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Okay, so I was required to attend a meeting where my boss, who is my ex-boyfriend's current boyfriend that I was cheated on with––who is hotter than any guy or possibly girl out there, openly shows his relationship with my previous boyfriend in front of me, and had everyone in the company aware about their relationship besides me when it was on the down low––invited said ex-boyfriend to give his views on our ideas and I was promptly reprimanded for both a plot for my current book and for my views on having an alias do a book-signing. The day proceeded to have that same ex 'suggest' the pick up of his belongings and a drop off of mine which then lead to a quite pleasant fight between us. Please note the sarcasm. I was then begged into doing a favour which lead me to meet with the guy who I detest and vice versa. Oh and the worst part? I'm stuck in a broken down elevator with him. And only him...

How is my life not a soap opera? This is quality drama people.

"I can't believe this is happening.." I mutter, drawing the attention of the other in the limited space.

"Oh, so now you decide to talk." He spat.

"It just has to be my luck.." I sarcastically continued, ignoring him. I honestly couldn't care less about him at the moment because aside from all this crap, my clothes were starting to stick very uncomfortably to my body. I know I shouldn't moan, groan and complain like the bitch I'm being but... Why couldn't the universe or fate or karma, whatever this 'force' is, space out or separate my torments? Give me a fucking breather would you?!

I heard Nick grunt beside me. "Just shut up would you?"

Can I punch him? "You wanted me to talk right? So I'm talking."

"And you're irritating me." He said in that damn superior tone.

"Then don't ask me to!" I'm pretty sure I can punch him but, it mightn't be effective and would only succeed in reversing the action.

"Well, excuse me for trying to be nice." I heard him ground his words.

"If compelling me to converse so you don't sound like the Jack you are then complaining condescendingly that it's an annoyance is 'nice' in your book then I honestly want no part of it." I very calmly stated. You know, being mature or the bigger person in this situation.

"Good because you're not in it and you never will be." He shot and I could hear the grating in his voice. Hmm, who knew irritating someone can bring joy to oneself?

"That's perfect."


After that exchange, the room fell into a complete silence. I fixed the strap of my bag better on my right shoulder and promptly folded my arms across my chest. Hopefully someone comes.. fast.

"And I didn't force you. I just did not want to be judged as the bad guy by your feigned innocence." Oh my-

"Okay, one, I perfectly remember someone, and by someone I of course mean you in case you couldn't figure that out, continuously nag me to speak for the sake of himself-"

"I'm pretty sure I asked you once."

"-two, I didn't 'feign innocence', I simply did not want to talk and three, the feelings are still strong so I would appreciate it if we just wait here in silence-"

"You do-"

"-complete silence." I sturdily finished hoping he got the message to shut the fuck up.

"You should know that I don't care what you want. But the idea of not having to to listen or speak to you is tempting enough."

"Great." I dew out uninterestedly.

Finally, finally, he stopped talking and I was able to relax even if it was a bit. But after five minutes of blissful silence, Nick, of course, felt the need to ruin it. I should've expected.

"You know, maybe if you were a little nicer, you'd actually not die a bitter and lonely death."

I groaned. Mmm, kill? It sounds so intriguing. "You know, maybe if you were prone to follow requests and not be a total douche, you'd actually not die a heartless and wanted death." I mocked. Oh, judging by his expression, I really am getting under his skin. Yay.

"Man, I wouldn't be surprised if you've never been laid."

"I wouldn't be surprised if an apology was expected after someone took the chance of a night with you." Oh his eyes could practically be used as a nightlight. Not so useful but bearable.

"Okay, after a night with me, they don't expect an apology, they normally reach for more." He smugly stated. I just looked to him with a blank and calculating stare. His brows furrowed. "What?"

"Nothing. Just confirmed what a self-centred, supercilious bastard you are."


"Nothing but arrogance and conceit. You're practically born with them."

"You know wha-!" The elevator fell silent as Nick's pants suddenly dropped, revealing a red boxers with yellow ducks.

"Nice." I sarcastically commented, the other with a light blush on and grumpily muttering. Putting down his laundry basket, he reached for his jeans and pulled it up. The jeans looked pretty huge. And such a smart move to leave your apartment with an oversized jeans and no belt, not to mention the childish underwear. He rolled the waistband of the jeans and bent down to retrieve his basket only accidentally tangling his finger in his pants and pulling down both garments leaving his lower body bare.

I raise my eyebrows as I got a look at 'him'. Cursing, he redressed himself and carefully bent for his laundry. A darker blush on.

A snicker flew past my lips and I couldn't hold in the few others that came along.

"What? What's so funny?" He narrowed his eyes at me. "You're just jealous. Do you know how many girls want this? Beg for this?" He rambled.

In truth, I wasn't snickering at his package, it was for the events and battles he had with his garments. He was actually.. pretty impressive, now hating to admit that thanks to his rant right now. Which he's still going on about. God, this guy's full of himself.

"Everytime a girl sees me even through my pants-"

"Urgh, I get it. Girls are desperate. Can we drop this now?" No pun intended people. "I was actually recovering from a bunch of shit due to the lack of your voice."

He looked to me with distaste. "What's your problem anyway? Lover left you because you weren't satiable?" He mocked.

If I bang his head against the railing here, would it seem as murder or would I be able to get away with the excuse that it was inflicted by the abrupt stop of the elevator?

It's tempting to try.

"Oh..." I guess he took my silence as an answer.. Well really, what could I have said after that?

The lift fell into complete quietude after that. Awkward, conscious and assertive yet hesitant.

Urgh, honestly I just want to go home and drink my troubles, thoughts and more so; my memories into oblivion.


"This is the elevator operator for building 2561 located at 55th Mary Lane; 'Rico's Apartments', is there anyone held confined within? Please press and hold the blue button beneath the emergency light to reply and release once done." A woman's voice rang though the space. Considering I was closer, I took the initiative.

"Yes?" I answered doing as told.

"How many are in the elevator, sir?"

"Two, including myself."

"Okay, sir. Please hold on. We will send someone right over to get you out. The wait should be approximately 20 minutes. Thank you."

"Thanks." I released the button again and leaned back on the wall.

Throughout the time, the room was surprisingly quiet. They guy spoke not one word and though I was thankful for the silence, the look he sent my way pissed me way off. It was the look of sympathy, as if he saw me as a kicked puppy. I hated it.

It made me feel inferior, caged, forced. It's why I avoid any and all eyes at the company. They send the same one.


Nothing. I'm actually wishing for his obnoxious attitude now instead of watching him feel sorry for me.. Why is he sorry for me anyhow? The only way he would understand is if he's incredibly sensitive––and basing from our words to each other, I'm gonna have to reject that––or he has experience.

Oh. That's it? He's been in that situation before? Well, must've been serious for him to show me sympathy.


Before us, the doors to the elevator slid open revealing the ninth floor. I didn't even realize when the elevator began moving again, and by the look of surprise on Nick's face, he didn't either.

"The staff apologizes for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and please do have a nice day." Came the overly formal voice on the intercom again. I just walked out, behind Nick as he went first.

Checking my phone for the time, I hissed a bit.

Well looks like mom's gonna bleed $50. Thanks to the elevator that I've been locked in for thirty minutes, I'm twenty minutes late... Sorry mom.

"Why are you following me?" Oh, did he finally break out of it? Probably thought I was clinging to him since he showed some 'kindness'.

"Get your mind out of your dreams. I just coincidentally have business on this floor."

"I don't believe in coincidences." He said, that smug exterior creeping back onto him.

"Well, good for you." I inattentively said. He seemed to shut up after, that and thankfully without any pity for my situation.

I looked back down to the envelope. '954'. Ah, I see it.

We both stopped at the same door.

I froze.


Nick. Rolland.

Nick.. Rolland...

Nick Rolland.

I looked to the ceiling. 'Seriously? Not one break?'

Could I have been any more clueless?! Honestly, the moment I saw his idiotic ass in this building, I should've came to my senses.

"Something you want? I thought you had other business that's just coincidentally on this floor?" Urgh, that jackass probably thinks I'm here for him personally.

I shoved the envelope kindly to him.

Disregard 'kindly' because in no way was it active in this action. Just keep your focus on 'shoved'.

"Oh." I looked back to him seeing he had already opened it. "You owe me fifty bucks." He smirked.

I coldly stared at him. "If it wasn't for the elevator, I would've been here on time. So if you want your money, ask the building for it." I was about to turn when he started up again.

"Um, no." He looked as if he just won something. "The rulers are that if it's late, then I'm entitled to fifty dollars."

"Kiss. My. Ass." I spat and turned to the direction of the stairs. I was, in no way, going back into that elevator.

"I'd rather not." Hmph, smug ass.

Just then, the hallway's window flew open, banging against the wall aggressively. It startled the both of us.

Looking to the direction of the window, white flakes swung into the building from outside. Curiosity creeping into both of us, we walked to it, forgetting each other for a bit as the view of the outside grew, both of us now attentive to it and gaping at the sight.

A storm.

A snow storm. Could be that the rain turned to snow. It isn't surprising given how cold it is.

Everything was shooting around so aggressively. I could barely see anything but white. Actually, I see only white. It was ridiculous. Not even the sky was visible.

The two of us winced as snow was pelted to us from its various outside fights with the others, the wind almost throwing us off balance.

Nick moved to the window, trying to block the snow from his eyes while attempting to keep a footing on the floor. As he was there, he grasped the window's door and slammed it with enough strength to sound out a 'bang'.

I looked out the window frustratedly. Really?... Great.

I could feel him staring at me but I couldn't be bothered. I was too busy glaring at the weather... Whoever controls this shit just loves torment... Sick bastards..

Nick sighed from beside me. "You.." He sighed again in registration. He looked grudgingly to me. "You can stay." Oh no. NO.

"No thanks." I dusted the snow off me. He shrugged, looked better than a second ago, probably relieved I rejected.

For emphasis or to mock me––I know it's the latter––the window was thrown back open.

Argh! "Fine." I bitterly agreed. He seemed to share my feelings on this as he sighed, muttered something with 'If you didn't look like a girl...' and went back to the window, making sure the latch was properly locked in place.


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