Author's note

First Story!

This is quite a mash-up of fantasy-mythologhy and others

So read up

Ciao~ my name is Seane Myles I'm a student in the "Mystic Academy". I'm an ordinary sorcerer actually. Lemme explain Mystic Academy is where extraordinary/not normal being is trained and lived we can't live in a normal human society 'cause there's a possibility we can wreck havoc there if we have a short temper, got the catch? Yup they treated us like a dirt.
They think we born like that 'cause we got cursed or our parents is a mystical being or a wizard or witch or werewolf and even a freakin' frankenstein and more let me tell you they never think we are an Angel child. 'Cause the truth is we are NOT an angel's child.
Fortunately they never hunt us down.

The truth is we are being with an extraordinary power.
Start with me I'm a sorcerer, I can summon a creature. The kind that can make and control the element is Elemental User and the kind that make and control nature/not element like plant or tree is a Nature User. Like my friend Namikaze Hayasaki or Mize she is half Japanese she is a sakura nature user and my Best friend and my partner.
Her family is full of talented people like her father is an God Of Fire and her mother is Sakura Nymph. Nymph like a goddess example there is a Sakura Nymph and a Sakura nature user the user want to attack the nymph the sakura won't respond 'cause they can't attack their so called 'queen'. But the risk of being a nymph is if your one of your 'nature' affinity died you'll feel pain like part of you is taken. Her Brother Menma is a fire user, next in line to become God of Fire replacing his father.
What about my family?
Well I think I'm a foster and unwanted child because my parents is normal human and at first they thought I was a normal human but the truth is I'm not normal a human, and if you ask who is my birth parents, I don't know actually. That's what head principal had told me.
I'm just a 14 years old girl with spiky dark red hair, light blue eyes and an ordinary sorcerer.

God/Goddess is the highest title for a element user and other like the master of weapons is a God of War, God/Goddess is the most powerful of all, nymph is nature user. I mean not literally God but kind like of their title become a Guardian. And its not easy to get that title. Guardian have limitless age but they can die. Like Mize Grandfather he is 750 years old.
Some parents name their child after some Greek Deities it symbolize what kind of power that they want their child have. Even if they're not named after Deities they make their own name.
The Myth Summoner is for sorcerer. There is two kind Myth Summoner Heaven or Hell if Heaven we can call upon the creature from heaven if hell we can call upon the creature from hell.
And if their power is worthy to become more than that they'll become the Guardian.

The only one who can become a Guardian is Elemental/weapon User, Nature User, Sorcerer.

And for the werewolf, vampire and other like that kind of thing is one of us too.
They become the Hunter of our enemy.
No need to explain you already know about werewolf an vampire and etc.

Legendary creature like Nine-tailed fox, Phyton etc. They become The Guardian companion.

So enough with explanation and on with the story!

Mystical Academy is a replica of ordinary human academy. But not exactly the same. Elementary school, middle school, and high school used the same kind of ordinary Academy of course but with some extra lesson like Academy history, God/Goddess and something like that and we have factions too, Sorcerer faction, Elemental faction *base on their affinity*, etc
And one special faction DemiGod faction, this faction contained student that have power almost as powerful as The Guardian at young age. Sometimes before the DemiGod student graduate, of their power is too powerful yet they can control it they can be the next Guardian even if they haven't graduate. This kind of Guardian hide their identities and continue as ordinary student at the Academy.
Different from the already graduate one, they will eventually become Guardian with some trial or some kind of spy that doing mission all the time.
We can apply to the faction after we graduate from middle school.
And then they test our potential and then we apply to our power's respective faculty.

So I was here in 3rd floor I'm so proud of myself 'cause the only one who can step here is a special person with a extreme potential. We are here to take the test and assigned to our respective team.
I dunno why I'm here 'cause when I ask to Yato-sensei, our Japanese literature teacher, why I can get here they only said "You'll know why" not that I care. I haven't graduate from middle school yet I'm here.
The good news is Mize is here so we can be partner again the bad news is he is here the annoying lightning user, Luke Farron is here too and his friend a werewolf is here too his name is Convel Ulrich.
Not that I mind him but sometime he is little sweet sometime but mostly annoying like when me and Luke arguing he would shout "Confess your feeling already!" I would smack the hell out of him and Luke do the 'devil may care' attitude. I dunno why Mize had a crush on that lycanthrope.
If Mize isn't here I think I'm gonna died in my 16th glory.

So we are going to do our first mission together
"Oi, what is our first task together?" Said Luke
"Kiss the Lily dew" I said in a quite voice
"What ?"
"Kiss the lily dew"
"How do we do that ?"
"Use your brain moron"
And he snapped

"Hey Convel can you take the lily drop from the vice chairman for us?" Mize said in her ever sweet voice
"'Kay" he answered and ran to chairman office.

"You just need to explain you know?!"
"It mean each of us will have a lily dew given by the chairman, kiss mean struck it with your technique and it'll show you your hidden potential so after we know we can train our said hidden potential" said Mize before I retort back
"Thanks, dang can you be more like Mize, Seane?"
"Like explaining the most obvious thing to you-"
"Yup" he cut me off
"No thank you, it'll waste my breath"
"Hey, I got the lily drop" said Ulrich before Luke reply
"Thanks" we said in unison
"So how many breath, word and letter it took to explain to that idiot?" Said Ulrich
"Hey I ain't an idiot and what kind of question is that?!" He shouted almost make me deaf
"Shut up! And Ulrich, it took 1 breath, 39 words and 159 letters"
"Wow last time it took 3 breath 145 words and 1500 letters"
"Yeah, its new record?"
"Do you think he is getting smarter?"
"Nah I don't think so"
"Oi I'm here you know!" Shouted by that forgotten lightning user
"Oh I'm so sorry I thought you died eaten by Kronos"
"Nice" we high-five each other
"Why you?!" He seethed
"Can you be quite? FYI we must go to the Test Room you know" Mize remind us
"Rightt" we said in unison
"Let's go then" said Ulrich*smiled
"A-ah Yes" stuttered the cute blushing pinkette

As we were walking, I felt that me and Luke had been forgotten.
I was watching them, Mize and Ulrich talking like the world only consist the two of THEM.
Yup, we were forgotten
"Hey" Luke whispered
"Do you think we should leave them alone?"
"Unfortunately the only one who know where is the test room Mize, so, nope, we can't leave them"
"You're right" he sighed
"Do you think Mize look like a Tomato?"
He said
"You're bored aren't you?"
"Just answer the question!"
"Fine.. No she look more like a cherry"
"Shaddup!" Mize shouted

We were silent for a few minutes
"Mize.." Luke trailed off
"Hooh... Maybe she doesn't want us to interrupt her conversation with that lycanthrope" Annoying Luke is back
"For once you're right she doesn't want us to interrupt their conversation" I emphasized the 'conversation' part
We were snickering when suddenly I can't breathe and it seem that Luke can't too.
Seem like Mize make the sakura choker-kind-of-thing and she choked us pretty hard too that's just amazing
" " Mize seethed
"O-okay ughh" that was Luke
"S-sorry Mize-samaaahh" and Me
" Hahahahahaha" Ulrich laughed
"Nice Mize!" he said with a sparkling sharp teeth showed
For once we thank God 'cause he had made Ulrich
He saved our lives
Because his annoying grin the sakura loosen
We coughed and took a very deep breath
"Its nice to can breath again" Luke grinned
"Yeahh"I reply
When I look back Ulrich still grinning and there is a blushing 'tomato-cherry' Mize
We didn't tease her again 'cause we already learned our lesson

For once I was thinking how can Ulrich be that oblivious to Mize's feeling I mean she always blushed when he was talking to her or he was smiling
Thinking about it for 20 minutes
I came up with conclusion, that is because he is an idiotic lycanthrope