The Story of a Socially Awkward Canine

So here it is, the story of that canine in the corner. You would think that it would be so simple to hear. After all, I don't talk much, and when I do it's a joke. But the truth rarely ever is.

It all starts somewhere in the middle, as my stories often do. Barely made it into high school and already there's some bullshit about a girl. I might as well be gay some days.

Month 1: The Boys Are Back in Town- Thin Lizzy

I come back to a slightly pleasant welcome. My old friend Donna, a quite nice harpy eagle if it matters, apparently had made some friends while I was off "on the yellow brick road" as I would put it later.

Those were a form of glory days, oddly enough being before the supposed marked ones. I gripped my golden heart necklace in anticipation of a new start in the same old place. Where I was born and will likely die, small town by the name of Jackass (written Azle), Texas. Funnier fact than the name, a popular thing about 10 years before I was born, was a "Jackass Jamboree."

It's obvious this town has a very odd sense of humor.

Anyway, the necklace I'm sure deserves a good explanation? Well I didn't get in this odd Podunk town, that's for damn sure!

It was from... A friend. Least that's what I tell my friends. He was an odd in a very queer (and proud of it) group in a big city in the desert, and I'm not talking Nightvale either. No, this was Odessa, this beautiful oil oasis in the middle of a dust worn highway.

"So welcome to Nimitz, my little fledgling!" An over the top, butch, blonde haired cheetah with a Cheshire grin, gestured towards the door of a shared classroom, with the other arm wrapped around my neck.

"Uh thank you." I managed to squeak.

"So what's ya name?" She said, that same smile not even moving from her face.

"Uh… Roxas?" I whispered, unsure if it was even audible.

"Don't even remember your own name?" She chuckled with a wider gaze of disbelief.

I just shrink a little, obviously intimidated, and her smile fades. "Name's Jaime." She sighs, offering me a handshake.

I just slowly walk away, and Jaime mutters under her breath staring at a wall.

Later on that day, two classroom switches to be exact, we get lunch. Instead of the usual milk cartons, there are "sacks" of milk. And some other third thing that's red. I choose the third thing, of course.

I sit down next to the same cheetah, seeing as she's the only one I have a name to call other than 'you with the face'.

She turns to me, sees my choice in drink and shakes her head. "I know you're a canine but 'dog medicine,' isn't the best choice for your first day."

"Dog medicine?" I inquire, cocking my head like a puppy.

The skunk at the table giggled to herself, staring with a smoldering gaze that made me more crimson than the drink in question.

"Let's just say you'll understand later today if'n ya drink it." The fox with the wide brimmed cowboy hat bellowed in a thick, deep, West Texas accent.

Unfortunately, by the time he finished, I had downed the whole clear plastic package and started on my pizza. What? I was hungry.

"Your loss…" The bunny at the other side and end of the table sighed, rolling his eyes and squeezing the last of his chocolate milk from the wrinkled sack.

Wow… I thought I'd never say this but that guy looks cute. I murred to myself, getting lost in his eyes.

"Wait, did I introduce my friends to you, small fry?" Jaime gasped in a light Brooklyn accent, lightly hitting herself in the head.

"My name's Nicole!" The skunk in front of me giddily offered with an outstretched paw.

"Zach." The fox smiled warmly, tipping his hat.

"I go by Bunny." The obvious third one smirked grimly, messing with his food with a fork.

"What's his real name?" I murmured behind my hand, not wanting to ruin his apparently already bad day.

"The newbie asks what's your story behind that name, good sir!" Jaime yelled in an overly valiant manner, puffing out her chest.

"Oh no that's... Um..." I started, curling into my self at my own stupidity.

"I'll explain it some other day." He flippantly sighed, not looking awfully annoyed, so much as to just have that long a story. "It is that long of a story." He remarked, almost as if he were a mind reader.

"Awww come on, you have to talk about him some-"Jaime started, getting pelted with a pizza crust before she finished.

"No!" He yelled, an evident difference in topic needing to be made. He then looked around, as everyone in the cafeteria seemed to simultaneously shit their pants. Ok. Definitely don't want to piss off Bunny!

"Settle down Bunny!" Nicole half-whispered with big eyes, "We don't want to scare the poor 'Fishman' off, do we?"

Bunny glanced at me, showing that he was gnashing his front teeth in anger and gave me a mortified look.

"Sorry… I'm not like this usually, believe me." He sighed, leaning into his friend's hold. If I had doubted his promise, that one gesture made it seem very genuine that he had that soft of a heart.

"Ugh, I would say grow some balls, but I know personally it's the pussy that can take a beating." The cheetah spat with disgust, earning a death glare from all her friends, even me. "What? Not my fault he's that-"She began, before a newcomer in a loose suit and tie cut her off.

"If you know what's good for you Kitty, you will hush before you cause any more of a scene." She began, standing right above the other girl's head with a scolding look that would put my mom to shame.

"Ah hush and give me a kiss!" The cheetah smirked, pulling on the girl's tie and laying a quick peck on her lips.

"Whatever you say, 'Sweetums.'" The well dressed girl growled, flicking her lover upside the head.

"Wait… You're a lesbian?" I gasped, my jaw dropping at their love. I had heard they existed but I had never seen someone actually be any form of queer.

"Yeah, what of it? You'se got a problem wit' that?" Jaime immediately quipped, balling her fist up, making her twice as intimidating from when I first met her.

"No, it's just I've never met one till now," I sighed, taking a scoot back and feeling even dumber.

"Oh," my new friends mouthed and whispered.

"Well what do you think of lesbians then?" Katie smiled warmly. I think I found the sweetest member of this group.

"I think, you're normal I guess?" I replied comfortably with a smirk, rolling my eyes, "not sure what the difference is."

Katie and Jaime exchanged a glance of approval of my answer. "Good answer knucklehead!" Jaime teased, wrapping her arm around me and messing up my hair.

The next four days passed without incident, I goofed around and slowly grew accustom to my new friends.

Oh and Nicole teased me into sitting by her. She smelled like some lilacs and willows.

When my second week of school started up with a bang. Or rather, a guy wanting to.

This big buff 6"8 bulldog came up behind Jaime and started whispering in her ear. I didn't hear all of the conversation about "wanting to go to the janitor's closet for some 'fun'," but I did know that Jaime's grin was hardly earnest and fair.

"Lead the way then, big boy~" Jaime cooed in a perfect replication of a Southern Belle. But, as the guy turned around, Jaime effortlessly cocked her fist right into the organ of the same name as the gesture.

I had never seen a person be on the ground in a matter of seconds and also be caught by the hair. The seething hatred in her eyes told of how she felt about this man.

"First of all Ryan, I don't want to hear your name on the lips of a poor defenseless gay friend of mine. Second of all, I have a girlfriend and am a lesbian, you dumb asshole!" Jaime listed effortlessly, earning a heavy amount of wide eyed terror from her victim. When she finally felt satisfied, she slammed his head into the floor.

Nicole giggled and high-fived Jaime, "Nice job my tool wielding macho dyke."

Jaime gave a chuckle full of machismo and slid her hand across the other girl's, "Any-day, my drag fag!"

My jaw was on the floor. How could they talk about how nonchalantly? They were insulting each other with these slurs I only heard from people who talked horrible of them.

And then it occurred to me.

"Wait Nicole isn't a girl?" I gasped, covering my mouth and pointing to the now even more amazing looking man. Wait, not in that way!

"Wow, you fooled another one, Nicci!" The cheetah cackled, almost slamming her chair down on the guy on the floor, adding more injury to insult.

"It's true, I am." Nicole replied shyly, hiding behind his pink and black fringe, "I hope that doesn't make you wanna hurt me!"

I froze for a moment. Not because I just had a pang of anger. No. I looked up at him, moving his bangs a little, "Honestly I'm more jealous than angry. And why would I be angry exactly anyway?"

The group all paused, some looking at me as if I were a saint, others an abstract alien being.

"Well," Zoe began, pulling off his hat and rubbing the back of his neck.

"LGBT people aren't exactly well respected around here. Here being the South I mean." Bunny finished with an indifferent gaze with his beautiful bright blue eyes.

And on that note, I figured something out. I may have an ulterior reason for being fine with so strange of a concept