"Welcome, to the Castle. Not only am I the host of this transport, but you are my humble guest."

The man with the long nose pushed a feathered pen and a sheet of paper towards the a-for-mentioned guest. "but I order for me to allow entrance, you must sign this contract for me to allow myself and my associates to aid you on your journey It does not contain any loopholes, or anything that may be malicious towards you in any way. This is only a formality, and something that I know that you would be able to fulfill." The Man smiled a strange smile, clasping his hands and leaning on his elbows before giving the guest a hard stare. The Guest gave a hard stare to the man before setting his gaze upon the contract that was presented. Picking up the feather, the Guest signed his name at the bottom of the page.

Cecil Mizuno

The Man gave a wide smile upon the signing of the contract. "Thank you kindly. Now you will have the Castle at your disposal. My name is Derigo, and I shall aid you on your journey." Cecil rolled his eyes at the word journey. He knew that nothing ever happened in his hometown, and that nothing ever will. This entire situation must be a figment of his imagination.

"I know that you don't believe me. Nevertheless, you will travel a great deal, and this room shall be your hub to ensure your survival, and the survival of the rest of your species. So sleep easy, Cecil Mizuno, and strive for success." Derigo gave Cecil one last look before The Guest's vision faded to black.