Don't Forget Big Sis!
First Day of High School Arc

Bento: Boxed Lunch


That's really... Rin!

Everything was going around in circles, like a wheel that wouldn't stop turning! How had she not noticed it before? He still had the same eyes as back then, bright red ones that would sparkle whenever the light hit them... As soon as she saw them, she should have remembered! She hadn't even realized it was him until he said his name!

Akira's thought process came to a halt as her brain overloaded, and it was a minute of dazing off before she could think clearly again. How could I have... forgot about him? She took a glance at Rin and one unbidden word popped up into her head. Delinquent. Her hands pressed hard against the sides of her head as everything started going around in circles again! H-how did... sweet little Rin turn into a delinquent...!? What's happened... since I moved?

Akira took a deep breath, her hands slowly easing off of her head. I need to calm down... Rin may be a delinquent, but... he's still Rin... He could never be a bully. She looked over at him, an arm held against her chest. He was looking out of the window, so she couldn't see his face, which was probably for the best. I wonder... if he remembers me...

That was when Shirai-sensei called on her.

Rin turned his head upon hearing Akira's name called and he watched her go up to the front. I still don't know how to act around her, so... I'll just wait and see if she makes a move. He was going on the hope that she had finally remembered him. But... what if she doesn't make a move? What if... she still doesn't remember me?

Depressed, Rin buried his head in his arms, just before Akira walked up to him, textbooks in hand. Should I... call him by his first name...? The girl wondered, standing in front of him. But, if he doesn't remember me... that'd be... too familiar... Deciding to play it safe, she called him by his family name. "Ku-Kuroki-kun..." She said in a soft voice.

Rin looked up, his cheeks turning red when he saw Akira right in front of him, then he noticed what she had called him by and his face paled. She... called me by my surname... "H-here is your textbook..." She said, holding it out to him.

He took it, and looked down from her timid eyes. "Th-thanks..." He muttered, too afraid to say anything more. Akira softly nodded her head and laid a textbook on her own desk before walking off, her heart racing.

By 4th period, Rin and Akira were both exhausted from wondering if the other remembered them or not. In Rin's case he was scared and half-depressed; in Akira's she was nervous and anxious, endlessly worrying about a multitude of things. It was visually apparent as Rin's head had been flat down on his arms for the past hour, and Akira hadn't looked up from her desk since the math teacher had called on her.

The lunch bell rang and then they both looked up with the same thought. It's lunchtime...

Rin sighed, tired, and Akira took a deep breath, gathering herself, before they both stood up in unison. Her eyes snapped over to look at him, surprised by him so 'suddenly' standing up at the same time as she had.

Rin's eyes met hers. She's... scared... He looked away, his hands going into his pockets, his eyes somber. "It's... lunchtime..." He muttered, hoping that'd assure her everything was alright. With that said, he walked past her with an aching heart.

Akira looked down, a depressed look in her eyes. What... am I doing? I shouldn't be so scared of him... It wasn't just because he's a delinquent, but she was also afraid of the truth. I need to go... Aneue is waiting for me... She took another deep breath and picked her bag up. Just as she was about to move for the door, a familiar mess of dark brown hair stepped out in front of her.

"Hayasaka-chan, do you want to have lunch together?" Tsuda asked with a bright smile on her face.
Akira softly returned her smile. She wasn't going to let her worries affect her mood around her friends. "My sister and I are planning to eat on the roof, do you want to join us?"
Tsuda leaned forward, excited. "You have a sister? Big or small?"
Big or small? "She's my Onee-san."

"I can't wait to meet her! Let's go!" Tsuda turned around and took off, Akira following after her with a smile.

Kanata's day was going pretty well. She's already made a few new friends, and not a single enemy! A new record if she said so herself. Unfortunately, she had a feeling that her little sister wasn't as lucky. Akira's really not good with delinquents after everything that went down in middle school; and, to be honest, Kanata wasn't fond of them either. The only good thing about the delinquents around here is that they seem to be more like idiots than actual delinquents.

Anyways, it's lunchtime, so it's time to meet up with Akira. Kanata thought to herself as she headed for the stairs. She was in good spirits even after getting seated right in front of Nishi and Inoue, and that's because of a real nice girl sitting in the seat next to hers.

"High school is going to be fun~" She said, stretching her arms out, before spotting her little sister walking up the stairs. "Akira, over here!" Kanata called out. Akira smiled and walked over, another girl walking right beside her. "Who's your friend?" She asked, looking the girl over. Her eyes are really cute...

She saluted like an SDF soldier. "Tsuda Uta reporting for duty!"
Kanata smiled. "I'm Hayasaka Kanata, Akira's big sister." She said, introducing herself. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
"Kana-san?" Tsuda asked, and Kanata's smile faltered.
"Ah, I... don't really like nicknames. I'm sorry." She apologized.

Tsuda nodded in understanding and looked to Akira. "Your sister is really tall." She whispered, before looking back up at Kanata. Her eyes then shifted lower, settling on the taller girl's bust. "Middle." She announced, hitting her fist into the palm of her hand.

Kanata blinked, and looked down at her chest. Then she smiled and laid a hand on it. "Thanks."
"But small is the best." Tsuda said, laying a hand on her own chest.
"Only girls that have nothing to show off think like that." Kanata countered, grinning.
"That have nothing to show off..." The smaller girl repeated, looking at Akira's non-existent bust.

"Hai?" Akira asked, tilting her head.
"It's nothing." Kanata said.
"Nothing at all~" Tsuda repeated, snickering.
She practically had question marks floating above her head.

"Well then, let's head to the roof." Kanata said, leading the way.
"Hai, Onee-san~" Tsuda said, following.
Akira took the rear, smiling, happy that they were getting along.

With as many delinquents in this school, you'd think the roof would be a busier place, but Rin was up here all alone. He'd already set the picnic cloth out and was about to start eating when he heard the door open. He looked over, expecting some delinquents, but was surprised to see Akira, a girl from his class, and another girl walk out onto the roof.

A-Akira!? W-what's she doing out here!? He had thought she would stay in the classroom and eat. In fact, he had stepped out so he could get his mind off of her for awhile! But... what's she doing up here!? They always ate in the classroom back in primary school!

Rin's eyes suddenly found a resemblance between Akira and the second year. Wait... that girl... The girl in question had blue hair, like Akira's own, but not as light. It was very short, and she had it pulled back into a ponytail that didn't have much 'tail' to it. Her eyes were of amber color, and her face looked similar to Akira's own; then he remembered...

That's right... Akira has a big sister.

It was about a year after they first met, and they had decided to go play at the playground that day. Rin was already there when Akira showed up with another girl.

"Rin, this is my Onee-san." Akira said, smiling brightly right next to her gloomy sister.
Rin smiled and walked up to her sister. "I'm Kuroki Rin..." He said, a bit shy. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
He had expected her to be like Akira, to smile at the very least. But she didn't even do that. "Kanata." Was all she said before walking towards the swings.

Akira was undeterred, however. "Onee-san, do you want to play with us?"
"No thanks." Kanata answered her before sitting down.
"Be careful." She called out.
"Yeah." Her big sister started swinging.

"I was hoping she'd play with us," Akira said, turning back to Rin, "but it seems like she wants to play by herself."
"She looks sad..." Rin said, causing Akira to blink.
"Sad? But she's always like this..."
They stood there, watching Kanata, and then Rin got an idea. "Akira, let's play on the swings too!"
Akira smiled in agreement. "Hai!"

Kanata was in the middle seat, so they took the ones on either side of her. "What are you doing?" She asked them, stopping for a moment.
"We wanted to play on the swings too!" Akira cheerfully answered her.
"That's right!" Rin said, smiling.
"...Whatever..." She muttered, and they all started swinging, but she was the only one who wasn't smiling.

I wonder if she's still as anti-social as before? Rin thought, before noticing a shadow fall over his face. Before he had the chance to look up, he was hoisted onto his feet and found himself staring into a pair of fiery amber eyes.

"You filthy delinquent!" A fist connected with his cheek and he was sent flying to the ground.

Eh...? Akira's mind came to a complete blank. Kanata was standing above Rin, hands balled up into fists as she stared at her in shock and disbelief. Aneue... just hit Rin...?

"What's your problem!?" Rin yelled, his hand covering his burning cheek. That really hurt!
Kanata grabbed him by the collar and brought him face-to-face with her. "My problem is you!" She yelled.
Why is she so mad!? I haven't done anything, right!? There's absolutely no reason for her to be like this! "Let go of me you idiot!" He yelled back at her.
"Who do you think you're calling an idiot!?" Kanata exclaimed, not letting him go.

"The gorilla holding me up with one hand!" He angrily answered.
"You've got some guts calling me a gorilla." She practically hissed, and it looked like she was about to hit him again.

Just as she brought her arm back... "Aneue!" The cry filled the air and arms wrapped around Kanata's arm. "Aneue!" The cry came again, and she tore her eyes away from Rin. "Aneue, w-what are you doing...?" Akira asked with wide eyes and a trembling voice. No matter Kanata's reason, she couldn't just let her big sister hit him like that!

"Akira..." Kanata whispered before releasing Rin who fell down on his butt. She averted her eyes away from her sister and Rin, sighing. "Sorry." She said, but she wasn't speaking to him. "I just have some business with this guy I need to take care of."

Rin glared at her as he got up onto his feet. "What 'business' would that be?" He muttered, his attention solely on her.
Kanata stepped forward, returning his glare. "It involves beating your lights out."
He smiled. "Come and try it; I'm ready this time."
"You're not ready for anything!"

Akira stepped back, her eyes watering as two of the people she cares most about faced off. Wh-what is Aneue doing...!?Then, as she watched in horror, Kanata and Rin ran at each other, Kanata bringing her arm back as Rin drew his right leg back. Halfway into their attacks, the door to the roof slammed open.

"Well, well, what have we got here?" Kanata and Rin settled down, their glares shifting to the bald boy stepping out onto the roof. Behind him came four others, three boys and a girl. "This is our roof, ya know? Get off." The guy promptly commanded as his buddies spread out.

"Who's this loser?" Kanata muttered.
"How should I know?" Rin spat back.

Akira was backing up, getting all sorts of bad vibes. Tsuda was right behind her, hiding behind her back ever since being freaked out by Kanata's sudden outburst. Akira knew she should do something to try and dispel this situation, but she was too shocked by seeing her sister hit Rin to do anything.

"The name's Obuchi Hachiro," The bald boy said, cracking his knuckles, "second year, Class 2-C. This is our roof and I suggest that ya get off."

So that's why no one else was up here. Rin thought. Someone had already laid claim to it. Normally, he'd probably think better since there's five of them, but he was in a really bad mood right now. "Hey, you feel like eating somewhere else?" He asked Kanata, glancing at her.

After seeing that blonde delinquent, Kanata was in an extremely foul mood. These five idiots barging in on their fight and demanding all of them to get off of the roof only added to it. At Rin's words, she glanced back at him. "I don't."

They both glared at Obuchi, now standing together instead of against each other. "This is our roof." Kanata said. "Get off before we kick you off." Rin warned.

"Wrong choice of words." Obuchi muttered before looking at his posse. "Get them."

Akira's face went white, several strands of hair popping out of place as the delinquents charged. Two of the guys went for her sister, while the other guy and girl went for Rin. Kanata attacking Rin, the two of them fighting, and now a gang of delinquents starting a fight; it was all too much for Akira to handle in such a short time!

So, she did the best course of action her distraught mind could think of. "Tsuda-san, do... do you want to... eat lunch?" She asked, looking at the girl holding onto her with a very forced smile on her face.

Tsuda looked at the fight, then into her eyes. "Y-yeah... I'm pretty hungry, hehe..." She nervously laughed, and the two girls found a spot away from the fighting.

Kanata brought her fists up and straightened her stance as the two guys came at her. She ducked under the first guy's right hook and threw a quick jab into his gut before moving pass him and jumping away from the second guy's badly thrown punch.

The guy then ran at her, his fists up in a poor imitation of her own. He threw a feint at her head followed up with a really strong hit to her chest, knocking her back a couple of feet. "Ugh... That's all...?" She muttered, gritting her teeth as he narrowed his eyes and came at her again.

Meanwhile, Rin was stepping back and cleanly dodging his opponent's fists before spotting an opening and doing a roundhouse kick into the guy's head, dropping him to the ground. Over his falling body, the girl jumped at him and sent a kick straight into his raised arms. It really stung, but Rin kept moving back, ducking under the girl's next kick and swiping her leg out from underneath her. She fell, but got her hands on the floor and jumped back up onto her feet. She poked her tongue at him and they both lunged at each other with a roundhouse, their legs hitting each other, and their feet coming within inches of their heads.

Kanata blocked the guy's high jabs, her arms raised in front of her head, and then placed a hit into his nose as he drew his next punch back. He staggered backwards and she moved forward, going low and slamming a jab into his stomach where he threw his arms down to protect himself before she launched an uppercut into his chin. Before she could press her advantage, the first guy came at her from the side.

She stepped back from his fist and threw a left hook into his face before grabbing him by the shoulders and slamming her knee into his stomach. She dropped him and immediately turned around and slammed her right fist into the second guy's head before he could hit her. He cleanly fell down onto his back, knocked out.

Rin threw a kick at the girl but she stepped back and jumped forward, aiming for his head. He jumped to the side, quickly stepping around her before she whirled around with some kind of whirlwind kick. He ducked just in time and her foot slammed into her buddy, who had just now gotten back up onto his feet. He did a couple of circles on his feet before dropping face-first to the floor. "Uh, sorry..." She muttered, momentarily stunned by the accident.

His opponent was pretty strong, so Rin had to take her down in one hit, and this was the perfect chance. With his full force behind his kick, he slammed his foot into the girl's stomach as she was distracted. "Gaaah!" She keeled over, both arms wrapping around her stomach as she dropped to her knees, a bit of blood dripping down from her mouth from where'd she bit her lip. "Ugggh..."

Rin had hit her pretty hard, but it shouldn't have hurt that much! "Hey, are you alright...?" He asked, concerned.

"Y-yeah..." She weakly muttered, curling up into a ball on the ground. "I-it's just... t-that time... of the month..." Her face turned a sickly shade of green, then a dark shade of blue.

"Oh..." Rin mouthed, rubbing the top of his head. "Well... it's your fault." The pain she had to be feeling, on a scale of 1-to-10, had to be a 30... at least.

Obuchi, who had been leaning up against the door, frowned when he saw all of his underlings had been defeated. "If ya want a job done, ya got to do it yaself..." He muttered, taking a pair of sunglasses out of his pocket and putting them on. "I'll take care of ya guys."

Kanata walked up, her glare saying 'bring it'. As Rin was about to join her, a hand grabbed him by the hair and pulled him down to the ground, and he found himself looking into a pair of frenzied eyes. "I'll drag you to the depths of the underworld with me...!" The girl yelled, a deranged look on her face.
"L-let go!" Rin shouted, freaked out.

As Rin nearly got his hair yanked out every time he tried to get back up, Kanata was the only one left to face Obuchi. "Ya ready?" The boy asked, raising his fists.

Instead of answering him, Kanata threw a fist, aiming for his head. He blocked her hit before sending a kick into her side which she blocked with her arm before breaking away as he threw another kick at her. She then closed the distance and sent a jab towards his midsection, but he deflected it off to the side.

Kanata then threw a punch for his chest, but he stepped to the side and caught her wrist. He flung her away from him, and she rolled on the ground, her uniform catching a jagged edge in the floor and tearing a rip in it. Just as she got back up onto her feet, Obuchi was on her, his arm drawn back.

Meanwhile, Akira and Tsuda were eating their lunch, trying to enjoy their food as the fight went on. Akira didn't want to watch the fight, so she kept her eyes away from it no matter what she heard. She was only able to do that because she had faith in her sister, and she knew Kanata wouldn't lose to them. As for Rin...

Rin! Akira's eyes widened, her teeth coming down on the tips of the chopsticks in her mouth. Can Rin... even fight? Not once did she remember him ever knowing how to fight, but that could have easily changed in so many years... But, the more she thought about it, the more she worried about him!

Needing to know what was happening to him, she snapped her head over to the fight, and saw Rin crawling over with a girl latched onto his hair.


Akira thought, dumbfounded, as a question mark floated above her head. "Ku-Kuroki-kun...?" She softly asked, looking down at him.
"Hey." He waved at her.
"...What are you... doing?" She asked, tilting her head.
"It's just a piggyback ride." Rin waved off her concern. "Anyways, may I have that apple?" He asked, pointing at Tsuda's bento.

Tsuda looked at him, then stared at the girl on his back. "Uh... sure." She said, tossing the apple over.
"Thanks." Rin said, catching it.

Akira watched as he turned around and crawled a little ways towards where Kanata and the bald boy were fighting. What was... that about...? She thought, puzzled. I... I can't take much more of this... She drew in a deep breath, exhaled, and picked up another bite of rice. I... just have to keep eating. It'll be over soon...

Back at the fight, nstead of dodging or blocking, Kanata slammed her body into Obuchi's torso, knocking him down to the ground. She punched him in the face, only to get punched right back before he threw her off of him with his leg. She landed on her hands and feet, quickly righting herself to glare at the delinquent who now stood across from her.

Before either of them could make a move, an apple hit him in the side of the head. "Who did that!?" He yelled, snapping his head away from her. In that moment, the girl stepped forward and knocked him out with one strong, swift punch. He fell down to the ground, right on top of one of his buddies.

With that taken care of, Kanata looked over to see who had thrown the apple and saw Rin waving at her. She sighed and walked over to him, kicking the girl on his back upside the head and knocking her off of him. "Thanks." Rin said, standing up.

"Yeah, same here." Kanata muttered bitterly. She still wasn't happy to see him, but that fight had taken care of all of her pent-up rage.
"Guess the roof is ours now." Rin said as he fixed his hair.
"It's mine, so get off." She said, leaning forward.
He glared at her. "Who just helped you take care of that guy?"
"The apple."
"Apples don't throw themselves."
"Must've been my little sis, then."
"She's too busy eating."
"Then it must-" She blinked. "Akira's what?"
"Having lunch."

She looked over and saw that Akira and Tsuda had spread out their own picnic cloth and were in the middle of their meal. "Akira...?" Kanata asked, confused.

Akira blinked and looked over to see her sister standing there. "Aneue!" She cried out, tears welling up in her eyes as she jumped up and hugged Kanata.
"Onee-san!" Tsuda cried, jumping up and hugging her too.
"Gorilla!" Rin mockingly whispered.

If Kanata had a hand free to punch him, she would have done so.