"Then she woke up, and then she did all of the things in ALL OF THE WORLDS!"

"I really don't think that's how Florence actually got out of bed, Laura," Cecil deadpanned. "You know how lazy Florence can be in the morning. I don't think she would put any work into anything that actually requires effort this early."

Laura gasped, clasping her cheeks in her hands in order to emphasize her surprise at what Cecil had just stated.

"You don't think she actually prepared for our Astral Night outing?!" Laura exclaimed.

"No. We can barely get her to go in the first place," Cecil said. He continued to walk as Laura stopped dead in her tracks. "If we can't convince her to go by the last period today, we won't see her tomorrow." Laura gasped, before hanging her head in shame.

"I know. And you're right. Florence didn't even bother looking for a dress…or paying for the ticket." Laura dashed up to Cecil, gripping his hood, and dragging him down to her level. "BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER!"

"Laura, you are choking me aaaaannnnnd injuring my ears."


"…You completely ignored what I just said."

"Please stop shaking Cecil. I don't think he can keep up with your hyperactive antics, Laura," a quiet voice stated as the speaker started to approach the shaker and the shaken. Both Laura and the dizzy Cecil turned to face this new person. "HI, FLORENCE!" Laura immediately released Cecil, who fell face first onto the pavement, and skipped over to the girl who had just arrived. Florence glanced at Laura before helping Cecil up from the ground.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm shaken, but at least I'm not stirred" Cecil managed to quip before regaining his footing.

"Getting punny are we?"

Cecil stared at Laura, who was currently spinning in place while humming a jolly tune. He sighed, before heading towards the direction of their school. Florence, also realizing the time, followed suit. "Hey, wait up!" Laura screamed before dashing to catch up to her fellow peers.

Sakefore High school was the place where kids who didn't want to get good grades studied for their future endeavors. However, this school was known as the fundamental step for many of the world's leading scientists and intelligence. This was because this school focused on the student's innate desire to learn. It allowed the students to pursue whatever subject that they wanted to learn, and allowed the students to participate in classes that pertain to that particular subject. Of course, the school requires some of the basic classes, which was exactly our trio of teenagers were currently headed to meet up with the other members of their small band of oddities. As they started to head to their required class, many different students were also heading to their respective classes or activities which they happened to have at the time.

The gentle murmur of the classroom was just enough to block out the soft clicks of the laptop. Eyes framed in black glasses stared at a lit up screen before sighing softly. Slender fingers continued to click away on the keyboard, even as three figures slowly approached the student.


Christian rolled his eyes before stashing his laptop in his backpack, a smile clearly evident on his face. "Hello Cecil, Laura, Florence. How are you three this morning?" he said as the three stood around his desk.

"I'm pretty good. Completely shaken by Laura's crazy antics and quirks, but that's nothing out of the ordinary," Cecil muttered before collapsing on his desk, letting his black hair cover his eyes. They gave a brief glance in the direction of the sleepy teen before continuing their conversation.

"So, how is everything working out with you since we last met?" Christian inquired just as Laura zoomed off to converse with some of the other students in the classroom. Florence just sighed before turning back to answer her best friend's question, "Everything is pretty good. Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow though, since most of the clubs are going to be at Astral Night."

"I'll help you decide then," Cecil uttered, attracting the attention of the two other students near him without lifting his head. "You are coming with us. The celebration is tomorrow, which means it's a Saturday. I know that you don't do anything special on Saturdays besides read books." Florence opened her mouth to respond.

"And no, rereading Masters of the Universe again does not count as something fun," Cecil interrupted, causing a splash of color to appear across Florence's face. "Now here's what's going to happen," Cecil stretched before laying his head back onto the desk, "You're going to put on a dress, then meet us at school to-"

"PARTY TIL' THE COWS COME HOME!" Laura managed to hear the conversation from across the room and sped over, scaring everyone and making Cecil fall onto the floor. "This IS gonna happen Flor. Nothing is going to stop us from having fun, can I get a WOOOOOPP!?"

" Wooooo…," Cecil mumbled quietly, raising his fist in fake enthusiasm before letting it drop with a heavy thump. Florence smacked her hand against her forehead and Christian shook his head, but smiled nonetheless.

Laura looked down, dejected at the lack of enthusiasm, but immediately sprang back up again, shocking Cecil before exclaiming, "THAT'S OK! WE HAVE FLORENCE ADDED TO OUR HYPE TRAIN!"

Christian glanced over at Laura. "She never actually agreed to go with us."

Florence giggled at this, "It's fine. But Cecil does make a good point. I might as well go with you guys, because I won't have anything else to do. Luckily I have a dress from all of the balls that I went to."

Laura, Christian and even Cecil gasped in disbelief at what Florence had just said.

"You went to balls before?" the three sounded simultaneously. Even Christian, who boasted to the others that he knew more about Florence than any of them combined, was shocked.

"The key word being used to. I no longer go to balls because of all of the clubs that I am taking right now, and I no longer have the time to practice. But I do remember some of the things that I learned." Florence let out a light spin, trying to demonstrate grace that was obtained from years of practice on a ballroom floor. "I should still be able to dance reasonably well."

Christian then reached over, and pulled out his water bottle, and took a swig of water, "Well, if you are going, then would you grace me with the privilege of accompanying you as your Sun?"

The whole class room gasped at this, and even Cecil glanced up at to watch this spectacle. Florence just gasped at the currently reddening Christian, red soon flowing into her own cheeks as she comprehended the statement that had just been said.

"Yes, you can accompany me as my Sun as long as I get to accompany you as your Moon."

The class clock struck, signaling the beginning of a new day.