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It was a beautiful Monday morning but it wasn't just another Monday. It was New Year's Eve and Wesley chose that day to invite his friends to a beach party to celebrate the arrival of a brand new year together. Most of the blading teams and Legendary Bladers declined so they could celebrate in their own countries. Soon, more people declined for the reason of family trips or illnesses or other excuses until the big party turned into a small get together for only twelve people. There's Wesley, of course, along with Melissa, Kat, Chris, Zayna, Wanda, Raiden, Kirito, Miranda, Simi and Sami- Including Leon Hart from Team St. Leo University who was kind enough to join the group.

"Finally!" Chris said in relief as he dropped the heavy pile of wood he was carrying on the sand. He wiped the sweat off his forehead as the others came into view.

"You didn't even carry as much as we did," Leon pointed out dropping his pile-which was WAY larger than Chris's.

"Why do we even have to collect wood?" asked Wesley as he put his pile down as well.

"Cos', dimwit, you said we're going to stay overnight so we need to collect wood for the fire later," said Raiden preparing to make a structure for the fire. While he was doing that the other boys began to put up two tents-one for the boys and the other for the girls. Miranda and Kirito had already set up their other stuff-the grill, blankets, volleyball net, umbrellas, food and refreshments-while the older boys gathered wood. The duo was now by the shore playing.

"Are the girls done yet?" asked Raiden who had already put the last piece of wood in the pile and was now looking at his handiwork.

"Nope," replied Wes," They're still changing."

"Ugh," groaned Chris for the umpteenth time that day, "What is it with girls and changing clothes? I wanna see Kat in a swimsuit already!"

"I didn't know you were dirty-minded," said Leon with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Chris blushed. Wesley, Leon and Raiden snickered.

"I...uh..." the Sabrewolf blader stuttered,"Like you haven't imagined Zayna in a dirty way before!"

It was Leon's turn to blush as Wesley and Raiden released full-blown laughters.

"Hart, just man up already and ask her out," said Raiden.

"I will...," he replied,"...if Wes asks Melissa out too."

"W-What? I d-don't like Melissa," Wes stuttered, blushing as he did so.

Raiden couldn't take it anymore and started to ROSL-Rolling on Sand Laughing.

"Um...What exactly is going on?"

The boys turned around and saw the girls watching them. Melissa was wearing a pale green bikini with bows, Zayna's was a dark blue with ruffles and Kat's was a tiger fur pattern. Simi and Sami were wearing one pieces in black and white respectively and ran off to play with Kirito and Miranda. Wanda was wearing a simple shorts and shirt combo.

Raiden watched as the other boys stared and laughed harder.

"Alright, Raiden's laughing more than usual. It's creeping me out," said Melissa.

Raiden stopped laughing and was now breathing heavily. "These three...girls...swimsuits...dirty minds...," he said through pants.

"Snap out of it you three!" snapped Wanda who finally got the message.

Their heads jerked upward as their blushes got darker.

Kat suddenly shrieked and pointed at Wanda.

"What?" asked Wanda.

"What are you wearing?"

"Uh...my swimsuit?"

"Nooooo...What you're wearing is a stupid excuse for beachwear. Let's go. I have extras in my bag."

Kat proceeded to drag Wanda back to the changing rooms. For someone who had a C- in Physical Education she had a pretty strong grip that even Wanda couldn't get out. And she was an A+ student in said subject.

"A little help here," she said to Raiden since the others were still having a stare-off.

"Dare stop me from putting her in a proper outfit and I will personally see to it that Melissa will tamper with Drakos next time you send it for repairs."

Raiden shrugged," By all means. Don't let me stop you."

Kat smiled and continued to drag Wanda.

"Traitor!" the brown-haired girl shouted over her shoulder.

"All boys are perverts," commented Zayna looking at Raiden who was thinking about whatever it is Raiden thinks.

"You said it," agreed Wesley.

"You have no idea what a pervert is, do you?"


"How 'bout you Leon?" she asked. Then, noticing where his gaze was," Eyes up, pervert!"

The scarred blader blushed.


"That is the best sandcastle ever!" exclaimed Sami as she and her twin sister, Simi, walked towards Miranda and Kirito.

"I just hope it won't happen again," said Kirito.

"What won't happen again?" asked Simi.

"Last time we went to the beach me and Miranda built a sandcastle but it got washed away by a wave," he explained.

"And this time I have a plan," announced Miranda with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Ta-da!" she yelled pulling out a humongous umbrella.

"A wave is coming!" yelled Sami.

"Hiya!" The Corvus Blader opened the umbrella and braced against the impact of the wave. Once

it stopped, she turned around expectantly.

The sandcastle was safe!

"Yay!" she and Sami shouted as they jumped in the air.


Miranda flinched at the voice and turned back around.

Kirito was dripping wet from head to toe.

"Looks like the umbrella can only cover three people and a sandcastle," Simi pointed out.

"Whoops," said Miranda sheepishly rubbing the back of her head.

Kirito mumbled something under his breath.

Sami ran off and came back with a towel in just seconds. "Here...,"she said wrapping it around Kirito and helping him dry off. Kirito smiled back in gratitude.

"Kirito and Sami sitting in a tree,


First comes love

then comes marriage

Then comes Kirito Jr.

in a baby carriage."

sang Miranda and Simi, making the other two blush. An idea came into Sami's mind and she whispered it to Kirito excitedly.







Sami and Kirito sang in a volume louder than the firs two. It was Simi and Miranda's turn to blush. Soon, they were having a sing-off which eventually lead to Miranda losing her voice.

A gloomy aura surrounded Wanda as she walked back to their group's spot. The others were already sitting on the logs the boys set up when she came back wearing a dark purple bikini.

"Oh, lighten up. You look like a model," said Kat before sitting next to Chris.

"I look more like an eggplant," she muttered.

"A very cute eggplant," replied Raiden.

Wanda scowled and hit him in the chest making him lose his balance. He pulled the girl's arm in mid-fall making them fall down together with Raiden on top of Wanda. They both blushed as their lips brushed against each other's lightly.

There was a flash and Wes screamed," RAIDEN!

"You might wanna run," said Wanda.

Thus, the two rivals ended up chasing each other all around the beach.

"This is gonna be a long day," commented Melissa.

"VOLLEYBALL!" yelled Chris as he, Kirito, Miranda, Raiden and Leon occupied one side of the net while Kat, Simi, Sami, Wanda and Zayna occupied the other.

Melissa had gone to make dinner and Wesley went to help her.

"Let blood fly, ladies," said Wanda her competitive side taking over. Simi cracked her knuckles.

"Cower in fear ladies. I'm not just a #1 Blader, I'm also a #1 volleyball player," bragged Chris.

"Just serve the ball, Chrissy Moo-Moo," said Zayna impatiently.

He did as he was told and served it to the end of the other side. Kat intercepted it and sent it towards Wanda- who had her back against the other team-spiked it backwards. Raiden jumped up and blocked it. Zayna slid across the sand to save it.

Miranda and Kirito hit it together and sent it high in the air. Simi crouched. Sami ran towards her and used her to somersault in the air. She hit the ball and it hurtled towards the boys' side.

"Score!" yelled Kat as she high-fived the twins.

With the girls combined efforts they got a 10 point lead. This irked the boys to no end.

"Well, that's our pride down the drain," said Miranda, recovering from her voice loss.

Leon growled and furiously sent the ball to the other side. The girls' guards were down and they weren't able to react in time. Unfortunately, Zayna just happened to be in the line of fire.

"Ow!" she yelled as the ball made contact with her head and she fell on her back.

Leon cursed under his breath and ran towards the cooler. Kat blocked the girls from helping while Raiden blocked the boys until Leon came back, an ice bag in his hand.

"Where does it hurt?" he asked. Zayna pointed to a spot on her head. Leon gently placed the bag there. The bluenette looked up to see Leon's blue eyes looking at her with concern. She could already feel her face burning up. Either from the heat or...


...maybe something else.

Melissa was grilling patties while Wesley made the burgers. None of them talked as they were too focused on their own tasks. The only sound was the sizzling of meat and squirting of condiments.

The weather was getting colder compared to when they arrived. Melissa decided to wear the jacket she brought with her and opted to wear it like Raiden's-on her shoulders. It was the middle of the afternoon already and a breeze was playing. A sudden burst of wind came in their direction and lifted Melissa's jacket off her shoulders.

"I got it!" she and Wes yelled at the same time. They both ran towards the jacket as the wind continued to carry it farther away. At some point Melissa began to falter so Wesley held her hand to help her keep up. The mechanic blushed at the contact but it did help her run faster. The wind had stopped and the jacket just laid under the sun waiting to be picked up.

Once they were close Melissa felt a stabbing pain in her foot and suddenly felt herself falling.

Before she could fall, however, a pair of arms suddenly went around her to steady her. She turned around to see Wes looking at her, blushing furiously.

"It hurts," she said lamely to break the silence. A red bruise was already forming on her right foot.

In one sweeping motion, he already had her on his back and was heading back to their group.

Melissa buried her face on his back and wondered why her heart was beating so fast.


"Dinner!" announced Melissa whose right foot was now bandaged.

In just five seconds everybody was gathered around the foldable table laden with all kinds of food the authoress was too lazy to specify.

"Best...cooking...ever...Lissa," said Wes through mouthfuls of food. Melissa smiled and blushed.

Miranda and Simi were sitting together eating spaghetti. Their faces were already covered in sauce. Unknown to them they were eating the same piece of noodle. Both continued sucking on it and the noodle became shorter and shorter until they were now face to face. They both blushed and inched away from each other making the noodle break.

At the same time, just next to them were Kirito and Sami who were eating ice cream. Kirito's hand brushed against Sami's. The girl blushed and flinched which unluckily made the ice cream land on her face instead of her mouth. Kirito saw this and grabbed a tissue off the table. He began wiping the ice cream, off Sami's face until her brown eyes were visible. Dark brown eyes connected with light brown ones.

Silence surrounded the two young couples like they were in their own world.


The young ones blushed and turned around to see the others smiling at them.


"Buzz off!" snapped Simi.

It was already close to midnight. They all changed their clothes because the weather was getting colder. The fire was lit and everyone gathered around it in some sort of mutual silence. Wes was massaging Melissa's foot while Leon was teaching Zayna how top play guitar. Simi, Sami, Miranda and Kirito were all laughing on the blanket watching the stars. Raiden and Wanda were sharing earphones while listening to Wanda's music player. Chris sat next to Kat who was arranging pictures on an album of some sorts.

"What are those?" he asked.

"Pictures I took a while ago," she replied. There was one of Raiden and Wanda falling down, Leon aiding Zayna, Melissa being carried by Wes and the Teals eating with Miranda and Kirito.

"Something's missing," said Chris.


Kat looked up in surprise and saw her auto-developing Polaroid camera just above her. A picture slid out. Chris pulled it off and placed it on Kat's hand. The girl looked at Chris curiously before looking at the picture. In it, her head was turned down as she was too absorbed in her photos and Chris was grinning widely. She was shaken out of her thoughts when she felt a hand holding her own.

Chris's face was already inches from hers.

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne!" sang Chris as Kat continued to stare at him. When he finished the first verse he looked at Kat expectantly and that was when she found her voice," For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne.

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, For auld lang syne.'

"For auld lang syne," they sang together.

Thus, the countdown begins.

"10..." the kids sat up on their blanket.

"9..." Zayna and Melissa paid close attention.

"8..." Raiden and Wanda removed their earpieces.

"7..." Kat closed her album firmly.

"6..." Chris's arm went around Kat's waist.

"5..." Raiden held Wanda's hand tightly.

"4..." Leon bumped his forehead against Zayna's.

"3..." Kirito inched closer to Sami.

"2..." Simi smirked and tapped Miranda's shoulder.

"1..." Melissa and Wesley shared a glance.

Fireworks erupted in the sky in bursts of red and yellow, signaling the start of a brand new year. Kirito kissed Sami's cheek while Miranda hugged Simi. Kat put her arms around Chris's neck as they kissed sweetly. Leon placed his lips gently on Zayna's. Wesley gave a warning glance to Raiden. He nodded to assure him before sharing a kiss with Wanda. When Wes turned back, he found himself kissing

Melissa. Both of them were surprised at first before giving in to the kiss.

More fireworks erupted in the sky but they paid no mind. There were a few moments of silence before a single firework went up and exploded in a heart-shaped formation.

"Happy New Year."

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