts to hold the instrument like a guitar on his knee, before noting it was to difficult to balance whilst standing.

"That isn't a guitar, Kotaro, it doesn't even have the right number of strings" Keisuke sighs slightly at his friend's lack of knowledge.

"Its a Cello, you play it with a bow whilst sitting down." Sei answered whilst showing Kotaro the bow. "Please be careful with it. That Cello is very important to me."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Kotaro carefully handed the Cello over to Sei, whom placed it on a stand in the corner of the room.

"Are you into music, Sei-kun?" Nora asked, wanting to get better acquainted with her new classmate, or rather to distract herself.

"Yes, music is very soothing to me. I love playing as well as creating it." Sei replies.

"You write your own songs? Well we best have you play us one." Kotaro stated.

"Maybe later, I'm a little tired right now." Sei smiled.

"Okay, I'm holding you to it." Kotaro lightly bumped his fist against Sei's shoulder.

"Sure." Sei nodded his head.

Beep! Beep! - A notification sound came from Nora's Aircom, she silently lowered the box she was holding to the ground and opened the email.

Nora quickly scanned over the contents before turning to her friends. "I'm sorry guys, something just came up and I need to go."

"Okay, don't worry about it." Sei raised his hand with a smile. Nora picked up her bag and as she was about to exit the room.

"Nora, are you sure you're okay." Kotaro called out to her. Her Blood Warrior was currently being detained with suspicions on attacking Keigo and Ellen. It was clear to everybody that her mind was hovering elsewhere.

Nora forced a smile. "I'll be okay. Akira is in a much worse place right now. But I know he didn't do it, and I shall prove it." Nora clenched her fist.

"All right fine, I'm planning on taking Sei around Mutsuroku Island during the weekend to show him around. Will you come with us?"

Nora could tell Kotaro was concerned which in turn made her feel more guilty as she smiled and answered. "Yes, I'd be happy to." Nora thought back to Saito's words, and how she promised not to lose sight of Kotaro. The assailant was targetting Blood Warriors, which made Kotaro, a Blood Warrior without a Vampiress, a primo target. Nora hated the idea of using her friend as bait to capture the criminal, but to prove Saito's innocence she had little choice. But as a result of this Nora swore to herself. No matter what happens, I won't let the criminal hurt Kotaro. It was a weak excuse Nora gave herself to make herself feel better. She had considered the option of confiding the truth in Kotaro, but she knew this would backfire on her. If she told Kotaro the truth he would use himself as bait to capture the criminal, but he would ensure to distance Nora and all of his friends out of fear for their safety. The lone Blood Warrior always handled everything by himself. This was the reason Nora decided to leave him in the dark.

Nora silently left the room and closed the door behind her. "I'm the worst." She whispered to herself as tears cascaded down her cheek. She quickly dried her eyes and left the area.

After Nora had left the room Keisuke turned to Kotaro and said. "I couldn't ask this with Nora here, but do you think there is any possibility that Saito is the culprit?"

"No, such an attack is unlike him." Kotaro answered whilst emptying the contents of one of the boxes.

"Your voice doesn't hold a single shred of doubt." Sei remarks.

"I've known that son of a bitch for a long time." Kotaro continues to rummage through the box as he explains. "He has a dirty mouth, but he takes great pride in his strength. I cannot see him pulling a night assault on Keigo and Ellen, and he also lacks a motive." Kotaro turned just his head to face Keisuke and Sei. "The only thing I cannot workout is the reason he is keeping his mouth shut. After hearing what that SATU operative pulled I can see why he wouldn't want to talk to them. But now that Mutsuroku Island is using their Autonomous rights to expel the SATU and keeping the investigation internal, why is he still remaining silent? What does Saito know that is forcing him to do this?"

"What of the two victims?" Sei changed the subject.

"They're both unconscious and in intensive care," Keisuke replied whilst closing his eyes. Despite their mutual hatred for each other, he couldn't help but be concerned for Keigo. He had attempted to try and visit them but was turned away by the hospital, they were kind enough to confirm that they were both stable though.

"If Keigo or Ellen-san were to wake up maybe we could learn something new, but I can't see that occurring anytime soon." As the two victims in the case, an armed guard had been stationed to protect the duo, there was no telling if the assailant wouldn't try to finish what they started. It was then Kotaro revealed "I think the attacker had another motive outside homicide."

"What do you think they were trying to achieve?" Sei asked curiously.

"I don't know." Kotaro lied whilst shaking his head. The attack happened not long after Sei arrived on the island. I should hold my tongue just in case. Kotaro thought to himself as he emptied the contents of another box.

Nora, after receiving the email, continued walking to her destination, she opened the sliding door and nodded her head to the man sitting down in the room.

"Good evening, Dr Kurokari," Nora greeted as she walked into the room with a smile and took a seat. "Would you like some tea?" The doctor offered.

"No thanks," Nora shook her head.

"How you holding up?" He asked whilst taking a sip from his own cup.

"About as much as you'd expect. Even if he is a suspect for an attempted homicide, for the SATU to go to those extremes." Nora gritted her teeth in anger.

"Yes, I can only imagine your anger seeing your partner treated like that. But don't worry, I can assure you he is being treated properly now. Makoto-sensei is personally making sure of that."

Nora nodded her head. Makoto-sensei cared greatly for her students, the fact she forcefully invoked Mutsuroku Island's Autonomous rights against the SATU despite the potential backlash against her was proof of this. Despite being the same age, she was someone the students could consider a role model.

"Well moving on, I looked into the forensics like you asked. The wounds on Keigo and Ellen match Saito's Blood Weapon. Thus if Saito is not the culprit..." Kurokari started.

"He isn't the culprit." Nora corrected with pressure in her voice.

"Then the true culprit must be using a Blood Weapon that exactly matches Saito's." Kurokari explained.

"So the culprit is another Halberd wielder." Nora thought to herself as she places her fingers over her chin in thought.

"However, there is one thing which I'm sure you'll find interesting." Kurokari continued. Nora looked at him in a way that pressed him to continue. "There were traces of blood, both on the scene, and on Saito's weapon, that does not match any of the involved parties."

"Which means there was someone else at the scene!?" Nora asked in excitement finally having a lead. "Can you confirm whose blood it is?"

"It will take time for me to examine the blood and cross-reference it against the island's database. That is presuming the assailant is even a resident of Mutsuroku Island." Kurokari explained.

"But can't this evidence be used to prove that Akira is innocent?" Nora asked, she ultimately wanted to free Saito ASAP, finding the culprit could wait.

"Unfortunately it only adds the possibility of a third party. It doesn't prove Saito's innocence, it is also possible that the third party was another victim to the attack that escaped. Or was even attacked elsewhere and the blood got transported by Saito's Blood Weapon. Until we can confirm whose blood it is, Saito would remain the number one suspect."

Nora clenched her fist and gritted her teeth in further frustration.

"Have you arrived on Mutsuroku Island, Cello?" The Conductor's voice asked within his subordinates head. Cello continued to play the string instrument that he used as his codename, whilst looking up at the night sky and crescent moon.

[Yes, Conductor-sama. With our collaborator's assistance, I have successfully infiltrated Mutsuroku Island.] Cello stated to the voice in his head, whilst maintaining his song's rhythm. [I shall proceed as planned. I swear in the name of Judgement's Orchestra: My Cello shall be Mutsuroku Island's seven trumpets.] A thin smile surfaced on Cello's face as his dark serenade disturbed the silent night.

Author Notes

Well after three years and a bit, this story is long overdue an update. I would have done this sooner but I actually lost my notes on the series for the plot. Fortunately I have managed to recall most of what I want to happen for the first arc and the overall story, but I cannot recall some of the more minor details. I've slightly amended the earlier chapters to ensure it doesn't contradict, thus some minor details have been changed. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.