Okay, so this is my first 'original' work. I normally do fanfictions but got the feel for it recently. Hope you guys enjoy~! WARNING: YAOI (GUYXGUY) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED._

I winced as a gust of wind blew, scattering the piled snow. It was the beginning of March and it's still freaking cold. It's unbelievable. It feels more like the dead of winter instead of the end.

"Why do you hate him so much?" My friend, Reena, asked as we walked down the barely shovelled footpath, her short brown-red shoulder-length hair swaying slightly with the breeze and her brown eyes narrowed to avoid the little snow sailing through the winter air. Her hands were tucked in her jeans pocket.

"That doesn't even need to be asked. Anyone in their right mind would instantly loathe him." I replied, my green eyes narrowed not just by the wind but by the though of that guy.

"What about the hundreds of girls always rushing for a spot beside him?"

"Like I said, anyone in their right mind." A laughing smile graced her lips. I knew she agreed. She hated girls who whirl around guys as if they were a god offering much for the ones bowing to them. We share a lot of similarities.

"That doesn't answer the question." I rolled my eyes. That's part of her stubborn streak.

"The guy's conceited, supercilious, arrogant, contemptuous. No sensible person would succumb to someone like him." I tuck a lock of my auburn chest-length hair behind my ear only for a part of my overgrown bangs to strip forward. I've been thinking of letting them grow out. It's up to my cheek.

"Well what if the guy's sweet, caring and modest? Why judge him and you've never had a real conversation with him?"

"So you think that's how he is?" I ask looking to her.

She shook her head. "God, no. I'm just saying, don't judge the book by the cover and contents." Sometimes she's so confusing it's funny.

"Isn't that a little hypocritical to say?"

"Maybe." I let out a chuckle and her smile joins me.

We've been friends for over seventeen years now. We're like siblings to one another since we're both only kidsvin our families. We met in elementary school when the teacher accidentally thought I was a girl and stuck me in the row full of them, between Reena and a wall for naptime. It was our first day and while we nervous and couldn't sleep, she called me and we talked for a half an hour then dosed off. When we woke back up, we got together and talked all throughout the day.

We're 20 now and the same height which is a rough 5"6. Sad part? People still mistake me as female. My body is slim with a few curves and my skin clean, a rosy-pale. Reena said it's the hair but I don't care, I don't want to cut my hair.

"By the way," She started. "what are you gonna do about tomorrow?" I grunted. I really didn't want to be reminded about that but I know it had to be brought up.

"Honestly?" She nodded. "I have no fucking clue." She let out a sympathetic sigh probably expecting an answer of the sort. "I really don't want to deal with anything even remote to this." I didn't even want to think about it.

"Why don't you come to Jerry's party then? You know, get your mind off it. Little booze here and there could be good too.." It did sound tempting. The alcohol part of course. I don't even care about the worst hangover I might get. Actually I may even welcome it. "And, Andrea's gonna be there. What better way to get over having to meet with your ex than with some conventional sex?

I sigh. Andrea is pretty good looking, good build. "I don't know."

"Come on, you know it'll help. And you've gotta be horny with all that time and sexually frustrated people around us. Why not let out all the stress in one night?"

She's right. Plus, what's the harm in it? "I guess."

"Great. Marshalla and I will meet you at his place then." Marshalla is Reena's girlfriend. She's a bit taller than us and she's seriously sweet and nice. Ironic as it is, we're both attracted to the same sex.

"Great." I groaned.

"And try not to bring your sulky whining to-" She stopped as I bumped into someone and was thrown back. "You okay?" She asked me and in a pause, we both looked up to the sitting figure on the ground across from me, the one I collided with.

Oh perfect.

Nick Rolland.

Black hair, blue eyes and an average build. Apparently what all girls are after.

"You okay, miss?"

I looked up to see a hand held out to me. Following the arm, I realized it was him and rolled my eyes.

I swatted the hand away with annoyance and got up on my own, dusting myself off.

"I was just trying to be nice." I heard him say.

"I'm fine." I said with a bit of venom.

"Sorry for being a gentleman then." He spat. "My morals for when accidentally throwing a girl down to help her was ridiculous."

"Well, considering I'm a guy, you're still good." I said with scorn.

Nick's eyes widened. "You're.. really? Are you sure?"

"Actually, you're right. From showering to changing, how do I really know if my body's gender is male. Pardon me." My voice was laced with sarcasm.

"Geez, that much bitchiness in one person can't be healthy. Try to cool it down." What the hell is wrong with him? "I was just making sure."

"And that much idiocy in one person can be deadly. Try to keep it to a minimum." I mocked. I wanted so badly to scoff at the look of aversion in his eyes. 'The feeling's mutual!' I shouted to him from my mind.

"Oh you're that Alexis kid that Jamie's been going on about. Now I remember." Eh? Jamie? That bastard that got me fired from my last job? "You're a rude little snot aren't you? Well I don't have time for useless people like you." Ha! Took the words right out of my mouth.

He scoffed and walked past me.

Well, hopefully I'll never see that guy again, or at least never talk to him.

"That was.. harsh.. but entertaining." I heard Reena from beside me. "Talk about irony."


Urgh, I so do not want to do this.

It's like humiliation nation with the flag of anger and continents of heartache.

Honestly, who wants to be a part of that?

I stood outside of a sophisticated metal door labelled 'Briefing' and right below it 'Occupied'.

I'm actually a writer, alias but today, the company wanted to gather all authors that work under an alias to discuss book signing and any other day I would've been fine attending but since we're gonna hear opinions from, as the boss would put it, 'outside views', we're having someone join the meeting...and that someone is my ex.. who cheated on me with the boss.. and after breaking up, he's still with him.

The boss, Jake, is actually pretty much my height and for someone in their late twenties, he looks like a 19 year old. He's slim but curved, a rosy coloured skin, honey blonde hair in steps to his shoulder, light green eyes and natural pink lips. All in all, he's a guy's wet dream walking. But, I could care less about that.

Anyway back to now, I'm about to step into a room where my cheating ex and his current boyfriend who signs my paychecks about to give me advice about my career are. Life works in beautiful ways doesn't it?

I sigh.

Alright, time to bring my pride and self-esteem to my knees.

I grabbed the knob and turned, pushing the door in before entering and almost grunted at the sight of my boss resting oh so sultry on my ex's lap, his arms around Jake's waist and of course with me and my perfect timing, I walked in at the right moment to see him place a kiss on Jake's neck.

"Ah, Alex, you're finally here." I hear the boss announce.

There are only a very few amount of people who work under an alias and so there were presently six authors in the room excluding me.

There was a long rectangular wooden table in the middle of the room, four chairs on both sides and one on either end. My boss sat at the far end with full view to the door while four people sat on the left side and two on the right. One next to the boss–a guy–, then an empty seat, then the other taken–a woman–. I actually know those two well. We hung out a few times and did a little book together. It sold pretty well.

"Alex.. Hey.." Zack, my ex, greeted me.

I continued in and shut the door behind me. "Morning." I coolly greeted to no one in particular. I looked around. Everyone else seems to be uncomfortable. Well yeah, having your skanky boss sensually sit on the lap of some other guy can have you a wee bit shifty.

Humph, slut.

Okay maybe I'm going a bit too far with the names. But seriously, how many workers can call their boss a whore even if it isn't true? No one. But that's what our nice, private minds are for. We are all blessed with this so why waste it? I'll go as far as I want. 'Just as how I made Zack scream with ecstasy from just being inside me.' Urgh, I wanted to shout that in his face.

And Reena says I'm not over this breakup. Puh-lease.

"Come on Zack, I need to start." I hear the barely whisper from the right of me.

So over it.

"Zack, babe..mm.. seriously, move your hand." He silently giggled.

Not even thinking about it anymore.

"You don't sound serious about it."

Doesn't even bother me.

"God, Zack, come on."


"Do you know how hot you are?"

Not even.

"Okay, I have the rest of the day free so if you stop now, we can do whatever you want later."

"Hmm, sounds tempting enough. Alright."

Still good here.

"Thanks, love you."

"Love you too baby."

I wanna bang my head.

Stupid sensitive ears that can pick up so much. My friend on the right of me, Damion, must've sensed my agony as he pats my back. The two knew. Hell the whole company knew because Zack come often to visit me.. Well, for part 1 apparently.

His fucking hands are still down there. It's hidden under the table but it's still down there. Honestly, you see an ex that you've recently been in a relationship for three years, acts all awkward as if you're sorry for what you've done and proceeds to molest your current boyfriend in front of him. Nice going, dumbass.

"Alright, so having a book signing can raise funds of about 25% for both us and whatever store. But because of your positions, we can only have your signature placed in the book. It does raise our sales by 19% but I've found a way to bring it to an even and expected 25-..."

I realized the other four in the room were glancing at me, probably to see my reaction to all this.

Just perfect.

Finally over. Longest hour of my life.

I was slipping my little notebook into my one-shoulder strapped bag when I saw Jake kissing Zack or possibly reversed in his chair. Hmph, I hope they choke on each other's tongues.

I stood and grabbed for my half empty water bottle, taking a sip and heading out where I saw Jake leaving before me.

"Alex." Oh you've got to be kidding me. "Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"No." But before I was able to grab the knob, his hand reached out for mine.

"Please? It'll only be a minute." Argh, I hate him.

I turned around while he backed away to allow me room. "About?"

He sighed. "I know we didn't end on..good terms-"

"Really?" Sarcasm of course.

"-so I didn't think it was a good idea then but I was wondering if I can pass by tomorrow to pick up my things? I'll bring yours over too."

Is he serious right now? It's this bi-polar shit that I can't take because one minute, you act like you understand the situation between us, the next you don't give a flying noodle and then you act like you care and are so sensitive to the relationship.

"You're a jackass." I unconsciously spurted.

"You know, you could be a little more trying to make this at least a little pleasant."

"Oh," I slightly laughed. "I'm not making this pleasant?" I spat. He's really starting to piss me off again.

"You think?" Seems like I was starting to piss him off too. Good.

"I wasn't the one with my hand down some other guy's pants. And let's not forget the tongue down his throat."

"That's different." He firmly stated.

"How is that different?"

"Because I'm dating him and you're just in the-!" Okay, hate factor lowering, hurt rising.

"In the what?" He didn't answer. Now he didn't answer. NOW the fucking bastard didn't answer! "So you're saying that during the entire 'fiasco', I was in the way? Basically the relationship was just a damn nuisance to you." My voice was getting louder. "Practically, three fucking years was just a way to past time!"

"Of course not, I did love you!" Ha!

"Oh, so you loved me so much you needed an extra person?" We were now to shouting. Great. At least the room's soundproofed.

"Well what was I supposed to do? You were just throwing away our sex life!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?!"

"Two months. You put me through a dry spell for practically two fucking months!"

"I was working on the an important project! I barely had time to sleep and you knew this so don't bullshit me with 'you were horny'."

"Sex is an important part in a relationship and you definitely knew this."

"But it's not the fundamentals of it! It isn't indispensable!"

"You know what, you're just angry I found someone who is better at sex than you."

"Oh screw you! I can't believe I ever thought this would work!"

"Same here!"

"I hope you both create a disease together!" I opened the door, ready to leave.

"I hope you don't kill the only old man willing to take you with your inability to take a fuck!"

"Fuck you!" I threw the bottle at him and slammed the door.

Well that went swimmingly. Nothing like a good fight with a cheating, disgusting, careless, inscrutable bastard of an ex to start off the day. I sighed. Well at least no one was outside.

Been together for three years and all he cared about was sex. Dingus much?

I jumped at the vibration in my front right picket, realizing a second later it was my cell.

Sighing, I fished it out, checking the caller ID and flipped it open seeing it was my mother.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Lexy, honey, how are you? Are you doing good? How's my favourite and only son today?" She rambled with a sweet voice.

I grunted.

"What do you want?" She only uses that sweet tone if she wants something not that she's never sweet. She's the best mom ever to me.

"It's a quick favour. I need you to grab an envelope labelled 'Rolland' and deliver it to someone for me. If they don't receive it in the next twenty minutes, he'll be entitled to fifty dollars. Please? I know you had a meeting at the company and it should only take ten minutes to get home then to his. Please, Alex? Please? I can't right now, I'm an hour away in an adjourned meeting." That's my mom. Answering all the questions I ought to ask then numbing all my arguing with endless begging.

I groaned. "Fine." I exhaustedly gave in. She'd just go non-stop until time's up then hang it over my head until she's ready to drop it.

"Aw, thanks honey. I'll treat you to something tomorrow, promise. We'll go out for chinese food or italian." I smiled and turned around, heading to her home. Dinner or lunch with her is already perking up my mood. "You'll tell me what happened today, right? We'll talk it over, bad mouth him a bit or couple times or throughout it all and we can take a stroll through the mall-"

"Wait, what are you talking about?" She couldn't possibly know about that. I didn't say anything. Actually, I didn't even tell her about the meeting.

"Zack was at the meeting right?" And cue reminiscence. Awesome.

"How did-"

"Reena told me." Urgh, right, forgot about Reena. Well it's fair. I do the same to her with her mom. "So do you want to tell me what the bastard said tomorrow or now?" She asked.

"Don't you have a meeting right now?"

"Eeh, compared to this, that is crap. Actually, the meeting in whole is boring as fuck. Plus I have like about twenty extra minutes left."

"Nah, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"No prob. The meeting starts back in two, in truth so I'll call you later." I shook my head. Typical mom.

"Alright. Bye."


I looked around the entrance of the apartment complex. Typical, ordinary style. Well, I actually like it. I was a little wet since the rain had started to pour. Maybe I can wait a bit here for it to lighten up a bit. It's not all that heavy anyhow.

I moved to the lift.

It was pretty easy getting in without having to page the guy. Someone was entering in front of me.

Getting in, I pressed the button for the ninth floor. The address was on the envelope.

"Wait, I'm getting on!" I heard then saw a hand stretch out to stop the closing doors then rush in with a blue laundry basket.

Urgh, why? WHY?

"Oh, it's the rude brat." The condescending tone of Nick greeted me as he turned his gaze onto the closing doors about to press the ninth button but seeing it already lit, he retreated.

I'm so not in the mood for this.

We just stood. The sound of the elevator engine filling in the silence.

"So tryina act like the mature one now, huh?" Can he just like, shut up? It has to be just my luck to run into him after this day. Apparently, yesterday wasn't enough.

"Okay, you're gonna have to say something so I don't come off as the bad guy here." I rolled my eyes. "Seriously-"

We were both startled as the elevator abruptly stopped with a bounce, it's lights flickered off then came back on a little dimmer than before.

You've. Got. To. Be. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

Judging by the small red light lit beside the multiple buttons that's labelled 'Emergency Light', my luck just ran out.

Hope you enjoyed that and I hope you're waiting for more ^_^

'Till next time~