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The rare peacefulness enveloped the atmosphere of Melissa's shop. She was currently fixing Barracuda while gazing into space dreamily.

It has been two days since the Blader's Dance. Life returned to normal. Well… as normal as it would ever be in their hectic lives as IT Bladers.

The peace was only there because Esther was the only one in the shop. She was reading a book while waiting patiently for the maintenance on Mirago and Eagle to be finished, which might take a while since Melissa has been polishing Barracuda for an hour straight after doing maintenance on it.

But, as always, their peace didn't last long.

Miranda bounded in the shop, panting.

"Miranda, what's wrong?" asked Esther worriedly as she dropped her book, looking concerned.

"Dad challenged Raiden to a paintball fight!"

Apparently Wesley was still sore about Raiden kissing Wanda at the Blader's Dance and he got even sorer when he found out Raiden was planning to ask Wanda out to a second date. To settle things between them Wes decided that Raiden has to win against him at something if he wants to date Wanda.

Wesley chose a paintball fight.

In the middle of Seagate Village, Windows Park was packed with different IT Bladers all over town. Word got out fast about the battle between the two rivals via Blader Network. (A.K.A. Gossip and Internet)

What's even more surprising was Tim Broom actually agreed to the fight and since the park was going to be renovated anyway he arranged it to be held there. He even had connections to place live camera feeds at different locations in the park so everyone could watch. Not only that, he even volunteered to be the commentator for the match and was actually taking care of bets.

"What are the odds so far?" asked Jeremiah when he, Melissa and Miranda situated themselves on the chairs by the table he was in. Tim had a private screen of his own.

Tim looked at a piece of paper where the names of several IT Bladers were listed on and what were their bets.

"Five to one says Wesley will win, Ten to one says Raiden will win, Three to one says another member from a team will win and Fifteen to one says a last minute player will win."

"Wait a minute. Other teams can join too?" asked Melissa.

Tim nodded. "Either you're solo or you have a team of three." Tim pointed to a group of Bladers wearing armors in different colors to distinguish which is the enemy or not.

"Melissa, wanna form a group?" asked Miranda.

"Miranda?" Esther scolded," That's ridiculous. Of course Melissa will say-"

"Sure," said Melissa, surprising Esther," We just have to find another member."

Miranda jumped happily and the two of them searched for a third member, leaving Esther to facepalm and wonder where hath the peace gone.

A Little Later…. (A/N: Tim's commentating will be in Italics)

"Hello IT Bladers of CompTIA Island!" announced Tim in a mike. " Welcome to the very first Blader's Paintball Fight X!"

Everyone cheered. ("Did he really have to add the 'X'?" scoffed Zayna.)

"Let's meet our teams. First we have Team Blue, Wesley Bryan!"

Wes smiled and waved. He was wearing blue armor.

"Next we have Team Red with Raiden!"

Raiden smirked and loaded his gun. He was wearing red armor.

"And on Team Yellow. Melissa, Miranda and Jeremiah!" The threesome waved and (fangirl) shrills came from all of the TV feeds.

"We have Team Green with Ryan, Nigel and Raikaru." They managed to receive respectful claps.

Tim announced three other teams who were on the other side of the park.

"Now the rules are…there are no rules. The park is going to be renovated tomorrow so feel free to go all out. Just don't destroy anything and have fun."

Everyone began loading their weapons.





Everyone scattered and paintballs began flying. Team Green was hunting down Team Yellow; Raiden and Wesley were already having their duel and the other teams did their own battle. Tim tried his best to keep up with the players.

The paint war has begun.


Wanda was far away from the chaos and was peacefully in a café, drinking espresso while writing music notes on a piece of paper for her new song. She was unaware of the announcement about the paintball fight.

The door suddenly opened, ringing the bell. Her best friend, Katrina 'Kat' Mercado, sister of Melissa Mercado and the girl Chris was currently dating. Wanda sighed. From a connection she learned that Raiden was planning to ask her out for a second date and yet here she was still 'single.'

Wanda suddenly noticed Kat was panting heavily and immediately pulled out a water bottle she always carries in her bag. She was used to Kat panting. The girl was not made for running.

Kat gratefully took it and took a huge gulp.

"What~are~you doing~here~?" she asked through pants.

Wanda raised an eyebrow. She had definitely lost it.

"Shouldn't you be cheering for your boyfriend, Raiden?" she said.

"What are you tal-RAIDEN IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!"

"He's about to be when he wins the paintball match against Raiden and gets permission to take you on a second date." Kat showed her phone at Wanda.

The screen showed the live feed of the paintball match.

"How'd this happen?" she asked in shock.

Kat, being the gossiper she is, said," Apparently Wes refuses to let Raiden date you so they decided to settle it with paintball. Raiden accepted the challenge and if he wins, Wes will allow him to ask you out but if Wes wins, Raiden has to leave you alone. Your love story is soooo romantic."

Crack, Drip.

Wanda tightened her grip on her espresso cup (did I mention it was in a mug?) and 'accidentally' broke it causing its content to spill on the floor.

Kat sweatdropped and gulped. An angry Wanda always results into something bad or worse, someone in the hospital. "What are you planning to do?"

A smirk suddenly crept its way to on Wanda's face. She dragged Kat out of the café, ignoring the outrage of the manager upon seeing the broken mug, and played the brilliant plan in her mind.

Team Green and Team Yellow…..

Melissa and Miranda were running from Team Green. Jeremiah agreed to split up with them to confuse the others. Unfortunately, Team Green chose to chase the two of them.

Miranda shot a few shots behind her and said to Melissa," We have to do something."

Melissa had a calculating look on her face. Up ahead of them was a large and old shed where park workers store recycling bins and old work tools. The Eagle blader suddenly smirked and pulled something out from her pocket.

"I've always wanted to try this."

"It looks like Team Yellow has something planned," announced Tim," It looks like they're planning to go defensive. They just barraged themselves in the old shed and Team Green corners them. What will happen?"

"We crabby got them now," said Nigel preparing his gun.

"I predict an easy victory for us,' said Raikaru as he reached over and pulled the door open.

The three of them jumped in.

Melissa was standing on the window ledge and holding up a detonator.


Ryan found out what was going on and jumped out before Melissa jumped out too and pressed the trigger.


The shed exploded as paint blew out of the windows shattering them in the process.

Nigel and Raikaru's rainbow-colored bodies landed a few feet in front of Ryan.

"That must've hurt," commented Esther.

"T-That was c-crabby extreme," winced Nigel.

"I predict a trip to the infirmary. Ow!"

Ryan stood up in time to see Melissa giving Miranda a high five before running away.

"I will not let you win Raiden!" screamed Wesley at the Dragon Emeperor.

"You said that 5 shots ago, yet here I am."

Raiden turned for another shot but instead of a paintball coming out the words "jammed' appeared on the dial on his gun.

Wes smirked at the opportunity and aimed his gun at Raiden.

Before Wes could pull the trigger, he was distracted by another shot from somewhere else and had to duck.

During that time, someone pulled Raiden behind a tree.

"I come in peace," said Jeremiah, holding up his hands.

"What do you want?"

"An alliance."


Jeremiah shot a barrage of shots at Wes, causing him to duck again.

"Because I grew up with Wanda. She's the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. Wesley is just too overprotective to see that. I want her to be happy. If it means being with you I'm going to help you win so you can ask her out. Plus, I made a bet with Miranda that you'll win."

Raiden thought about it for a moment and finally held out his hand which Jeremiah shook.

"Got any ideas?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact I do. Just lead Wes towards that tree," Jeremiah indicated at a tree at least 35 feet from where they are," I'll take care of the rest."

Raiden nodded and fist pumped with Jeremiah.

"For Wanda," they murmured.

Raiden began heading to the tree with Wesley hot on his heels while Jeremiah climbed up a tree and disappeared in the leaves.

"Looks like we have ourselves a last-minute entry," announced Tim.

The screens showed an all-black individual with his head covered in a black helmet covering his face. He was carrying a paintball gun in each hand and paint balloons were strung on a belt. He was taking out one blader after another.

Let's get this party started he thought to himself. (A/N: I will call him Black for now to avoid any confusion)


Raiden finally fixed the jam in his gun and was leading Wes towards the tree Jeremiah told him. Sure enough the Fox blader was on top of said tree holding a paint bucket in his hands. He pointed down the tree where two shallow holes were dug. Raiden ducked behind a rock and waited it out.

Raiden watched anxiously as Wesley got closer to the tree but instead Miranda came out of nowhere and accidentally got her feet stuck in the two holes just as Jeremiah tipped the bucket.

Wesley managed to stop in time to avoid colliding with his feisty daughter.

Pink paint dropped on Miranda, eliminating her from the game.

" Whoops," said Jeremiah, standing up for a better look.

"Jeremiah! You just eliminated one of our teammates," said Melissa who finally caught up with Miranda.

"Jeremiah?" said Wes, finally looking up," Were you trying to eliminate me? You know I have to win this thing!"


All four of them (Raiden was still behind the rock) was surprised by the sudden outburst of the usually calm Blader.

Suddenly, a black blur jumped at the tree branch in front of Jeremiah. There was a chorus of clicks and Jeremiah's armor was now covered with paint in different colors.

The Fox blader lost his balance from the impact and fell off the tree, landing on the (fortunately) soft grass. Black ran away by jumping from tree to tree.

"Who was that?" said Jeremiah, picking himself up.

"I don't know," said Wesley. Then, he suddenly remembered Raiden and quickly ran to his hiding place, gun ready.


When Wes turned around, Melissa was gone too and Jeremiah was pulling out Miranda from the holes. He remembered what Jeremiah said a while ago.

Who was that? I would like to know.

"We are drawing close to the conclusion of this Blader's Paintball Fight X. Right now Team Blue and Team Red are still in the game while Melissa and Ryan are the only ones left of Team Yellow and Team Green. Unfortunately, Teams Violet, Orange and Indigo have been taken down by the mysterious last-minute entry, Team Black!"

"What? You mean that one guy managed to take down three teams by himself!? That's just….impossible," said Esther, intrigued by the still unknown individual.

"Well. It just happened," said Tim, intrigued too.

Melissa was watching rewinds of Black taking down the other teams.

The way he moves. It's familiar. Her eagle eyes suddenly widened. Could it be? That guy's…..

Her chain of thoughts was broken by a paintball almost hitting her.

"Hm. I guess I didn't calculate the wind speed accurately enough," said Ryan.

Melissa quickly readied her gun and was face to face with Captain Capri.

Both of their smirks signaled the beginning of a new battle.


Then, both began running, shooting, dodging at lightning fast speed. Wherever they ran they leave paintball splatter behind them.

In a record time of 20.5 seconds they managed to cover 30ft. of the park in paintball splatters.

They both ended up by the playground/ According to Tim they were only fixing and repainting the playground equipment so it's okay to include it in the battlefield.

Ryan lied down on his stomach sniper style on the sandbox while Melissa hid behind a wall in the jungle gym.

The next shot was now based on how fast and accurate they could shoot.

Both of them stood up from the hiding spots when Black practically appeared out of thin air landed on top of the slide, slid down, jumped, shoot both of them with their dual guns, flipped in mid air and land safely on the ground.

Fortunately for Melissa's reflexes, she managed to dodge the shot.

When Melissa looked up, Black was already running away and Ryan was sporting 3 paintball splatters.

Taking out three teams single handedly and that trick just now. I think Black has another motive for entering this fight. Melissa thought. (She thinks a lot doesn't she?)

I think it's time to see the face under that mask.

Melissa quickly gave chase.

"So far four teams are out of the game and we are down to our final four players. Wow! That's some damage they're doing-No Esther. paint damage, not broken

damage- Good thing this park is being renovated tomorrow. Oooh and it looks like Melissa and our mystery entry are about to face off."

Melissa found Black near a small and old fountain where he was sitting and waiting patiently as if he was expected Melissa followed him.

"Looks like our battle starts here," said Melissa readying her gun.

Black made no move. It was then that Melissa realized Black wasn't carrying his weapons. He smirked and aimed.

When the shot rang out Black back flipped and was now hiding behind the fountain statue. Melissa slowly inched closer to the fountain like she was expecting something to spring out. Upon closer inspection, Melissa saw that the fountain was filled with dark blue paint.

There was a popping sound and Black was now behind Melissa carrying his guns.

Before Melissa could react Black already released one shot and it landed directly on Melissa's back causing her to fall head-first into the paint-filled fountain.


The Eagle blader stood up and was now covered in dark blue paint from head to toe. She looked at Black who was probably smirking in amusement. Her eyes widened in shock.

A strand of dark, brown hair peeked out from the helmet.

Melissa finally realized who Black really is.

(A/N: People who read Crazier: A Dance to Remember and paid attention to details will know who Black really is.)

The two rivals stared each other down, gun in hand. It all comes down to this.


Both of them panted heavily. Their battlefield already looked like a rainbow puked on it yet not a single drop of paint was on them.

Raiden took the chance and pulled the trigger.


The dial on his gun switched to the 'no ammo' sign.

Wesley smirked victoriously.

"Looks like I win this one Raiden."


Wes was out of ammo too.

"Now what happens?"

"This," said a voice.

Black came running at them and shot both of them directly in the chest.

"And it looks like we have a winner!" announced Tim. Cheers came from different parts of the park and groans came from the ones who lost the bet.

"What is this? It looks like Black is removing his helmet. Now is the time to see who is this mysterious player."

Raiden and Wes watched in anticipation as Black removed his (?) helmet to reveal long, curly, dark brown hair with familiar red highlights.


Exclamations of surprise came from all around the park while Kat merely smirked.

"Wanda, what are you doing here?" asked Wesley.

"Don't ask me what am I doing here, I'll ask you what you two are doing here," she said angrily.

Both of them gulped. A pissed Wanda is someone you wouldn't wanna deal with.

"You see Weshwee….." Wesley gulped. Her voice sounded sweet but the way she says it makes even Raiden flinch.

"….somebody told me that you and Raiden are having a paintball fight so Mr. Drakos here can ask me out if he wins. Is that correct?"

Wes nodded nervously.

Wanda took a deep breath and Wesley sighed in relief, thinking she calmed down.

He was wrong.


Wesley flinched while Raiden watched in amusement.

"Weshwee, I am 13 years old and I am the only one who chooses which guys I will or will not date. You should know by now that I am grown up enough to know the consequences of the decisions I make and I am tough enough to face anything that comes at me. I know you only want to protect me but can you at least respect the decisions I make. I may be your little girl right now but not for long. I am growing up and there's nothing you can do about it. But I promise that I will always be your cousin."

Wes lowered his head shamefully," You're right."

He turned to Raiden and said, "You can date her."

Raiden smirked in victory and turned to Wanda only to see her glaring at him.


"You actually agreed to one of Weshwee's crazy games when you could've just ask me out and ignore his over-protectiveness. There's just something wrong there."

Raiden chuckled," I get to pummel him with paintballs, win a competition and date you. It's a great deal."

"No it isn't," she snapped back.

"What do we have to do so you can forgive us?" they said in unison.

Wanda smirked and put her helmet back on.

"Oh no," they said as she cocked her dual guns which was attached to a large container filled with extra paintballs.

Two (manly) screams filled the air.

Tim sat in his office desk at New Horizons and rubbed his throat. Next time he'll leave the commentating to DJ Tech.

A message popped in his computer. He asked a favor from one of the technicians to send him screen shots from the paintball fight.

Melissa and Ryan jumping out of the shed before it exploded in a burst of colors.

Nigel and Kairatu's twitching, rainbow-colored bodies.

Jeremiah dropping paint onto Miranda.

Jeremiah falling of the tree.

Wanda shooting Ryan in mid-air.

Melissa standing up in the paint fountain.

Finally, his most favorite one, Wanda pummeling Wesley and Raiden with paintballs.

The outline of their bodies were visible on the wall behind them.

Tim suddenly had an idea. No doubt the kids are probably tired after this ordeal.

He stood up and announced.

"ALRIGHT IT'S TIME FOR AN IT BLADER STYLE VACA-ACK! Zayna can you please get me a pill for my sore throat."

"Right away director. So when is this IT Blader Style Vacation going to happen?"


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