I closed my door. And walked to my bed And sighed.
My mind still playing the lily dew test repeatedly. 'Then what am I? What is my true potential' those question spinning around my head. My eyes widened as I remember something.

'You'll know why'

I gasped 'Yato-sensei' he must know something.
I recalled the first I came here.

I opened my eyes slowly, trying to remember or registered what just happened. Yet I can't remember anything. Even my own name.

"Yato! why the hell did you bring her here?! You know that girl will be a monster eventually!" A man voice shouted
"Headmaster order" I supposed 'Yato' said that, his voice void of any emotion. "You damned snake don'-"
"That's enough" a masculine voice cut him off
"I have ordered him to do it, do you have any problem?" His voice is firm like challenging who dare to oppose him.
"N-n-no, she is not supposed to be here the pro-"
"I know, that's why we must train her, for Academy sake" his voice is cold

'Academy?' I thought.

"Excuse me" a feminine voice was heard in front of my door.
Suddenly she open it and close it back.
Her eyes wandering to my form and she realize I was awake.

She smiled softly yet sadly.
"You awake there?"She asked
I nodded weakly.
She have long blonde hair and mesmerizing red eyes.
"Good to see you look fine sweetie, My name is Ruth Madsen you can call me Ruth I'm a nine tailed fox" she is so motherly-like


"Honey, can you remember anything?"
I said 'no' weakly
She smiled "its okay, what is your name?" She smiled
I stay silent
"You don't even remember your name?" She asked me
I shook my head
"Your past?" She whispered
"Noo.." I said
"Who.. Am... I?" I struggled to say every single word

She look shocked and contemplated.
As she open her mouth to answer me, suddenly a man with black eyes and gray hair holding hand with a boy who look older than me.

The man stared at me, he looks at me and said "Seane, your name is Seane Myles and you're 6 years old only 2 years younger than my son here"
The boy nodded at me "My name is Len"
I nodded
"Why... I...'m.. here..." I croaked
His face softened
"To live here as a student and train to become stronger to protect this Academy" he said
And the Ruth lady took my hand and said "From now on this Academy is your home and family" she said smiling.

"What... Am... I... " I whispered
I am confused why they said train I mean I don't even know my power.
I looked up at the man.
He said
"Sorceress to be"

After I got better they released me from this Academy's Hospital.
And they told me my past about I'm unwanted. It was too much for me and I'm gratitude they save me.

'I owe them'

That's what I thought
So I learn everything about becoming a Sorceress. Worked hard every day.
Only one way to repay them.

'Protect the Academy'

I live in this Academy girl's side of dorm. My room is quite big and everything has been organize by someone. I smiled. And look into the mirror. My Blue eyes. Yato-sensei said its like a seal by the Headmaster so its not my original eye color. He said tbe seal is like a memory storage so I can't have any amnesia and remember everything I have see, experience, and my memory of this Academy, shortly it grant me photographic memory.

'They really thoughtful aren't they?'
I smiled

*flashback end

I gritted my teeth, something fishy here.
"And what do they mean by monster?" I wondered out loud.

Suddenly someone knock my door

"Why are you standing right beside your bed?"
"Huh?" Right I'm still standing. Too caught of my own memory. I sighed and sat down.
"Oh, I'm just about to go to bathroom when you entered." I lied.
No one except The Head Master, his wife and Len know about my past.
"You lied"
"If you are about to go to bathroom you suppos-"
"Alright! You caught me. I lied" I cut her off. You know I'm not in mood to hear her reasonable reason why she knew I lie.
"Hey" Mize called me softly
"Do you have any umm.. Problem? You can talk about it with me you know"
I stared at her awhile, contemplated, should I tell her or not?
"No, but maybe I want to ask you something"
"Can I..."
"Go on"
I took a deep breath "Meet your dad?"
"I just want to ask him something"
"Okay what about tomorrow? Our team don't have any mission"
"Mind if I ask you why do you want to meet my dad? Is it because he..."
"Spill it"
"Act like 'I just saw a ghost!' when you for the first time visited my house?"
Nice at describing your Dad's aren't you Mize. I rolled my eyes mentally.
"Yes, but sorry I can't tell you what I want to ask him"
She look disappointed
"Oh.. Its okay"
"By the way, its getting late why don't you go back to your room? I'm tired you know" I said playfully
"Oh fine!" She walked away and open my door, suddenly she stopped.
"You know, if you want to talk about it I'm here" she said and closed it
"I know" I murmured
After she got out.
I laid on my bed.
My mind replaying the memories of my visit at the Hayasaki residence. It was 2 month ago.


"Wha-what if they don't like me" I stuttered
"Don't be ridiculous" Mize snorted
"My big brother brought his best friend with him 3 days ago, and my parents are happy and didn't feel bothered by him."
"Because your big bro friend is amazing! well I think so"
"Rivolus's friend is a Nine-tailed fox" Moze deadpanned
"Oh" Len, huh? If that rebellious boy can be liked by the mighty Fire Guardian I can too.
"Open the door now" Mize said
"Before that may I ask you something"
"Why is no guards at your front entrance? Regarding this is practically a castle"
"Mansion" she corrected me
"Look there" she pointed at my right
A beautiful blossoming Cherry Blossom Tree.
"Wow nice security" I said sarcastically
"Don't be like that, think about it"
"About what?"
"What is my mother ?"
"Sakura Nymph"
"What she fight with?"
"Cherry blossom petal or something like that"
"Right, now think with you smartass brain"
"Hmm" I put my hand on my chin.
Think about it huh?. Fire God mansion, Sakura Nymph, Cherry blossom tree, Cherry blossom, no guards. Wait no guards?.
"You mean?!"
"Yes if there is any intruder I will capture them"
"But my mother probably choke them and kill them if they didn't tell her who send them"
Color drained from my face.
"Don't worry" she chuckled she is a good person.
I gulped and we entered her mansion.
When I entered the mansion, I saw the Fire God reading a book and Sakura Nymph eating a cookie, Rivolus nowhere to be seen.

Sakura Nymph noticed us and said "Sweetie, is that your friend?" She haven't look at me.
"What is she?" Fire God said
"Sorceress" I said
When he hear me, he look at me.
And his eyes widened. "It can't be" he said. I raised an eyebrow "Of course I can" I muttered. Did he think I'm too weak to become a sorceress.

"What's the matter?" The Nymph said and have a look at me. She gasped.
"Uhh.." I don't know what to say.
"What's the matter Mother, Father?"
"Is something wrong with me?" I asked Mize, flabbergasted.
"I do not know" she said
"Uh sir?"

He snapped out and look at me, directly.
I tore my gaze because I am nervous.
"I'm sorry" he apologized
"Me too, honey" she smiled, sadly
"Oh, its okay" I smiled back, they look more sadder.
Since when smiled back make a person more sad?
"What is your name?" The Fire God asked me.
"Seane, Seane Myles" I said
"I see"
Silence ensued upon us.
"Ni-nice to meet you" I broke the awkward silence with an awkward sentence.
They nodded.
"Just make yourself at home they smiled" and they go to the living room
"Something wrong" Mize said
"It was like they saw... Never mind" she smiled sadly
I nodded I did not want to push this matter any further.
I have a bad feeling if I did.

*flashback end

I put my hand on my chin. Something wrong with him. He must know something about my past.
My eyes widened.
He didn't think I cannot become a sorceress, but he mistook me for someone.

And by mistaking for someone that only means The Academy lied.

Think about it. The kind of treatment the Academy gave me when I just new here.

For the first month I was here
The teacher always say
"I knew it"
And my Sorcerer Lesson mentor when I said I want to become a Myth Summoner of Heaven
"Are you sure?"
Sometime someone said
"What is she doing here"
"Get her out of here"
"This Academy is out of her league"
But when I asked them what do they mean. They just stay silent and tremble slightly.

If I'm unwanted why do they said the Academy is out of my league.

Prodigy? Prodigy my ass. I smirked.
I closed my eyes and before I drifted away to sleep.
I think of one sentence.
'I'm going to find out'.